Logo Design Packages: Everything You Need For Branding

Logo Design Packages: Everything You Need For Branding

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Logo is always about branding, which is why it should be well thought out. For entrepreneurs, getting logo design packages will be worth it.

One of the clear mistakes of most startups is that they create the logo with haste. Without considering a lot of factors, they are eager to have a logo design right away. Yes, a brand logo is very important. But then, you have to be very clever in having the right company representation. Generally speaking, when it comes to business, nothing should be done with haste. This is a particularly stark note when creating a logo. 

It really helps when new entrepreneurs employ the help of professionals when they start a business. There are a lot of business people who go into the mold without educating themselves of the process. These people are usually those who have worked most of their lives and realized that starting a business is the best way to go. 

Sometimes, a good business idea is all they have. As a result, they go into it with full force but without learning about the process. Did you know that businesses need branding to succeed? Yes, it is true. Even the big business names spend tens of thousands of dollars in branding. Why so? That’s just important. Not just an ordinary business need, but a must-invest one. Branding serves as the main pillar for sustainable success.

Start the business correctly

Those people who just want to start a business think of branding as an unessential item. They think of branding as an added expense. There is a tendency that they have a logo made just for the sake of it and not really because they consider it a necessary element in branding. Logo is such an essential part of branding because it is the visual representation of the company. When people see a logo, they immediately associate it with the company. They do that even when they don’t see the name of the company. 

You know it’s a Nike by the check mark, known as the swoosh. You know that you are entering McDonald’s because of the bright yellow M logo. You know that the person passing right in front of you is drinking a Starbucks because of the green mermaid on the cup. A logo is an essential part of the company and in branding. When you start a business, always shop for logo design packages

What logo design packages are for startups?

Startups can’t compete with large companies yet. In the beginning of the operation, there are challenges and trials to surmount. That is why startups must be brilliant in effectuating the business-related techniques and strategies. The best thing they can do is to announce their arrival in the market. Of course, there’s a whole slew of marketing activities involved. The company will be represented by its logo in all those activities. 

There will be various ways to showcase the logo, which is why you need to get the logo design packages. The package will showcase the versatility of the logo. There should only be one logo, but it will be shown in a variety of ways. So, you can’t just have one type for all marketing tools. 

First things first, you will need a generic logo. This will be the main company logo and in the most generic format. Once that is done, it’s time to go into the varieties. A generic logo design can serve as the pivotal point. It can be utilized for testing purposes. Of course, you need to test out the market if the brand logo design you have conceptualized can fit with what the audience is expecting.

Black and white

Ideally, a logo should be in black and white first, just to showcase how good it really is. If the logo is exquisite in just two basic colors (or non-colors), then they will look good on any color. However, it cannot be denied that colors are essential parts of marketing and branding. The colors need to be consistent with the company’s overall theme. This is why practically all logos start as a colored one. 

Let’s go back to the black and white one. Why is it necessary? There comes a time when a situation calls for a black-and-white logo. At least you have one ready. It’s not just a matter of changing the colored logo to black and white. Situations may call for boundaries to be erased or other necessary changes to ensure that the logo will look good in a different shade.

Black-and-white logos are usually preferable in formal situations. This is particularly true when the actual logo features loud colors. Monochromatic logos are also the cheapest to create. However, having one is not about being cheap. Black and white is just neat to look at and also adds a touch of class to the logo. 

Social media

Since the social media accounts have been mentioned, this could also be part of the package. Although, this is mostly the work of a social media manager. However, if you tapped a holistic agency, this is part of their task. 

Now, why do social media accounts need the logo? It’s actually a good idea to use the logo as your profile picture in most of your social media accounts. It will allow people to remember your brand. That’s one of the major roles of the logo—to attract attention and make people remember the brand. You can be more versatile with your wallpaper and may even use actual photos from your store or images of your products or services. But it really pays to be consistent with the logo profile photo across the board. 

The same goes for the website. The logo is the last thing people will look for when they are on your website, but it helps with branding and brand recall when people see the logo on your website. 


Stationeries are important for communication. So, of course you should have a logo created for your stationeries and other related materials. The related stuff includes envelopes, both for folded and unfolded communication letters. Letterheads are also present in notepads and even manuals. 

Why do communication materials need a separate logo design? Because the format is different. You can use the regular logo but in a different size. More often than not, the letterhead also features other stuff. For example, the whole letterhead may have the logo on top and the name of the company under that. The last line may include the address of the company, website, email address and phone number. 

Perhaps you can do away with the company address and email address and change it with the company motto. 

Call cards

These are really small cards that should contain a lot of information about the company: address, website, email and phone number. Plus, in today’s world, the company should also have a Facebook page. Some will go as far as create Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

Of course, the logo will have to be prominently featured on the call card. But how? When the space is too small. That’s the problem of the design agency and that matter will be included in the logo design packages. 


Products are put inside a plastic or paper bag after purchase. You know how people are so proud walking around with their Gucci paper bags? That should be your goal with your paper bag as well. The creation of the logo for packaging is included in the logo design packages. 


Your business success depends on how your visual representation is created and strengthened. The role of a brand logo design is very important for your success. You can never attain the goals and objectives of your business if you take this matter for granted.

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