LinkBoost Engagement Pod Software Review

LinkBoost Engagement Pod Software Review

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This LinkedIn engagement pods software review is part four of a five part series.

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LinkBoost Background

Finally we will be reviewing “LinkBoost”.

LinkBoost has built itself as a near identical copy to Lempod, which is in terms of features, which is pretty interesting.

Talk about a “Me too” product! Except currently LinkBoost is free, but it’s got a lot of bugs! So you gotta be careful when using this and which pods you end up going into.

LinkBoost Functionality

So just to talk quickly about the LinkBoost’s functionality: you can change the interval between pod engagements, like in Lempod, 20 seconds, 40 seconds, et cetera.

You can see the full names of the LinkedIn pod members and manually put them in your search bar to connect, which is better than Alcapod.

At this time you can see your posts performance in terms of engagements, like in Lempod.

You can see who, whose profile is set to giving auto comments likes, which is nice.

Whereas in Alcapod, you can’t actually see who’s committing engagements within the engagement pod.

The auto-commenting I have to give LinkBoost some credit here.

LinkBoost Pod Safety

Then the posts are limited to once every 24 hours, which goes into “Pod safety” for LinkBoost.

So that the pods don’t get abused by inexperienced people who don’t understand pod safety yet.

As I mentioned earlier, you can find your pod members pretty easy.

The next is you can choose your engagement intervals.

That’s a pod safety feature as much as it’s functionality.

Pods are currently small enough that it is difficult to tell the order of engagements that people give.

They will probably see this review and improve randomization order of engagement randomization in one of their next updates.

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LinkBoost Engagement Pod Quality

My experience has been that people who don’t want to pay for engagement pod software usually don’t have great networks and they don’t seem to care about pod safety.

They’re often the people that overuse pods and abuse them and put people at risk.

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So LinkBoost definitely has some pod quality issues.

At the end of the day, these pod software developers are in the business of developing software.

This is something that’s more my wheelhouse for my engagement pod communities specifically engagement pod quality.

LinkBoost Customer Support

So next with LinkBoost, the customer support is actually I’m going to say it’s good.

I’m going to say it’s good for, for ‘free’ software.

I think that they’re they’re pretty eager to become top dog engagement pods for LinkedIn pretty quick here.

One was when I turned off my auto-commenting because, you know, engagement pod safety.

It’s, it’s pretty far from being ready for the masses, like Lempod, but it’s, it’s definitely a software that you can incorporate into your engagement pod strategy.

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LinkBoost Pricing and Value For Money

I’ll be reaching out to the LinkBoost team to get a better idea of what they’re up to, and offer some suggestions personally.

We’ll keep you posted on that when I do the next engagement pod software comparison episode.

Finally we will be talking about recommendations for how to use all of these softwares simultaneously if you want to.