Leo.cash-Monetization Platform of Worldwide Traffic!

Leo.cash-Monetization Platform of Worldwide Traffic!

Leo.cash Team

Leo.cash - an innovative platform created specially for webmasters. Our activities are aimed at monetizing website traffic from all over the world via push notifications. The goal of our affiliate program is establishing a link between advertisers and webmasters for mutually beneficial cooperation. Leo.cash is a subsidiary program of Megapu.sh, which is a direct advertiser of our service.

Work model

Revshare - payment for clicks on push-notifications after subscription at the maximum rate (90%).

How does it work?


When entering the resource, the user will be prompted to subscribe topush notifications

2)Sending Push Ads

After subscription, the service sends the user a native push advertisement

3)Stable Income

As a result, you get daily growing passive income from every click onpush advertising

Basic tools

StandardLocker - a standard form of subscription to push-notifications without any restrictions on access to content.
PageLocker - a tool that restricts access to the content of a resource before the end user subscribes to the push notification.
ContentLocker - a tool that restricts access to one / several pieces of content or does not allow performing any action.
VideoLocker- a tool that restricts access to a video content at a certain time, not allowing to continue the display of the video unless a user subscribes or blocks the request for push notifications.

Supported operating systems and browsers


Operating Systems:


Payments are made every Friday for the previous week requests.

Supported payment systems:

Main advantages of LeoCash

Monetization with high-quality native advertising
No conflict with other types of monetization, allowing to use the service as additional source of income
No conflict with search engines
Websites with any content are acceptable
Conversion of traffic from all over the world in any volumes
Qualified technical support specialists
Individual approach to each webmaster
Intuitive and easy-to-use interface in personal account
Weekly payments without delay

If desired, our specialists will help you to count your personal approximate profit for a year!