Lolcoin - the future education system

Lolcoin - the future education system


Do you think that plays a big role in our life? 

Many will respond to education, and, in my opinion, this is one of the components that determines our future. But just to get an education is not enough. For a successful future and the realization of your most intimate ideas, you need to get the best education. However, now there are obstacles on this path. Among them are inaccessibility in some regions, the impossibility of paying for such an education, and the sign of a higher educational institution does not always correspond to the standard of education. 

What then should be done? Let's pay attention to the new project, which has been developing for a long time, but only now, with the development of innovative technologies, and in particular, the blockchain, it brought to a new level. The project is called Lolcoin. It provides for the best education in any part of the world, regardless of financial position. Interested? Then let's get acquainted in more detail.

Lolcoin is a real ecosystem.

Which will soon conquer all countries and continents on our planet. Now everyone will be able to really get a higher education. The whole working principle of the Lolcoin platform is built on the principle of the actually developed unique education system, which was transferred to the blockchain technology. Now, each student can identify himself and choose the course most suitable for him based on the principles of knowledge of the sciences. In addition, all training information will be stored separately. And only the one who uses it, will receive the right of access by means of fingerprint scanning. The selection of students and their intelligence will also be built on an analysis that is carried out by artificial intelligence.

Lolcoin Platform Feature

A global platform based on decentralization for learning; 

Personal identification according to the user's fingerprint data; 

Work with artificial intelligence using personal data; 

Certification of students according to the blockchain technology; 

Own marketplace; 

The Lolcoin Ecosystem is officially recognized in some countries and is internationally accredited.

Lolcoin platform features

The Lolcoin platform can run on both desktop PCs and mobile devices. Therefore, the student can always open the program and continue to study according to a given program, wherever he is. 

The platform has its own digital learning market, where there are also several sources of income. 

Lolcoin platform created by professionals in the field of education and technology blockchain. 

Also on the Lolcoin platform, you will always be up to date with the latest education news, curriculum certification, and you can also get advice from a professional.

Despite the fact that this is a learning platform for which you need to pay with LOL tokens, there is an opportunity to make money here, in several ways. But the main one is investing. For these purposes, serves STO, that is, the receipt of a security by the user. Why securities, not tokens? First, the issue of securities from the Lolcoin project is aimed at long-term prospects. That is, after a while, the owner of such securities may receive a greater profit than he would have had tokens. Secondly, due to the availability of securities, their holder will receive dividends twice a year. Thirdly, the ICO market is now in decline, and therefore not everyone wants to invest their own funds in the token.

In the future, plans to release applications for mobile devices. Already it is being developed, and the user will receive a number of useful services. It will have its own wallet, with which you can pay for services. Only the owner gets access to the wallet, because finger or face fingerprinting technology has been applied. Thanks to a smart search, it will be possible to find the most relevant information on request and receive notifications of vacancies.

The driving force of the ecosystem Lolcoin stant own token - LOL. The digital coin is based on the Ethereum chain and is the only means of payment for tuition. Anyone who has a LOL token can exchange it for a training program.


  • 55%: STO
  • 6%: Advisor
  •  4%: Gifts / Communities
  • 15%: Team
  • 20%: University Reserve Fund


  • 45%: LOL Ecosystem Development
  • 20%: Marketing
  • 20%: Operating Costs
  • 10%: Legal & Admin
  •  5%: Educational Reserve / Fund

ROADMAP STO 2018 - 2020

The Lolcoin project does a good job, because there are still many places in the world where many people can neither read nor write. Global education is the bright future of our planet, after receiving a high-quality education, we will be able to avoid many troubles, including wars and natural disasters. I urge everyone to take this opportunity and make an investment in the project. This will be useful not only for people who need education, but also for you, since you will receive passive income for a long time.

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