Loving Patricia

Loving Patricia


Last few weeks had been very tense for me. I was unable to take out some time for us.
She loved me so much, she never complained. I missed spending time with her and even more, being controlled by her in bed.
It was saturday morning when the alarm rang and i got up to exercise.
I was brushing when she woke up. She asked me if i'd like some coffee. I nodded.
After i drank the coffee, she came and sat across me on the table.
I could see that she was looking at me with lust. I was getting horny too.
She put her bare foot on mine and started moving it gently while giving me a grin.
I closed my eyes and my breathing became heavy. When i opened my eyes, she was leaning towards me.
She held my hand and guided me to our bedroom. Gently she pushed me on my bed.
I was both excited and somewhat scared, yet we both trusted each other completely.
Then she came on top of me. Her tongue was touching mine in no time, as we were busy kissing each other deep and slow.
She then broke the kiss and asked me to strip her, while she stripped me.
Our tops and shorts were down on the floor in seconds. Again she asked me to lie on my back while she came on top of me.
I was so turned on i was shaking. Then she started sucking my neck, living marks on it. She also used her tongue to lick my shoulder.
I had started moaning by this time, though faintly.
Then she asked me to sit up. She hugged me and said that she loved me. I replied her by giving her a deep french kiss.
Again i was on my back when she gently started massaging my pussy. She massaged me for some time when she plugged a finger inside.
I was looking at her, and it was making me wetter. She gave a huge smile and said that i was gonna be her bitch.
I said that i have loved to, every time.
Then she left me for few moments, after which she returned with my vibe.
I knew i was dripping wet, yet when she wickedly inserted half of the vibe without warning, i groaned a little.
She said that i'm gonna enjoy it, though she gave me some time to get adjusted to it.
Then she started sucking on my clit while she turned on the vibe.
Its sound was making me crazy. Slowly she inserted the whole of it inside my cunt.
Now she was moving it kind of roughly, but i didn't mind, as i loved to be her personal slut anyway.
I had my eyes closed and was moaning in ecstasy, when i knew that i was gonna cum.
I announced it to her and opened my eyes to see her removing the toy and placing her lips on my cunt.
As i came, she hurriedly licked my slit up and down, so as to leave no liquid behind.
"Show my nipples what they deserved" she ordered. As she came closer and sat across me on the bed, i gave her a satisfied smile before giving her a quick kiss on her lips.
Now i concentrated on her boobs. Slowly i held one in my hand and gave its nipple a lick. Then i started sucking on it while licking its nipple at the same time.
She started moaning very loudly, unable to control her cries of pleasure. When i had sucked her boobs to her hearts content, she asked me to stop and gave me a hard, passionate french kiss.
She had me pinned down on my bed. She rested her neck against mine while i crossed my legs around her waist. I had my hands stretched to my sides over my shoulders when she placed her hands on mine, so that i shouldnt move.
Then she sucked my boobs the same way i had sucked hers. I loved to surrender to her lust. I bit my lip. My nipples were as hard as a rock when she moved away from me and held my toe in her mouth.
I looked at her she gave a wink and i giggled too. She carefully licked the inside of my toes and sucked on them too.
Then she said that she would like to return the favour.
Lately she had been into experimenting, and also urged me to try new things.
She asked me to get down from the bed. She placed herself on it, on all her fours. Then she turned around and gave me a naughty smile i'll never forget.
Then she lied partially on her chest, while lifting her ass up in air. She asked me to come and lick it.
I had done it a couple of times before on her request and though initially scared, loved it. Specially it turned both of us on, since it was a taboo.
She helped me go deeper as she stretched her legs and placed her hands strategically, so that her asshole was exposed.
First i kissed her ass slowly, she held my hand and we both squeezed it together softly. Then i buried my tongue inside her asshole while i saw her clenching the bedsheet with one hand as she gasped for air.
Later she asked me to lick her ass to clit. Slowly, my tongue was going deeper. Then she asked me to keep licking her clit while to her surprise, i inserted a finger in her clit.
She was wet, and i started moving my finger too and fro while stopping in between to give her asshole random licks.
After she cummed. She surprised me further by asking me to sit across her on the bed.
For a few minutes, she played with my clit with her fingers. She asked me to lift my ass up while inserting my vibe inside my clit again. Then she asked me to fetch her butt plug.
"Hell" i said " i wont stand it tonight". "Its not for you" she said.
She lifted her ass and asked me to plug it inside. I spat on it and made it wet, before shoving it inside.
It was highly enjoyable, what she had planned. She was making me cum while i fucked her ass.
She came closer and started kissing me again, after which i started replying her kisses by using my tongue.
We didnt remove our hands from the toys we had plugged inside each other.
Each touch of ours was making us shake, and it was so beautiful. I playfully touched her waist with my feet for a moment.
She replied by coming closer for a second and rubbing her boobs on mine. Her nipples were harder than mine i guess.
I stopped for few seconds so as to leave love bites on her neck and boobs.
Our moans were getting louder. Then i resumed making her enjoy with her butt plug.
Her face showed how much she loved. I liked the fact that though she was dominant, she also loved me to take the charge sometimes.
Then she asked me to stop using the butt plug but to come on top of her.
She asked me to place my cunt over her and trib. I was lying on top of her while she hugged me tight and i started kissing her again.
I asked her to cross her legs around my waist, which she exactly did and she asked me not to stop even if she cummed.
We tribbed for some time, after which she cummed. Shortly followed by me again, she tugged on my hair to ask me to stop.
The orgasm was mind numbing. We laid like that for some time to get used to it.
I would love to do it for her again any day, i thought.









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