Like to Stream Korean Drama Overnight? This is the Negative Effect

Like to Stream Korean Drama Overnight? This is the Negative Effect

Lina Nadhirah
illustration watching online

Streaming Korean drama is a fun activity for most womenfolk in Indonesia. As is well known, many Korean waves have invaded Indonesia. Everything about Korea has become something that most people like. Drama, boy band / girl band, and Korean culture are loved by Indonesian youth, especially Korean drama.

It is common knowledge that the majority of lovers of Korean drama or Drakor are women. Maybe because Korean drama is synonymous with romance that makes baper, so it is preferred by women. Many women deliberately make watching Drakor a time-fill activity, either alone or with friends.

There is no harm in spending time watching Drakor, especially if this can relieve your fatigue and stress. However, it will be a problem if done in excess. Especially if you like to make watching Drakor Marathon activities one night. Because it turns out watching Drakor excessively can disrupt your activities and health.

Wow, this could be dangerous. His intention to entertain himself was even hit by the negative effects. Maybe you don't really feel this negative effect, because you deliberately set it aside. Well, so that you are more aware of the negative effects of playing judi bola overnight, in this article we will describe it. Consider the following.

Sleep Deprivation / Rest

Watching Korean dramas for a long time and without stopping will spend your time for hours, even dozens of hours. If you do this, then when will you sleep or rest? Even if you watch Drakor on the bed while lying down, it cannot be counted as a break if done too long.

Because during judi bola drama, your eyes will continue to work, not to mention positions that may not change within a certain period of time. This can make the whole body feel tired. The edges will make you tired and sleep less. Too much staying up can lead to hypertension, heart disease, obesity, and other diseases.

Daily Activities Become Messy and Not Productive

Actually, it doesn't matter if you marathon watch Korean dramas occasionally, for example on holidays. However, it will be a problem if this is often done, especially on weekdays or school. If you do not sleep all night, the morning the body will feel tired and this can result in daily activities become messy.

A body that is not fit due to staying up late judi bola drama will make work or activities neglected and you become unproductive. The work or task cannot be completed correctly because the concentration is not 100%. You might even fall asleep because the night before did not get enough rest.

Baper and Intentional Curious Level

As many people know that Korean dramas can have a baper effect on their audience. A good plot with conflicting overlap can make people drift into the story so they feel like the cast in the drama. Well, these stories full of romance can affect your attitude and behavior in everyday life.

You can be upset for no reason because of the thought of the newly watched Drakor. In addition, you will also be curious about the story line and want to immediately stream Korean drama again in order to resolve the acute curiosity. No problem if you can hold yourself back, but if the focus instead can be distracted dangerous for your work / activities.

Losing Moments With People Nearby

The most detrimental negative effect is that most watching Drakor can make you forget the environment and the people closest to you. When watching Drakor you feel you don't want to be disturbed so lock yourself in your room and be reluctant to leave the house. Even to answer the phone or message is often lazy.

If this happens often and is ongoing, then you will lose a lot of time with the people closest to you. How much time and precious moments have been missed due to watching too much Drakor? When you realize it it will be too late so you feel so alone and lonely.

You certainly do not want to experience something like the above, right? If so, the habit of watching drakor all night must be reduced. Do it on weekends or if tomorrow is a holiday. That way streaming Korean drama will not interfere with your health or your life.