Life of Paul Ch. 05: Jamie

Life of Paul Ch. 05: Jamie

"Eh, sure," I jibbed, "I got nothing better to do." They smiled and moved to the shower, Tanya kissing my cheek and grabbing me by the cock to lead me to the shower.


I got to join the ladies in the bed that night. Sleep came easily after our hot (in more ways than one) shower, and the morning came much too early for my liking. Still, with Jamie and Tanya in bed to wake up next to, the morning was certainly welcome.

It was hard to say what was more glorious; the outrageously sexy side of Jamie who requested, nay demanded, my fucking services. Or the fact that Tanya was watching from the doorway, pleasing herself the whole time. Or that fact that both Jamie and Tanya were taking turns sucking my morning wood, seeing who could take my length in deeper.

Probably the last one, but only just so.

Jamie and Tanya paused in their sucking to confirm some details we were hashing out.

"So," Jamie said with her hand mostly around the base of my dick, "it'll only be for a few months. Just until I can afford a place on my own".

Tanya lifted off of the head with a pop. "Stay as long as you need. We got plenty of space." She resumed bobbing on the head of my dick, adding tongue swirls on the underside every so often.

After a bit of that, and still stroking my cock, Tanya grabbed her phone and tapped something while Jamie took over the blowjob. A moment later I heard Jessica's tired voice answer.

"Hey, what... is that Pauls cock?"

"Duh," said Tanya, "and I have help too." She moved the camera to show her and Jamie in the frame. "Just wanted to call and say Jamie's gonna be staying with us for a bit."

"That great," I heard Amber say. I should have guessed that they'd be in the same bed. "I can't want to see you again. It's a great town up here and you'll fit right in."

"Thanks," said Jamie, popping up, "I can't wait to meet you all in person." She started stroking along with Tanya, both their hands moving in unison but neither able to fully wrap around my girth.

"OK, we gotta pack and get on the road," said Tanya. "We'll see you tomorrow at some point."

"OK," Jessica said. "Tell Paul we miss him and we'll see you all soon. Love you!" The connection closed.

Tanya tossed her phone down and resumed sucking and tongue swirling my cock faster than before, as if that were a perfectly normal conversation. Jamie's stroking kept in time with Tanya's oral action while also adding her own licking, from the base to the middle of my shaft. The effect was quick and in a few minutes I was ready to cum. I tried to keep quiet to surprise Tanya, but my hips bucked involuntarily and gave my imminent orgasm away. Jamie stroked my cock faster and both women put their heads together, aiming my cock at their faces.

"Yes, do it," ordered Tanya, "cum on our pretty faces."

"Paint us with your cum like the dirty sluts we are," added Jamie, sticking out her tongue.

My first shot hit both of their open mouths, but the follow-up spasms painted their pressed together cheeks, chins and noses. Both of their faces were well covered and dripping by the time I was spent, cum streaking down their cheeks. Jamie stroked out one or two final drops of cum and licked it from the head. She kissed Tanya sweetly and jumped out of bed. Tanya crawling out behind her.

"C'mon," Tanya said to me, "we gotta get on the road."

I sat there a few more minutes basking in the after glow of an awesome orgasm, wondering at how I had gotten so lucky in life.

Failing to find a plausible reason, I consoled myself with the fact that Tanya's prediction was right; this was the best reunion ever.;area=summary;u=189761