List of Bitcoin Exchanges used in UK-US-EU-CA

List of Bitcoin Exchanges used in UK-US-EU-CA

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Here is a list of exchanges used in UK-US-EU-SA, all information was verified with many users, using these exchanges, so there's no risk, scam or issues.

If you know or have experience with other exchanges and worth add it to this list, please let me know. If you had an issue with one of these, also please let me know and explain a bit the situation so we can decide if is better to remove it from this curated list.

There's no "recommendation" or "best" exchange, the list is random so the order doesn't matter. Each exchange has his specific features and options. So choose one to start that suits your needs. Later test 1-2-3 more. Is better to have alternatives. Not all have the same exchange rates.

We recommend only one thing for newbies: start with a small amount to see how the process work and test your newly wallets. For your first buy you can use also those that are using vouchers or mobile apps.

Centralized exchanges, bank transfer, SEPA, Swift

BitWage - - light KYC, receive salary in BTC directly to your own wallet, or even split in % BTC/fiat bank acc

Bitpanda - - full KYC, debit card

Bitstamp - - full KYC

Kraken - - full KYC

Paymium - - oldest exchange in UK

NiceHash - - LN support

OKcoin - LN support

OKEx - - LN support

CoinCorner - - LN support

NordikCoin - - LN support

Coinjar -

Coinfloor -

BittyLicious -

QuickBitcoin -

Bity -

Anycoin -

BTC Direct -

BitFlyer -

Swan Bitcoin - - US only

Swan Bitcoin International -

BitBuy - - CA only

QuickBit - - CA only

Bull Bitcoin - - CA only, wallet self custody - Croatian exchange, light KYC

More Exchanges with LN support

Mobile apps/Brokers

Relai - - simple no-KYC, demo here

21Bitcoin -

Flitz - - simple no-KYC, LN supported

LastBit - - simple, LN supported, also VISA card

Ramp - - simple no-KYC

Luno - - KYC, simple mobile app

Strike - - only US now

River Financial - - only US now

XSats - - (only UK) simple, KYC, LN supported

Pocket Bitcoin - - support LN, non-custodial

BitKipi - - easy to buy and 100% control your wallets, even connect with own node

Crypto Voucher - - KYC, with cards and other methods

P2P Exchanges:

Bisq - - NO KYC


Paxful - - NO KYC, LN support

AgoraDesk - - NO KYC

LocalCryptos - - NO KYC

More on

RoboSats on Tor - P2P full private exchange

LNp2pBot - - Telegram bot for P2P exchanges

Bitcoin Voucher Bot - - Azteco Telegram Bot

Bitcoin Vouchers: - now with LN support, Telegram bot - only US - CA only

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