List of digital marketing companies in Bangalore [2019]

List of digital marketing companies in Bangalore [2019]


In the studio and when we talk about the top things like starting off, we are going to be learning the basics of javascript at a very basic level. That means we're going to be learning about the various types of objects including things like strings numbers booleans arrays all sorts of things like that. We're going to learn what variables are where you would use variable functions you know the list of digital marketing companies in Bangalore what a function is how you write a function. And a lot more. So just a good intro to the language. If you've never used javascript before or you know maybe you're coming to javascript from a different language and you want to see how javascript does these things so you can start to create jobs.

You're also going to spend plenty of time going over things like functions which is a pretty key concept not just in javascript but really in any programming language. We're going to learn about concepts like if else statements. We spent a lot of time talking about looping as well as looping. If you've never written a social media marketing agency loop before it can take a little while to wrap your head around so we do a deep dive into loops and the different types of jobs throughout the process we are all going to learn a lot about six. Also known as ECMA Script.

 So we're going to learn exactly what iOS is why you want to write your code using some of the new iOS features and how it brings some really nice quality of life improvements to coding in Javascript. So a couple of things are going to be covering in terms of iOS are things like list of digital marketing companies in Bangalore destructuring what a template literal is. Things like writing Konst and let instead of the VAR keyword things like the new type of loop for loops. Aero functions promise all sorts of really neat stuff and it's going to be kind of sprinkled throughout as we're learning other topics in javascript. We're going to explore a lot of stuff. We are also going to spend a bit of time learning about the dog.

So that's how we can change what's displayed on a web page by a Javascript. So we're going to be doing things like adding event listeners so you know if you have a button and you click on the button you can change some kind of part of your webpage. So that's called manipulating the dawn. We're going to learn all about that. Plenty of practice with that. We're going to learn about events. We're going to learn about list of digital marketing companies in Bangalore data attributes some HMO five type stuff and in general, just learn how javascript and dorm interact with your code in terms of how the browser. We're also going to spend some time learning about object-oriented programming in javascript so it is possible to write code in an object-oriented way in Javascript.

 if you're coming from an object-oriented background a lot of this stuff will make sense to you. We're going to talk about how javascript does inheritance and how with javascript inheritance is different from a lot of other traditional object-oriented languages. So we're going to learn a list of digital marketing companies in Bangalore what we mean when we talk about prototypes and Talisker prototype inheritance in terms of objects we're going to learn to instantiate objects. We're also going to learn about classes which is actually a new ESX feature that just kind of makes it easier to write code in object-oriented style where you're also going to learn how to write code and have it compiled into E.S. five code and you would want to do that because you want your code to be supported by all browsers. Some features are not fully implemented yet in all browsers so for that reason we can kind of compile it using a tool called Babbel into E.S. code which will be understandable by a greater range of browsers. So for the most of the course, we're going to be writing in Japan and Japan has a built-in Babel compiler but we also take a look at using Babel on its own. So there's something called the Bible.

See I command line interface how we can use that to transform our finally enter the courts for going to get into using a couple of different build tools that are commonly used in the javascript development world. So we're going to take a look at a couple we're going to take a look at. Golpe which is a task runner that means you can have it do various tasks for you. One of the tasks includes list of digital marketing companies in bangalore taking your six code piping it through Babel which compiles it into yes code. So it's a really cool little tool that we can use. We will also take a quick look at Web pack which is similar to go. It's not a task window it's a module Bandler's So we'll take a look at what that means how we can set up our web pack config and for both of these we will check out how to set up a development server so we can see what our javascript and our age email would look like on an actual page that was served up. So, all in all, it's going to be a nice survey of javascript with some of the newest features available and some looking and just.

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