Loving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 08

Loving Family (Family Love #2) Ch. 08

All characters engaging in sexual acts within this story are 18+ years of age, and all sexual encounters are 100% consensual.

Chapter 8

The following day, Serafina was in the kitchen deciding on something to bake, which was one of her favorite hobbies. It was also an attempt to calm her nerves because her dad was planning to take her out to dinner--in public, at a restaurant--for the first time. She worried about slipping up and accidentally calling him dad or daddy in front of a crowd and prayed she wouldn't mess up.

He said that's why they were going, so she could get used to being with him at public functions. That and he wanted the media to start seeing them together so their marriage wouldn't come as shock later on. Her dad was worried about her adjusting to suddenly being in the spotlight of the paparazzi and the family's critics.

It wasn't like they were at the same level as royalty or even celebrities. They weren't regularly stalked by the paparazzi or faced with crowds of them whenever they went out on the town. But, the media did like using the Romano's to boost their ratings every once in a while, the same way the did with any other prominent person in high society. Her dad said it was the downside to being a common, household name.

Serafina had finally narrowed her recipe choices down to lemon bars or brownies when her Uncle Leo made a surprise appearance in the kitchen.

"Hey, Uncle, what are you doing here?" she asked.

"I had to bring some blueprints to your Nonno for review," he answered. "He wants to remodel the Romano Hotel in Chicago and update it because it's our oldest one and in the worst condition."

"Oh, that's cool," she said sincerely, smiling when she realized it was the first time she'd ever been given any kind of information about one of the family's businesses. "Hey, do you know what dad's favorite dessert is?"

"Cannolis," he answered, crossing the room to stand beside her and look at the recipe book with her. "If you ever want to see your dad get drunk on food, just make him Cannolis."

Sera chuckled, but she had no idea how to make that particular dessert. "Okay, but what if he could only choose between lemon bars and brownies?"

Uncle Leo flashed her a grin. "Always err on the side of chocolate, sweetie," he said.

She grinned. "Brownies, it is."

He leaned his elbow on the counter and watched her for a moment. "You know, it's really good seeing you so happy, Serafina."

"It's good being happy," she said.

"And your dad, too," he added sincerely. "I think Sunday was the first time I've seen him that happy in a long time. You two are good for each other."

"Thanks, Uncle." Sera smiled, as she unloaded ingredients onto the island counter.

"I hope it didn't bother you that your aunt and I watched you two in the pool," he said.

She felt the heat rising inside of her, and looked at him shyly. "Actually, I thought it was really hot."

Sera watched him lick his lips, his eyes going distant for a second. "It was extremely hot from our vantage point. We could see everything."

God, that made her even hotter. She stared down at her hands on the counter, her vision going out of focus as she tried to imagine it.

"It's funny, I've only ever felt attraction for my dad," she said. "Before, when I was still in school, I never found any of the boys there appealing."

"There's nothing wrong with that," he said, reassuring her.

"But ever since Sunday, I've been growing more and more curious," she confessed, turning to face him again.

His mouth tilted upward in one corner. "About the boys in school?" he teased.

She grinned, biting her bottom lip. "Not exactly."

Uncle Leo stepped closer, but still not touching. "Are you saying you're curious about your uncles?"

Sera nodded slowly. "All of them. And Nonno, too."

His lips parted on a quiet breath. "Maybe you should call your dad, just..."

'To be safe,' were the unspoken words, and she agreed with that. Even though her dad had given his permission at the table on Sunday, it still didn't feel completely right to just indulge her curiosity without him knowing about it. Serafina picked up her phone and text him first to make sure he wasn't busy. He called her, rather than replying in text.

"What's up, baby? I was just thinking about you," he greeted.

That brought a huge smile to her face. She opened her mouth to respond, then remembered the rule he'd given her about phone conversations. She was allowed to call him Daddy because that could be easily explained as a Daddy kink dynamic, but she wasn't supposed to hint at them actually being related in case someone managed to eavesdrop.

"Um...Leo's here, and--"

"Ahh," he said, his voice grinning. "My baby's curious. Where are you?"

"In the kitchen."

"Seems an appropriate place for things to heat up," he joked, causing Sera to chuckle. "Put the phone on speaker."

"Okay," she said and pulled the phone from her ear to do so. "You're on speaker now."

"Brother?" her dad questioned.

"Brother," Leo greeted.

"I can't believe you waited a full day, I'm disappointed," her dad said.

Uncle rolled his eyes and shook his head. "I was just bringing dad some blueprints."

"Uh-huh," her dad replied, unconvinced. "I have some rules and feel free to share them with everyone else. First, if you're going to fuck my future wife, you better fuck her right and not leave her disappointed. Two, I want an instant replay at the earliest time possible. Three, and this one's for you, sweet Sera: pretty soon I'm going to be the only one allowed to come inside of you, so I want you to get your fill now. No matter how many times my brother empties his load, you have to leave it there for the rest of the day. No showering or changing your panties."

"Daddy," she gasped, but it was hot and had her pussy aching.

"Mmm, I know you want it, baby, I can hear it in your voice," he said. "Remember, you're my little creampie slut, and that goes for everyone's cum, not just mine."

"Jesus," Uncle Leo groaned with arousal.

Her dad laughed. "Enjoy it while you can, brother. I'll be anxious to hear all the details when I get home."

"Thank you, Daddy," Serafina whispered.

"Of course, baby. Love you."

"Love you, too."

Disconnecting the call, Sera turned back to her uncle and felt her face blush with all of the naughty things her dad had revealed. Rather than letting her suffer in the awkwardness, her uncle closed the space between them and kissed her.

"Oh, God, thank you," she panted.

His lips spread against hers before he started kissing her again. "Thank me? I'm the one who should be thanking you," he said. "I've always envied my brother that he had a daughter. Now, I can at least pretend."

Sera's breath hitched, somehow finding that about the hottest fucking thing he could have said to her.

"I can't call you Daddy," she hesitated.

"No," he shook his head. "I know you can't, and you never should, Sera. I'm just saying, in my mind, my fantasies are probably going to go there."

"Okay," she accepted.

Then his tongue was diving into her mouth, kissing her just as hungrily as her dad always kissed her, proving just how aroused he already was.