Lets Trip. The ecosystem for professional travelers

Lets Trip. The ecosystem for professional travelers

Lets Trip

What if you have already revisit all landmarks but there are still a few days to travel. What if Google cannot solve the issue? There is no easier than to share your own nooks using Lets Trip service.

Going to any tourist trip you're looking for information about the place you are going to visit to see more in that few days made for vacation. in former times. Back in the day, there were not so many books and tourist guides, but the travelers have a whole Net to get lost in.

"Wikipedia", review services, various blogs, and guides will show only good known brightly reviewed and totally discussed places. But its obvious tourists are attracted not only by historical buildings and monuments. New sights appear these days also. Search engines and map services don't know about them and the locals are either lazy or just don't want to share words about them.

Simple solution

In this case, a simple service for travelers to share places attractive to visit comes for an aid. It gives not only an opportunity to share information but also to earn some for upcoming traveling.

Born out of the passion for traveling and the initially simple idea Lets Trip service in a short time grew out into the project combines a multilingual tourist app, decentralized advertising exchange and the unique content generation service on the blockchain.

Lets Trip users will be able to add new places and destinations to the map and describe it by photos, media, and own reviews. After the validation of a new point on the map, tourists from all over the world will evaluate it.

Map without trash

Lets Trip project founders solve all the modern traveler's problems using the original blockchain solution.

"Will you open the Google to find to a new place to go? Of course! Coming home you will get from "Wikipedia" that there are where another interesting 20 places next to those 10 of the top that you saw. And these 20 deserved more of your attention than was marked in internet reviews ", - says the Lets Trip founder Mikhail Khudokormov.

Bunch of ads

According to him, the project solves another important problem of travelers all around the globe. Looking at the search results, tourists firstly see the paid ads. In half of the cases, they will go for those who have a bigger advertising budget.

Lets Trip is going to solve it. The cost of placing ads on its map will be the same for all. There will be only one exception for corporate users with plenty of reserved points. This turns Lets Trip into a global decentralized ad exchange with equal terms for all.

ICO launch

The project involves a reward for active users. Lets Trip represents a blockchain solution with its own token LST. All users will get it for adding new points on the map, or media and reviews.

The project is at the MVP stage now. The Lets Trip app has been successfully pre-tested and is already available in the AppStore for iOS devices. It has received positive feedback from ordinary users and professionals.

For the full launch of the project, its necessary to integrate the payment service and set other elements of the ecosystem. After its launch Lets Trip will become the global platform for travelers with the potential for explosive growth. To make it come true project attracts investments during the upcoming ICO campaign, which starts on April 20th. The founders plan to collect the Soft cup of $1.5M.