Let's make our planet happy!

Let's make our planet happy!

Polina and Ana-Maria

29 participants from 10 countries. 1 common idea. How to be eco-friendly in our highly industrialized world.

But where does the change come from? Obviously from us. From understanding what it is that we are doing wrong.

Is this planet big enough for you?
Participants getting to know each other!
Playing name game in Nagyenyed Bethlen Kollegium - Aiud - Romania

Here in Aiud we calculated our ecological footprints. The results showed that, on average, each participant consumes the resources of 2 planets for his/her every day activities.

Can this planet handle all your needs and all the waste you produce?

As far as we are concerned ... our answer is NO!

Question time to Legendary British Expert of "Happy People Department - HPD"

Being a part of this project, we watched videos about the endless loop between production and consumption, we got involved in debates about the possibilities of escaping this trap, we analysed scientifically-proven data, we experienced eco-friendly learning events and we expressed ourselves creatively by recycling our own waste.

The topic of the project was Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We can add the 4th "R": Responsibility.

Each of us should ask ourselves if we are ready to face the truth about our impact on the environment. The change must start on the inside. So what happens next? We go back home and start where we are. We do what we can. We reduce consumption, we reuse and recycle whatever we can. And we make a change with our own example.

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