LinkFork Manual

LinkFork Manual


What is LinkFork Used for?

LinkFork is designed to overcome Telegram's limitations on links, allowing users to create pages for organizing and sharing links directly within the app. Ideal for both individuals and businesses, it simplifies access to various online resources, enabling a centralized digital presence and seamless navigation without Telegram's restrictions.

Links to LinkFork are always active

How to use LinkFork?

How to Create a Project?

• Open LinkFork and click Launch

You can press any button

• Click New Project

• Come up with a title for the project and a link to open the project. This link will look like this:

On Telegram:

In the Internet:

The title can be changed, but the link cannot

Click Add after filling out the title and link

• Edit the project and add links

  1. Click on the gray circle to upload the logo
  2. Under the logo you can edit the title and description of the project
  3. Click Add Title to categorize links
  4. Click Add link to add a link to a website, social network, email, etc.

    Title is required field for link name
    URL is a required field and must start with https:// for websites or links in Telegram or mailto: for email addresses
    Description is an optional field to describe the link
    Show icon allows you to show the site icon next to the link
  5. Next to each link or title there is an icon with a trash can for deletion
  6. Change Owner button allows you to transfer rights to the project to another LinkFork user
  7. Delete Project button allows you to delete the project permanently without the possibility of recovery
  8. Click Save to apply changes to the project

How to Edit or Share a Project?

• On the LinkFork main page you need to select a project to edit:

Click Share to get a link to the project or click Edit to make changes to the project

How to Transfer Project Management to Another User?

• On the LinkFork main page you need to select a project to transfer:

• Click Edit

• Scroll down the page and click Change Owner

• Enter the Username to whom you want to transfer rights and click Change Owner


  • The username in LinkFork matches the username in Telegram
  • The user to whom the rights to the project need to be transferred must have launched LinkFork at least once

Comparison of LinkFork with Сompetitors

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