Lockdown Christmas Miracle Ch. 05

Lockdown Christmas Miracle Ch. 05

Chapter 5

Ellie surprised them by bouncing down the stairs at 9 am the following day, ready to see her surprise. Eric had been out after breakfast to start up the tractor and check to make sure that everything was working smoothly while Cassie located her and Ellie's ski gear in the garage and the guest room closet where their parents stored seasonal clothing. Eric briefly worried that the sound of starting up the cold tractor might have woken Ellie prematurely, but it became evident pretty quickly that she had just drifted off to sleep earlier than usual and was just excited to see what her surprise was.

They insisted that Ellie have a good breakfast before they showed her the surprise. Once she'd eaten they led her out into the yard and toward the building that concealed the rope lift. At the last minute Cassie stopped to blindfold her while Eric went ahead to start the tractor and then they both led her to the base of the rope line where her skis and poles were leaning. Her boots and some ski socks were laid on the tractor seat. It took Ellie a moment to process what she was seeing once the blindfold came off, but once Eric hopped on his snowboard to demonstrate, Ellie squealed with delight and had changed into her gear and put on her skis by the time he had made it back down to the bottom of the hill. 

Eric followed her up the rope line and it didn't have any problem taking them both at one time. As they started their shared run down the slope they could see that Cassie had also donned her skis and was being towed uphill even as they passed her going the opposite way. For the next few hours they made endless loops from the base of the hill, up the tow line and back down the snow covered slope. It was only when the tractor began to sputter from the fuel tank running empty that they finally shut it down. The girls headed inside to make lunch while Eric made several trips with the fuel can until he had topped off the tractor's tank again.

When he walked through the kitchen door, Ellie bounded up to engulf Eric in a huge hug, squeezing him tightly for several seconds while rocking side to side before grabbing his neck and pulling him down to plant a kiss on his cheek. 

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, Eric!" Ellie gushed. "Cassie told me you did most of the work. I can't believe you did that for me!" She seemed to get emotional for a moment. She used her hands to fan her eyes and her voice cracked. "That's the best ski trip I've ever been on!"

Eric laughed as he took off his coat and gloves. "The best part is you can ski as much as you want every day," he smiled. "No lines at the ski lift, we're the only season pass holders and it takes about three minutes to get there instead of a three hour drive." He beamed as he took a seat at the table and dug into the sandwich they had waiting for him.

"I don't know about you guys, but my leg muscles are shot right now," Cassie admitted. "I'm pretty sure they're going to be plenty sore for the next few days. I've got some chemistry lab work to catch up on and plan on doing some stretching and relaxing in a hot bath this afternoon so I can minimize how badly my legs will feel tomorrow. You guys can ski some more this afternoon if you want, but count me out."

"You know she's probably right," Ellie admitted. "Better not to push it too much the first time out. Most of the time you feel like you have to get a full day's worth of skiing in and you end up needing a week to recover. This way we can take it easy the first few days and work up to it." She beamed. "We've got all winter to enjoy it. What's the rush?"

"Smart thinking," Eric agreed between mouthfuls of his sandwich.

"Plus, we should probably spend the afternoon finishing up Cassie's present anyway. Don't you think Eric?" Ellie flashed Eric a winning smile and he nodded enthusiastically in reply.

Ellie was bubbly and talkative as they walked toward the cluster of storage sheds after lunch. Once they were around the corner of the first building and out of view of the house, she insisted that they get high immediately instead of waiting until they got to 'Operation Paradise'. They stopped to take a couple of quick puffs from Eric's pipe before making the rest of the walk to the enclosure. 

Eric had refilled the tank of the generator before he's gone into lunch, just after he had topped off the tractor. He quickly had the generator running and they were rewarded with the warm glow of the lights coming on through the translucent barrier of plastic. When he reached the flap Ellie pointed out that it had frozen shut and Eric delicately pulled the duct taped flap edge away from the frame of the enclosure so as not to damage either.

They realized that condensation must have built up on the walls during their stay yesterday and it had frozen as the temperature dropped once it had cooled. Eric thought that leaving the flap open after they were done might allow the humidity to balance out as the greenhouse cooled down and allow some of the moisture to vent out. They agreed to try it when they left. 

It was hard to believe how chilly it was as they waited for the lights to heat up the space again. A thin film of ice had formed on the lagoon and it was only when the heated water from the coil had begun to circulate that it slowly melted. Before he got too relaxed, Eric pulled out a small bottle of liquid that he'd brought in his coat and poured it into the water, carefully distributing it around the pool as the water circulated on its own from the incoming hose.

"What's that for?" Ellie was taking off her coat as she stood beside him watching what he did.

"Little bit of bleach", he held up the refillable bottle he'd used. "Don't want the water getting filled with algae or anything. It's probably fine with how cold it gets at night, but not worth risking it."

"Do you think it will bleach out my suit?" Ellie seemed concerned.

"Well," Eric rubbed his chin reflectively for a moment. "Maybe we should skinny dip then, just in case," Eric did his best to reply with a deadpan expression.

"Are you serious?" Ellie was a little shocked and looked up at him trying to gauge whether he was joking or not. She couldn't help the feeling of her body react with a flutter at the idea of getting naked in front of each other.

Eric laughed, unable to keep a straight face as the weed kicked in. "It's not enough to matter, El. It will be just like going in a pool or something." He gave her an affectionate push on the shoulder that nearly threw her completely off balance as he walked over to lay his coat on the sand next to one wall and knelt down to unlace his boots.

Ellie hurried to start disrobing beside him, but couldn't help feeling a little let down after the shock of possibly getting naked in front of Eric subsided. She felt a warm tingling in her stomach and pussy as she stepped out of her pants and pulled off her shirt. She wondered for a moment how much it would shock Eric if she simply kept going, undoing her bikini top and even stepping out of her bottoms. She felt her heart race and her pussy throb under the thin fabric of her suit. She looked over at Eric already easing his lean, muscular frame into one of the beach chairs and walked over to join him, while also mentally kicking herself for asking Eric if he was serious about skinny dipping.

Eric had taken a drink from one of the water bottles they had brought with them and was enjoying the gradually rising heat that seemed to be coming in waves from the lights above them, even as the effect of the weed they'd smoked was also having a more profound effect on his feeling of relaxed contentment. Ellie settled herself in and stretched for a yawn, extending her arms and pointing her toes for a moment before emitting a sharp cry of pain and bending forward to grab one of her calves.

"Ellie, what is it?" Eric was already up and out of his chair and quickly saw that the source of his sister's discomfort looked to be a muscle cramp in one calf.

"Owww, oww...cramp," was all Ellie could mutter before clenching her teeth as she sat on the sand in front of her chair, trying desperately to relax the seized muscle in her lower leg.

"Here," Eric said as he grabbed her ankle and foot on the affected leg and eased the toes back toward her knee in an effort to relieve the cramp. It seemed to help as Ellie sat up and placed her hands beside her on the sand to support herself as she watched her brother's strong hands go to work. Eric slid the hand up from the ankle and began gently kneading into the muscle fibers of Ellie's calf. Slowly he felt the tissues loosen and soften as his fingers gently worked their way through and he maintained pressure on her foot to keep her toes pointed back toward her knee.

"You should drink some water," he advised as he continued to work to get the muscle to fully relax. "Eat some of the chips we brought too if you can reach them."

Ellie was able to reach them and her water bottle, taking regular drinks from the bottle and eating the salty chips in between. From competitions she'd been in she understood that the salt and hydration would help to keep her from cramping up again and felt a sense of relief that Eric had the clear sense to remind her while she was so intently focused on the pain from her calf.

Feeling the muscle had almost completely relaxed, he looked up at Ellie, "Roll over on your stomach and keep your foot pointing back up toward your knee." As soon as she had, Eric went right back to work, kneading and rolling the muscle with his strong fingers and the heel of his palm.

"Just try to relax," he advised as he started working further up and down her leg. "How does it feel?" he asked at last.

"So much better,' Ellie sighed as she continued to eat potato chips. "Guess I really overdid it today. I keep forgetting that I haven't been getting much exercise this year and I guess I got carried away with the fun of being able to ski again." She stopped eating to take another swallow of water. "It's a good thing we didn't end up going back out again this afternoon. I can already feel the rest of my legs and back beginning to tighten up, now that it's been a while."

"Okay, just try to lie still then. The water and salt should start helping soon." Eric changed positions and switched to her other calf. "Let me know if the other one starts tightening back up again," he advised. "And don't point your toes."

Eric worked up and down the other calf muscle for a few minutes until he was satisfied that it wasn't about to cramp and then switched back to the first to make sure it hadn't begun to tighten up again. Satisfied that it was doing okay, he worked his way up the muscle groups that he knew would also be affected in Ellie's thighs. Brushing away the sand that had clung to her skin when she'd laid on the ground, he began to work his way up her thigh, pressing in with his fingertips and thumbs to massage and loosen each muscle group in turn.

Ellie responded by sighing and allowing her body to completely relax onto the warm sand underneath her. The pain from the cramp had retreated to a mild tingling ache and the feeling of Eric's hands on her sore, tired muscles was heavenly under the gentle warmth of the lights above them. Between the weed, the fatigue and the diminishing stress she felt from the sudden onset of the painful cramp, Ellie began to feel more relaxed and content as each moment passed.

As Eric watch his sisters face relax against the sand and felt her body go limp underneath his hands, he too started to relax. The adrenaline he felt when Ellie was hurt killed his buzz but as he started to relax, he felt the effects of the weed returning. He started to enjoy the sensation of rubbing his sister's thighs and the ability to look at her cute butt as much as he liked as he worked. Looking down between her slightly parted thighs, he could see the small mound of her pussy lips just inches from where his hands were kneading the firm muscles of her toned thighs.

Placing a knee on either side of her thighs, Eric began working up the muscle groups of her lumbar and lower back. He worked his thumbs into her muscles and felt the tissue relax a little more with each pass. Ellie let out a small moan of pleasure as he worked his way up her back and into her shoulder blades. He tried to work around the strap of her bikini as best he could and even slid his fingers underneath the strip of fabric at one point to try and get a better angle. Ellie surprised him by reaching up to slip the clasp with a single hand and the elastic strap sprung apart. He ran his hands up and down the smooth skin of her entire back and she let out a hum so long that it felt like she was purring.

As high as he was, with Ellie lying face down with her eyes closed, Eric didn't mind that his trunks were poking straight up from the raging boner he'd had since a few minutes after he'd started massaging her thighs. There was something so erotic about his hard cock hovering just a few inches over her bare skin while she had no idea. As he worked his way along her lateral muscles, he leaned over to look at the way her boobs were swelling out between the ground and her side now that the straps of her top were laying on the sand behind her. He loved to see the soft white skin that had been hidden from view all this time and he fought the temptation to rub even lower so that his hands would be able to touch her boobs for a moment, even from the side.

As his hands passed down her sides to her hips, she jerked and giggled as he must have tickled her. He was treated to her lifting slightly off the sand and even more of her big rounded boobs were exposed when she settled back down onto the ground. For a glorious moment they had lifted up and wobbled as she laughed. If he had been beside her instead of on top of her, he might have even been able to see her nipple as she lifted up. 

Ellie was in bliss. The pain of the muscle cramp had faded in the pulsing warmth of the lights and the feel of strong hands, kneading and rubbing all over her body. She couldn't believe how good it felt to have someone touch her like this, especially the large strong hands that were all over her body now. She didn't care in the least that they were Eric's and when she felt him trying to work around the strap of her top, she didn't hesitate to reach back to release it. If she wasn't afraid that he'd be freaked out by it, she would have loved to slip off her bottoms too and allow him to apply the same kind of attention to her butt that he'd given to the rest of her back.

When he accidentally tickled her she had to resist the urge to roll over and reciprocate playfully. As much as she knew he had enjoyed wrestling around with her in the water, she didn't want to seem like she was obviously trying to arouse her brother. That just seemed way too slutty and weird, even though it was exactly what she was dying to do. If she had started out just needing some male attention after being kept in isolation for months, she really couldn't deny any longer that there was something about the secret shame of being attracted to her brother than made it even more intense than just the simple physical attraction she got from seeing and feeling the lean, rippling strength of his body, and the feel of his eyes and his hands on hers. 

When the heels of Eric's palms moved gradually lower on her back and eventually began to press into the firm muscles of her butt, he tensed up slightly wondering if she would object or try to push his hands away. When she simply rocked a little under his hands, responding to his touch, he kept moving lower, digging in with the pads of his lower hands and rotating the angle of the pressure to get down into the larger muscles of her firm bubble shaped butt. Eric felt his heart pounding as he had worked his way down to the base of each cheek and rotated his hands to begin applying pressure with his thumbs as he grasped the sides of her butt with the rest of his hands. He kept waiting for her to object, but if anything her butt rose up to receive the touch of his hands as he pressed down into her wonderfully firm butt. 

As he moved his weight back farther onto her thighs, he could feel her butt rising up just a little further to his touch and as he looked at the way her smooth little mound rose up a little farther each time she did, her could feel his cock pulsing and tiny drops of precum oozing out of the tip. He wondered for a brief moment if he began to pull her bottoms down if she'd just lift up a little further to let him rub the bare skin of her behind. He began to feel self-conscious that he'd actually massaged her legs and back thoroughly and didn't feel like he could keep touching her without making it obvious he was just perving over her body. Feeling like he'd gotten as much as he could out of the situation, he took one more pass rubbing from her shoulders, down her back and over her butt. 

As he squeezed her firm butt and transitioned to her upper thighs, he let his thumbs drift down as deeply between her legs as he could without obviously trying to rub her pussy and felt a thrill go through him as he realized that the edges of his thumbs had lightly brushed up against her pussy lips as he did. He did his best to maintain the rhythm of that final pass and worked the rest of the way down her full, firm thighs, gave a gentle kneading to her now relaxed calves and as he rose back up on his haunches, lightly tickled the bottoms of her small feet with a small flourish of the tops of his fingers.

Eric was rewarded by an involuntary spasm of her feet and body to escape his touch, causing her legs to separate enticingly and her body to lift up on one side and allowing him a great peek at her pale underboob as she very nearly lifted up off the ground. He used the momentary distraction of her getting resettled to turn and walk down into the small pool and lay out onto his stomach to conceal his still rock hard cock making a tent under his trunk. 

Ellie reached up to hold her top against her boobs and rolled over to see Eric sliding forward into the pool. Holding her top in one hand she brushed the sand from her thighs and stomach. "So that's it?" she complained jokingly. 

"Hey, I've been working on you for a while!" He looked back from the pool. "I think you're probably out of the danger zone for life threatening cramps at this point." He turned back around and tried not to stare at her tits as she held one arm across them. 

"But it felt soooo good," she pouted as cutely as she could. "Plus you didn't get my front which is just as sore!" 

"Maybe later," Eric called back. "I've done enough to render first aid and I need a chance to relax too. It's not like you've ever given me a back rub."

"So you're just going to leave me like this? All half finished?"

"Yep." He laughed.

She got up slowly and made her way back to her chair, staring at the long muscles of his powerful back and the defined mounds of his firm butt. On a whim, she lowered her bikini top to wind it around her waist, leaving her breasts fully exposed. She closed the clasp in front of her stomach and resisted the urge to hurry. If he turned around and saw her topless she would scold him for peeking as if it was his own fault, but as she rotated the clasp to the back and aligned the cups in the front, she found herself stalling, and just a little disappointed that he hadn't turned around. 

Ellie considered holding her top like that until he did and goosebumps formed on her pale pink areolas even as her nipples stiffened into achingly hard points. The fact that she was hesitating like that, with her tits openly exposed for her brother to see, just by turning to look back at her made her tingle all over. She could feel her pussy getting wet and she ached to reach down to rub it and satisfy how badly she wanted to be touched some more. After a few more seconds, she grudgingly pulled her top up to cover her tits and let out a huge release of breath as the tension of the moment washed over her.











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