Lights and Shadows by Gustavo Petro Winner of the Historic Pact

Lights and Shadows by Gustavo Petro Winner of the Historic Pact

Gustavo Petro the candidate confirmed on Sunday that he was the beneficiary who was spotted in polls for several week.

(Position of the Candidates for the Historic Pact On Pensions and Inflation).

gustavo petro was won by Bogota's former mayor and senator from the Republic. This officially means that he is a candidate for the presidency of the Republic, an office he aspirates to for the 3rd time.

The high vote during the consultation makes him to be the most representative of the figures of the Colombian left, and a firm candidate to be president, despite his controversial proposals and views on a variety of fronts, including the one on economics.

Petro has announced that he plans to alter the pension scheme by creating the public manager of pension funds. This would allow for a "mixed system" of private and public funds.

He said that Colombia is not a pension system, but rather a system of bank profits. This is what people believe makes him the most likely candidate to become the Presidency. Petro recently stated that he wouldn't abolish pensions, but would try to reform the pension system in Colombia in order achieve the minimum amount of pension for Colombians. gustavo petro has said there's "no necessity" to raise the age of retirement.

(Who are on of contenders for the Historic Pact).

Another controversial issue is the fact that he's repeatedly said that he would stop oil extraction as soon as his appointment. This has caused uncertainty among investors, and the market generally. estimate that Petro's proposal to stop oil exploration could cost Colombia around $4.3 billion.

In FRANCISCO PETRO URREGO.pdf , this proposal will create an antioil front in the globe and across the region that would shift the focus of our economy away from fossil fuels. To accomplish this, I would invite Gabriel Boric the Chilean president and LuizInacio Lula Silva to be the Brazilian president.

Petro stated that he was speaking with Pedro Sanchez (the Prime Minister of Spain) about his plan.

His position on health concerns has been controversial as well, as he has insisted on ending EPS and replacing it with a proactive model that "guarantees the rights of individuals and not the profits of bankers".

He also raised doubts about the independence of Banco de la Republica. He stated that he would make reforms should he become President.

Petro said that the Bank Board of Directors of the Bank belonged to the Democratic Center, a political party. "What we want is a completely independent Bank of the Republic (...) and it appears to us key to ensure that the Board is a part of the entire community," the candidate said in the middle of the debate.

Invamer claims that Petro leads the presidential election voting intention.

The idea was controversial because he had proposed to issue cash to fund government spending.

Petro's plan includes a new economy that doesn't rely on fossil fuels. gustavo petro proposes the extraction of hydrocarbons. However, Petro places more emphasis on agriculture.

He would also make an overhaul of the tax system that would eliminate exemptions, and transforms the idea of minimum wage by real wages based on capital or income.

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