Lilly - Character Introduction

Lilly - Character Introduction

(Lily is a slim, 5'6", pale, brunette. This story is second person with you in her place. She is currently living with her boyfriend Kelvin. Kelvin is an athletic, 5'10", honey beige, raven haired guy.)

In a dim room you are standing in front of a love seat. A naked, slightly shorter, curvaceous woman approaches. She pushes you back into the seat. Then she proceeds to climb onto you. Her hands snake into your shirt. Her hands grope your chest roughly. Squeezing and slightly twisting, with an occasional finger tapping the nipple as her grip re-adjusts.

Your arms bent at the elbows, your fingers brush timidly on her arms. Her arms retract from inside your shirt as they rush to grip your arms around the elbows. Holding your arms down. Your forearms angled in, now underneath her as she climbs a little further onto you. Her vulva lightly dampens your right arm as she comes ever closer to you. You feel her breath on your ear. Then bliss as her wet lips press lightly onto your neck. You feel the slight tinge of pain as she sucks.

Your eyes shoot open, the sensation on your neck lingers as it slowly dissipates. You are in your bedroom. Your heart still racing, body still yearning for what comes next. The worst kind of tease. You roll over to your boyfriend, his arm resting across you. Your hand goes under his arm and traces slowly down his side to his hip. Your other hand slides up to under his cheek.

"You awake?" you timidly ask.

"What is it?" he responds half awake.

Your hand on his cheek slides down to pull up the bottom of 'his' shirt you are wearing. Your hand on his hip traces forward going up to the waistband of his pants before sliding in. Your arm pushing down the front of his pants as you angle his shaft to your vulva. You rest his tip against you.

"Do you wanna?" you trail off.

His arm over you grips your lower side, as he slides his other arm under and around. His strong arms gently pull you close. He then rolls to his back pulling you on top of him. His hands slides from your sides to your hips as he presses you down onto him. Your head falls past his. You feel his breath now tickling your shoulder. His shaft fills you as he firmly holds you. He's still waking. His pace is slow, but increasing ever so slightly. Your body pressed into his. Your arms try to brace yourself up a little. One of his hands shifts to the small of your back with his fingers pressed against the top of your butt cheeks. His other hand crosses your back to your shoulder. He pulls you into him. He is now rocking your entire body onto his shaft. Your mouth nips the pillow.

You don't normally come so quickly. As your canal clenches, it feels like he's grown inside you. All the sensations more intense. His hand digs a little more into your shoulder, and his thrusts become shorter. He rolls onto you. His hands releasing he pulls out and quickly moves up to shove his shaft into your mouth. You suck him for just a moment before he blows his warm, gooey load in your mouth.

He moves off of you and gives you a kiss on the forehead. You swallow then kiss him on the cheek. Then roll off the bed.

"I'll make coffee" you say scampering off to the kitchen.

You check the water level on the coffee maker, then put a pod in from out of the cupboard. Then put a mug underneath and start it. You then pull a Redbull out of the fridge for yourself. You take a sip of it as you peruse the pantry. You grab Pop-tarts out for yourself then put them onto a plate and put it in the microwave for a min and 15 seconds on 30%. The coffee is done now. You put your drink down and take his in to him.

"Thanks, gorgeous" he replies.

You skip back to the kitchen. You pull out a pan, a couple eggs, some cheese, garlic salt, onion powder, and a bowl. You turn the stove on under the pan, and start whisking everything together in the bowl before pouring it into the pan. As it cooks you pull your Pop-tarts out of the microwave and savour the second warm gooey thing in your mouth today. You fold half the omelette onto the other and turn the heat up. flipping it after a few seconds. then you pull out a plate and a fork. You slide the omelette onto the plate. Then shut the heat and leave the mess for later. Balancing your Pop-tart plate on your arm and against your chest as you carry the plate with the omelette in on hand and your Redbull in the other as you go back to the bedroom.

"Mmm, you always make it so good." he says after taking a bite.

You two eat breakfast while cuddling up in bed. After you finish he pulls you in a little closer.

"Now, I'm not complaining. But you aren't usually so assertive, is something going on?" he asks.

You can feel yourself blushing. You trust him entirely though, so you just let it fall out. You let him know about the wet dream in detail.

His reply "A sexy lady giving me a hickey would turn me on too. Would you like me to try the whole grope you, pin you down, and suck on you thing?"

You feel a rush of excitement and hurriedly nod. You aren't left wanting as he immediately pushes you down onto the bed and straddles you. His big rough hands slide under your shirt. He gropes you with firm grip. Kneading your chest. His lower body pinning you down. His mouth draws near your head. You feel a couple of his breaths tickle your ear, and press lightly on your hair. His lips rest on your neck. His tongue lightly licks you between his lips, as he begins to gently suck.

It's amazing. Your hands latch onto his sides. He props himself up over you.

"Care to help me cover your little buddy?"

You stretch your arm out to the bedside table with some condoms on it and pull one off. Tearing it open quickly you fiddle with which ways is right side up before sliding it onto him. His mouth graces your shoulder. His lips again seal, before he applies suction. You help guide him in. His mouth firmly stays on your shoulder through his first few thrusts. When he finally stops sucking he opens his mouth a little wider and rests his teeth on your shoulder.

Your arms wrap around behind him and pull you closer. Making his teeth push even more into your skin. Your moans ring out as he thrusts. His grunts making you feel more meek by the second. His mouth finally moves again. To the inner side of one of your boobs. He applies a hickey as his arms roll under you.

After a few small forceful thrusts with him so curled into you, he shifts back to a kneeling pose. He effortlessly drags you nearer to him. He pulls out and raises one of your legs by the ankle. His other hand clasps down on the opposing thigh, to keep you in place. He places a hickey mercilessly on your calf. Your giggling as you cry out for him to stop. Immediately he takes his mouth off.

"Are you safe wording?" he checks.

It takes a moment for your brain to process. Then you shake your head.

"Can I continue?"

You take a deep breath, then nod. His mouth goes back to your leg. slightly off where it just was. Your body shifts uncontrollably, and you do your best to stifle your giggling. After he takes about a minute on that spot he makes a bunch of shorter nips all around that spot. Finally he drops your leg onto the other one. Rolling you onto your side.

He slowly reinserts himself as he hunches over you. Your upper hand clasps over one of his. You under arm stretches up, with you resting your head on your bicep. His head draws close. His breath tickling your side. Before he latches his lips on again. This time on blurred line between your side and your back around your shoulder blade. Keeping suction for three or four thrusts before picking up and settling on another spot inches away. He keeps this process as he drives you back to orgasm.

"Hold on, hold on" you beg.

He stops and pulls out. Gently he rolls you on to your stomach.

"Need to catch your breath too" he pants.

After a moment he presses your butt up and you cooperatively slide your knees to support it. He positions his tip at your lower lips.

"Good to go?" he asks.

"Yup" you respond as you rock back onto him.

His hands grip your hips as he fucks you vigorously. Surely he must be getting close you think as you approach orgasm again. Almost as an answer his mouth clasps down on your back just below your neck. This joyous sensation tips you over. It seems in tandem with him as he presses deeply into you and you feel him pulsing.