Life Takes Turn Ch. 01

Life Takes Turn Ch. 01

Friday nights lately haven't been the best of days for Mark. On the contrary no days have been going well for him. After Mark's break up with Sarah, to be true they have been slow and full of despair. Mark and Sarah had been dating for more than a year. Mark was head over heels the moment he met Sarah. He felt as if all his life he had been waiting for this one perfect girl and here she was. And better, they just could not keep their hands off one another. Their families thought it was just a matter of time when they will be attending their wedding on a shore looking onto the setting sun in a beautiful ceremony. However, fate had a different plan for them as things just took a turn for worse when Sarah got a job opportunity in a different city. Originally the idea was to make it work irrespective of the distance, but things just kept swirling out of control till the point where communication was in the form of delayed texts and eventually silent. Mark couldn't stop brooding over the day when Sarah dropped by his house for the last time to cut ties for good. So thoughtful of her to come down to meet him in person, their love deserved that much. It was not really that they stopped loving each other, just that making long distance work was hard albeit with work and Sarah at a new job.

It has been a month and 5 days since he last spoke to Sarah. Always checking his phone just in case, she missed him the way he was. With his relationship going downhill, Mark's complete life had suffered. He was depressed at work and lacked the energy. With the amount he was drinking, working as a handyman was just not the right thing to do. Since access to heavy machinery was revoked by the contractor, Mark spent most of his day beating stones to dust with a jack hammer. He felt peace with it. But every night going home the dread of being alone haunted him. He he would walk down to the bar and drown his sorrows in cheap whiskey. Just like today when Mark is sitting on the rugged barstool drinking away the night looking like a ghost alone. Friday's are moderately crowded at Eugene's pub with people blowing off steam from the whole week with drinks, dance and poker.

"Give me another one Jeff."

"You got it! How you holding up Mark? You look tired."

"I'm fine. Need another drink that's all."

Jeff the bartender poured his generous whiskey looking concerned. He knew Mark from a long time and felt bad for him. "Nothing much I can do for the poor guy" he thought. In order to avoid conversation, Mark let his eyes roam around the bar.

"Quite the crowd today, isn't it?" 

Mark was taken aback from the sudden question. He looked behind to see who asked it. At first glance, Mark realized it was blond girl.

"You ok?" she asked again.

"Yeah I'm fine. Do I know you?"

"No. But you could if you want to."

Mark was still processing what was happening. To anyone from a distance it would seem this pretty blond girl in a short red dress was making conversation with a guy at the bar. But Mark knew, He could tell. Yes, she was pretty, but it was not a girl. The dress tightly hugged her body and she had put on red lipstick. Her high heels matched her dress and the blond hair were perfectly settled. Mark noticed her from head to top and his cock twitched. "How could it be? Am I finding this crossdresser attractive?". It could have been the high doses of alcohol in his body or the depression taking over, but Mark's cock did feel hardening up in his pants.

"I'm carmen. You?" She said seductively.

"I'm Mark" he said. He did not want her to feel disrespected. But how should he tell her that he is not into guys?

"I know you are confused. Don't be. I just want to help" She said.

Mark could not think straight. "I am straight" He blurted out.

Carmen let out a laugh. "Easy tiger! I am not here to seduce you. It looked like you needed company"

As much as Mark wanted to avoid the conversation, he also felt lonely tonight. "What's the worst that could happen?" he thought to himself.

"Can I buy you a drink?" he asked politely.

"Sure. A vodka martini for me" Carmen sneered.

An hour went by with them getting eased into conversation and laughing over drinks. It had been so long that Mark had not laughed. He felt good. Something about Carmen just made him feel safe. Carmen told him that she liked crossdressing and being a girl. Mark told Carmen about how he was going through a bad time. Things were comfortable until Carmen moved her hand and started rubbing Mark's crotch. Mark was unsure of what to do. He was getting hard quick but could not understand why. Carmen could feel Mark growing inside his pants and she liked what she felt.

"I am not gay" Mark said trembling.

"Why are so hard then?"

She was correct. Mark could not understand it himself. He was loving the way Carmen moved her hand on his cock. He wanted to be relieved and somehow Carmen was making him feel that.

"Come with me" Carmen whispered after which she held his hand and guided him to the back alley. Mark followed silently overtaken by lust and confusion. Once alone in the alley, Carmen got down to her knees and unzipped Mark. She took out his cock licked the tip, all the while looking into Mark's eyes. He let out a moan and his hands moved into Carmen's hair. She licked his cock getting it wet, before engulfing it in her mouth. By this time Mark was squirming with pleasure. She moved her head on his cock while jerking it. Warm saliva from her mouth drooled down leaving Mark in ecstasy. It did not take long for Mark to blow his load in her mouth, at which point she sucked him dry and slurped his cum down. She stood up while Mark was still trying to catch his breath.

"Now, was it that bad?"

It took mark a few seconds to get back to reality. He zipped his fly and looked at Carmen.

"I really enjoyed it. But I am still confused" he said considerately.

Carmen moved close to him to hold his hand and placed them on her ass. Then kissed his neck to which instantly Mark squeezed her ass. She slid her card into his top pocket.

"Call me when you are not confused about this". She gave his cock a last squeeze getting it hard again and then left. Mark stood there still trying to figure out what had just happened.

That night went by lucid for Mark as he woke up next morning having wet dreams about Carmen. She had somehow done a number on him and now he could not get her out of his mind. He got so horny that he jerked off before going to work in order to keep his feelings at bay. The day was better than any day in the past few weeks. He felt more focused with work, occasionally his mind wandering to Carmen. The images form the previous night popped up in his head and how much he wanted to lift her dress up and spank that sexy ass. He realized he had a hard on again, but he had to stay put in order to complete work. He returned home that evening drained from the day's honest work. Usually he would walk to the bar but today he wanted to stay home and take care of business. He took a shower and landed on his couch in front of the television, all the while thinking about Carmen. After a while he gave up. He needed to jerk off again. Carmen just wouldn't get out of his head. He stared at her card lying on the coffee table while jerking himself. He had not been so hard in ages. He needed to talk to her. His cock took the better of him and he dialed her number, jerking himself profusely.

"Hi this is Carmen. Who is it?"

Mark got harder just by her voice and breathed heavily over the phone trying to speak.

"I knew you would call Mark."

She was making Mark harder by just talking. He was getting hornier. How did she know it was him?

"I can tell you are jerking off. Poor baby you're horny, are you? You miss my warm mouth on your hard cock?"

At this point Mark was just moaning on his phone. He was getting goosebumps as Carmen spoke to him. He did miss her mouth.

"You have been dreaming about my ass haven't you. You just need to say it and you can have me any way you want."

Carmen's tone was so seductive that Mark's mind was blown. He could not hold anymore and blew his load all over the carpet ending with a loud moan.

"Done already? Can't wait to have you inside me." Carmen said and dropped the call.

Mark lay there breathing heavily. He needed Carmen. He did want to fuck her. He was not confused anymore. He wanted to fuck Carmen bad. He decided to get her to come in the next day.