Learning a Few Lessons - Chapter 3

Learning a Few Lessons - Chapter 3


The moment my head hit the pillow once Id returned to my dorm, I was fast asleep. This time, there were no dreams or overwhelming thoughts to fill my mind or wake me. Just a pitch black and an utter silence until the ringing of my alarm clock signaled that it was time to begin my day. I groaned, as was my morning routine, and rolled over to snooze the obnoxious sound. For a moment, I rolled up into a ball, cradling my arms around my knees as I brought them to my chest beneath the covers.

I considered staying there all day, ignoring the certain humiliation that would come that day. But there was some obedient voice in the back of my head beckoning me to get up and get dressed. Dallas would surely be angry if I disobeyed his commands for the day. With a small sigh, I forced myself to uncurl from the warm comfort of my bed.

I tossed the blankets to the side and stood from my bed, glancing over to my dresser. Just before bed, Id tucked the small vibrator Dallas had given me under my panties in the top drawer. Even the thought of what might ensue today was enough to make me cringe with nerves. Either way, I powered myself to the bathroom, turning the water in the shower on and testing it with my hand until it ran hot enough.

I hopped in, allowing the steaming water to rush over my curves, then exfoliating my skin gently with my lavender body wash. I ran some conditioner through the locks of auburn hair to help with any tangles that may try to form later in the day. And once I was clean, I exited the shower, drying myself thoroughly. Normally, getting ready for my day wasnt so lengthy. Normally, I didnt pay as much mind.

Today, I was stalling. Anything to prolong the insertion of the little buddy hiding in my top drawer. But once I was completely dry, I knew it was time. I could no longer put off the inevitable. I opened the drawer, taking in a deep breath as my hands busied themselves tossing the panties to the side. I plucked the 3-inch dildo up as if it might bite me, gulping nervously.

Remembering the rules Dallas had laid out, I forced myself to follow each one of them. I turned the vibrator on then spread my legs while standing. I spit a little on the index and middle finger of my free hand, gliding the spit over my slit to wet it lightly. Slowly, I brought the dildo down to my hole and lightly pressed it in. It was small, so there was barely any resistance, but I couldnt keep the small gasp from exiting my lips.

Not at the size of the dildo, no. Because that was nothing compared to what Id felt just last night with Dallas. It was the vibrations the dildo sent up much deeper than the dildo itself could reach and just barely tickling at the nub of my clit. I bit on my bottom lip, standing still and silent for a moment after putting it in place.

How was I going to make it through a whole day with this thing if I could barely stand a few seconds?

Still, I found that strange sense of excitement in thoughts of feeling this way for an entire day—having to face my friends and professors all the while being pleasured beneath the surface. It was thoughts like these that drew me to grab a pair of panties and pull them up over my hips. They held the dildo nicely in place. I held back moans beneath my breath, having a feeling that Id be doing that a lot today.

As I finished dressing in one of my casual outfits, some black yoga pants and my blue district thespians t-shirt from high school. I had no intention of actually seeing Dallas today so I wasnt concerned about impressing him. I threw my hair up into a ponytail and quickly scattered on some mascara and eyeliner. I left my room with my backpack slung over my shoulder. Already, I could feel myself nearing my first orgasm.

The small dildo between my legs continued to vibrate vigorously and my juices were already wetting my panties, I could feel that much. Every step I took, I could feel the toy moving slightly within me. I kept my eyes down, trying my best not to draw any attention from my peers who certainly all had their own classes to rush to. But as I was walking, I could feel it. The tensing up of my lower muscles, something brewing in my abdomen. And suddenly, a wonderful feeling of release. I fought off the urge to moan in the midst of the rushing students.

Although, I did have to wait a few moments before I could continue walking. And as I did, I could feel my juices rushing down around the dildo in my pussy. A pink tint covered my cheeks as I walked, hoping no one would hear the soft buzzing coming from within my pants. What was I doing? This was crazy. I considered going to the bathroom and simply pulling the thing out.

But then I remembered Dallas. I remembered what hed done to me that first night and how much hed filled me up in his office. I wanted that- Id asked for it even.There was no turning back now. I was his, and he had demanded I do this.

I reached my first class a few minutes late since Id been walking so slow. And as I came through the door, the professor made sure to stop me and ask my excuse for coming late. I kept my head down, feeling ashamed. Not ashamed that I was late, but ashamed that I was secretly being pleasured immensely within my panties while speaking to the middle-aged man who taught Calculus. I mumbled something about menstrual cramping to him and he immediately dropped the subject, allowing me to take my seat.

Luckily, in this class, I had no friends to bother me. I sat in the back corner, the only seat that was still available at that time. At first, Id really tried to pay attention and take notes on what was being taught, but after the first few minutes of class, I felt another orgasm coming on. I leaned back in my chair, sighing softly and clenching my legs together.

My hips squirmed back and forth in my chair, trying to fight it off little by little. But my attempts were futile and I succumbed to my second orgasm of the day. I bit down hard on my lip, tightening my grip on my pencil and holding back all but a little groan. The professor shot an uncomfortable look at me. He must have thought it was more menstrual cramping.

Once the orgasm had passed, I felt exhausted. My entire body seemed to melt into the seat. I no longer paid attention to the class, the professors lecture sounded like a distant murmur. I leaned forward, doodling mindlessly on the edges of my paper. One of said doodles was interrupted by an explosive climax, resulting in a scribble off from the bunny rabbits Id been drawing at the corner of the page. That time, I couldnt hold back the noise.

A moan escaped me loudly.

The whole classroom went quiet. The students looked to me, the professor stared. My face was beet red, my heart thumping away in my chest.I felt as if I may just be expelled then and there. The professor cleared his throat, then spoke as calmly as he could given the situation, Is there a problem?

My eyebrows furrowed together, the vibrating between my legs continued on and on. For a moment, I fought back an urge to roll my eyes to the back of my head in pleasure. I… I was having a hard time coming up with an excuse for the sound I just made, I just dont feel very well…

Two boys about my age sat a few seats down in the same row as me. They stared with smirked on their lips and whispered back and forth. It seemed they knew what was going on, but perhaps I was too paranoid in that moment. The professor spoke again, I see. Well next time youre not feeling well do us all a favor and dont come into class. I dont appreciate interruptions in my classroom. You may go.

I took the opportunity as soon as it was set before me. I stood from my seat, gathered my books and shuffled past the chuckling boys to exit the classroom. They probably heard the hissing of the vibrator as I passed them. As soon as I was back outside, I took in a deep breath as if Id forgotten to breathe throughout the whole ordeal. I probably had.

I couldnt help but to think how humiliating it would be to be in the same class as those people for the rest of the semester. Once again, I wanted so badly to take the damn thing out of me and go back to my dorm. But I didnt. I left it in. Some small invisible string was tying me to this man, some intrigue I had in him. I couldnt give up now.

I decided since the class was meant to be two hours long, I would use up the rest of the hour and a half in my room. I started marching across campus, stopping every so often as another orgasm rocked my body. I was going to go insane by the end of the day. My pussy was aching to be fucked by something that was not plastic or rubber. Aching for Dallas. Damn it, he had a hold on me.

Just as I was approaching my dorm, though, a friend approached me. She was taller than me, a little bit heavier, but not by too much. Her skin was dark and she had short black hair and dark brown eyes. Hey, Jessie! I havent seen you much the past couple days… Everything okay?

Oh, hey… I spoke quietly, knowing well that my face was either ghostly pale or glowingly red in that moment. The vibrator continued its work in my slit all the while. Yeah, everythings fine. I just… I almost got caught the other night, so Im trying to stay under the radar. Maybe Im just… My jaw dropped slightly as another orgasm neared my. I tensed up, my hands curling into small fists at my sides. Biting down on my lip, I held it back as best as I could, then looked back to Diandra with a look of desperation in my eyes, I really gotta pee. Could we maybe pick this up another time?

Yeah, yeah!Diandra had let out a soft laugh, Go, girl! Run!

And I did. I practically ran from her and all the way to my dorm. And once I was in the confines of my room, I allowed yet another orgasm to overtake me, this one the best of them yet since I was not holding back. My knees nearly buckled beneath me as a sea of pleasure washed over my entire body. I clenched my fists tightly, moaning out loudly, Oh…. Fuck… My eyelids felt heavy after I had finished cumming, but I knew I couldnt very well climb into bed and sleep. Hell, I didnt even know if Id be able to with the vibrator inside of me.

I felt myself leaking through my panties. They must have been soaked. From pure curiosity, I reached my hand into my panties to feel the wetness just around the edge where the vibrator buzzed furiously. When I pulled my hand out, my fingers were covered in a clear, semi-sticky liquid. I was shocked. Dallas would have been so proud to see how many times Id cum so far.

Shit, I realized suddenly Id forgotten one of the rules. He had told me to count, but it had entirely slipped my mind. How many times was it already? Five? Six? I could make up a number and bring it to Dallas, but would he know I was lying? And how would he punish me for lying to him and breaking his rules. I sat in my room for the next hour, making sure to count every orgasm I had precisely, consciously. By the time I needed to leave for my next class, I was up to ten orgasms. My mind was racing and my heart rate was in a repetitive cycle of speeding up and slowing down.

Damn, I was going to sleep good tonight.

I sighed, taking up my bag again and shifting uncomfortably as I stood. I walked out into the hall, shocked to see Dallas replacing trash can liners only a few doors down. My eyes went wide. I wondered whether I should approach him or simply walk past him. But I figured the man would be somewhat angry if I passed up the opportunity to speak with him.

Casually as possible, I strolled over to Dallas. He looked up from what he was doing, quiet for a moment as he held up a finger. I didnt speak, just allowed him a moment of silence the way he obviously seemed to want. Then he finally spoke, Youve still got it in, hm?

I bit my lip, nodding my head silently.

I asked you a question.

Snapping out of my embarrassment, I answered him quickly, Yes, Master.

He smirked, pleased with himself, pleased with what he was putting me through. How many more classes do you have today? he asked, cocking his head a bit to the side.

J-Just one more, Master… my voice was hushed as a few students passed us in the hallway. I couldnt help but to ponder how humiliating it would be if anyone found out about this- or about how it began. But its… a long class. I thought for a moment, furrowing my eyebrows at the center of my forehead, May I please take it out..? Its been driving me crazy and I dont know how much more I can--

He cut me off, No. The rules were clear. Youll keep it in until you go to bed tonight. Once youve gotten into your pajamas and are about to lay your head on the pillow- then and only then, you can take it out. Unless youd like a whipping.

I was tempted to just take the whipping, but I knew he wouldnt be easy on me. Id probably leave with bruises that would ache for days. Yes, Master. Under… Understood, I replied with a short nod, Ive got to get to class…

He hummed, the smile ever present on his lips, Get going. And dont forget to keep count, my little whore. Just before I turned away from him, he shot me a wink. I walked away, breathing deeply and trying to calm the urges for yet another orgasm. But of course, just as I approached the lecture hall, I couldnt hold it off any longer. I stopped, pressing my back up against the brick wall of the building and fighting hard to keep myself from screaming out. I clapped my hand over my mouth, panting like a dog once the climax had subsided.

Once I was able to compose myself, which took a good five minutes or so, I made my way into the hall. I took a seat in the back of the class, concentrating on my breathing and counting every orgasm. It seemed I was slowly becoming used to the small dildo inside of me and the orgasms came less frequently during the class. It was a long two hours of World Roots of Literature and by the end of it, I was absolutely exhausted. My head was spinning like a top.

I was up to fourteen orgasms. Fourteen in one day. More than Id ever experienced in a week, nonetheless one day. I was shocked and surprised by how much Dallas was already pushing my limits, but in some way I was enjoying every moment of it.

As soon as class was dismissed, I packed up my things and slung my bag back over my shoulder. I checked my phone to see what time it was, relieved that it was already five in the evening. Relieved that Id be returning to my dorm to enjoy the rest of these orgasms to myself. I would no longer have to hold back. Thank God.

As per usual for the day, my eyes barely left the ground as I trudged across the campus and back to my dorm. I half-expected to find Dallas when I returned, but knew better. He had a job to do, there was no way he was waiting around for me for two hours. Surely enough, Dallas was nowhere to be seen as I walked down my hallway. I entered my dorm without any unwanted interruptions, having had only one more orgasm on the walk there.

Once the door was closed behind me, I felt my knees giving way. I staggered over to the bed and collapsed on top of it. Not able to think of anything else, I just focused on the coursing vibrations in my pussy, giving way to another orgasm every half hour or so. My panties were beyond soaked by the this point, and I swear I could feel myself start to leak through to my pants even. But I couldnt move. I felt as if my body was a stone, my muscles too tense yet too relaxed all at once. I was just melting into the bed and pillows beneath me.

And slowly but surely, I fell asleep.

I know it seems strange that I even could what with a vibrator inside of me. And believe me, every orgasm woke with ferocity. My eyes would pop open, a few loud moans escaping through parted lips. Id thrash my legs just a little. Then, once it had passed Id be left feeling even more exhausted and passing out again. I didnt even get a chance to change into my pajamas. And I most definitely was unable to keep track of the orgasms that may have occurred while I was sleeping. In fact, I was so dead to the world that around ten at night, I didnt hear my door creak slightly as it opened, nor the footsteps approaching my bed.

I awoke to a harsh hand over my mouth and nose to keep me from screaming. In a sleepy daze, my mind went into a panic. I thrashed about, trying to defend myself but I soon felt duct tape wrapping tightly around my wrists and ankles. The hand came from my lips. I blinked my eyes tiredly, trying to distinguish the features of this mans face in the dark room, but was only able to make out the shape of his lips in a sinister smirk.

It had to be Dallas, right? I didnt know, though. I was scared of the possibility someone had noticed me with the vibrator and taken that as an invitation for this. I almost gained the sense to scream for help before a piece of tape was slapped hard against my lips and a hood much like a pillowcase was forced over my head and duct-taped in place around my neck.

I couldnt see anything, I couldnt say anything, I couldnt move. And if this wasnt Dallas by some odd chance, I was entirely vulnerable to a complete stranger. I felt him moving to pick me up, cradling me in his arms at first, then boosting me up so that I was slung over his shoulder. Smart move because if hed kept me cradled for much longer, Id have aimed a hit for his face.

Muffled pleas escaped my lips through the tape. He didnt listen, just took me… somewhere. All I knew was that I could feel his footsteps as he carried me away. Thats when I realized that the vibrator was still inside of me, still buzzing. And I felt myself tightening up. I cursed inwardly—how the hell could I climax over something so terrifying.

I tried to kick my legs to no avail, but the orgasm inched nearer and nearer and it seemed that my lack of breath control only made that worse. I panted, panicked and afraid, but suddenly that same wave of pleasure washed over me like high tide. I moaned, body relaxing in this mans arms for a few seconds following it. But once Id regained full consciousness, I squirmed violently against the mans strong arms. I mumbled something of a ‘let me go! through the tape.

Still, he didnt even seem to hear me. Or at least, whatever I said didnt faze him at all.

After a while, I have to admit that I just gave up. I comforted myself with the thought that this was Dallas, and just for fun. I hoped it was. I tried to focus on my breathing and would not allow another orgasm to flow through me. This man walked for a long time, but finally, I felt him shifting to put me down. There was a small cushion under my ass, and something cold and metal pressing against my back. I groaned a ‘please through the duct tape.

Once again, no response.

I huffed in irritation, but didnt bother to speak again. Whats the use? I heard him clammering around with something, then felt cold steel against my wrists as he cut the duct tape from them. I had half the mind to swing my fists at him, but he grabbed one of my wrists and yanked it forcefully out to the side, pressing it against the cold metal on the wall, I felt a wrist suddenly wrapped around my wrist pinning it there. He tied it off, then did the exact same to my other wrist so that both my arms were held out long-ways against metal.

How many times did you cum? he asked as he cut the tape from my neck and yanked the hood from me, then ripped the duct tape from my mouth. My heart could have jumped out of my chest at that point with excitement. I recognized that voice. This wasnt some stranger, this was him. Quietly, I thanked God, but I must have been quiet too long and his voice got louder, Answer my question, whore!

I stammered to find an answer, I-I dont… I dont know… Im…

I didnt get to finish apologizing before the man roughly cut through the duct tape around my ankles, then brought each of my legs up as far as they could go. I was small and I was flexible, so Dallas was able to tie each ankle to the wall, up above my head. By the time he was finished, I was entirely vulnerable and unable to move barely an inch.

Im very disappointed in you, he said simply, I gave you a simple task. You failed me. Now, why should I keep you as my cockslut?

I frowned, shaking my head a little, I… Im trying, Master. Im trying so hard… Please, just give me another chance. I p-promise, I wont let you down again…

For a moment, Dallas just stared at me. Then, he turned away and walked into another room. I had the first chance now to examine my surroundings. I looked up, realizing that I was up against a wall lined with various pipes which my ankles and wrists were tied tightly to. The walls were plain old concrete, as was the floor. Boxes on the opposite side of the small room where labeled with a stamp that read: Turner Industrial. I was seated on some sort of tall step stool, a towel folded beneath my ass for padding.

I waited, shifting a little against my restrained. Minutes later, Dallas returned with a pair of scissors, fully naked, and a leather whip in his other hand. My eyes widened, Oh, please… please, dont, Master…

Punishment comes for bad sluts, he explained nonchalantly. He placed the whip down atop one of the boxes, then approached me with the scissors, I hope you didnt like this outfit too much. He put a small cut into the hem of the leg of my yoga pants, then simply ripped them all the way up as if they were only paper. He did the same to the other leg. Then to my panties. Then my top, and lastly my bra. After a good ten minutes of ripping filling the tense air between us, I was naked and helpless before him.

I looked at Dallas with doe eyes, wondering what he would do next. When he turned away from me to replace the leather whip with the pair of scissors, though, I knew exactly what was coming. I braced myself for the pain. How many whips do you think you deserve for disobeying me? he asked.

I froze, but then sprung to answer him, Um… th-three?

Youre too easy on yourself, whore, he laughed, shaking his head, With punishments like that, there may as well not be a punishment at all. I think you deserve… ten.

My heart skipped beats, I was sure of it. My breathing staggered. I… Oh, please… Not that many, Master, please… I tried to beg and plead my case, Im s-s-sorry, it will never happen again. Dallas just smirked. He didnt seem to care much for my pleading, if anything it seemed to egg him on. He stepped closer so that he was just lined up with my pussy. If he wanted to enter me, all hed have to do is yank that vibrator out and Id be plenty wet for him.

But he didnt. Instead he rose the whip up over his head and slammed its tassels full force over my exposed breasts. I cried out loudly, a stinging sensation covering nearly every inch of my chest. Quiet the hell down, slut, he shot me a glare. I knew I needed to obey. I couldnt test this mans limits. I breathed deeply, biting down on my bottom lip and waiting for the next blow.

Dallas hit me again in my chest, the thin leather straps seeming to fall in perfect alignment with all the spots theyd hit before. I held back any cries, only allowing a soft whimper to escape. He hit me again, this time on my stomach twice. Then on the back of my right thigh. The back of my right thigh. It seemed almost as if the man had worked out a science to this. My pale skin was covered in tiny red welts by the time eight whippings were up.

Tears boiled up in my eyes, but I blinked them down. Inhale, exhale.

Two more, Dallas reminded me, as if I wasnt already counting it in my head, waiting for it to be over. He reached out with his free hand, though, pressing on the edge of the vibrator until it was as deep inside me as it could possibly go. He held it there. I moaned, rocking my hips slightly at the motion. Then, I felt the tightness approaching. Another orgasm was on its way—was that his goal?

Just as I was about to climax, Dallas stepped back, aiming two hard and precise lashes directly to my pussy. As the first one hit, I came, moaning and groaning loudly, eyes rolling to the back of my head in pleasure and in pain. As the second one came in succession, I lost it. I bucked my hips, nearly knocking the stool over. Dallas dropped the whip and rushed to settle me down, pressing down on my hips until Id managed to regain my composure.

He chuckled, Good girl…

My breaths came in shallow pants, my slit stinging wildly. I nodded at him nonetheless, looking desperately into his eyes as I said, Th-Thank you, Master.

Maybe youre not a hopeless cause, hm? the man smirked. His hand glided down to my pussy, fingers picking at the edge of the vibrator and pulling it out. The relief I felt as the toy exited my hole was incredible. Id never felt anything like it. I sighed in relief, breathing softly. I could feel my juices leaking from inside my slit out over my ass cheeks and inner thighs. I was humiliated and a light blush covered my cheeks. What do you want? he asked me.

I bit down on my bottom lip, wriggling my hips slightly as I rose my pelvis to show him exactly what I wanted. A vibrator in my pussy all day had left me craving the real thing. And with my eyes locked on his hard member, I spoke softly, I want your dick, please, Master…

Where? Dallas asked, rising the flogger and landing it hard, but not as hard as before on the back of my right thigh.

I whimpered lightly, legs shaking, M-My pussy… Please, Master.

He smirked, stepping forward so that he was mere inches from me. I watched him with an innocent gaze, brows furrowing together at the feeling of his tip at my entrance. But he didnt enter me just yet. Dallas instead took his cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down slowly at first, then quickly. He felt sensational against my overly sensitive clit and pussy lips. I moaned, closing my eyes and running my tongue along my bottom lip.

But I was soon met with another hard whip right across my breasts. My eyes popped open, directly at the man standing before me. I gave him a look as if to ask what Id done wrong, but before my lips could even move to speak it, he answered me, Yeah, thats right, whore. Keep your eyes wide open and watch me fuck you.

I frowned and nodded my head at him. Another rule to follow. And obediently, I would. Dallas slowly slipped himself between the wet lips of my pussy. I rose my hips just as much as I could to meet him, wanting him deeper. I kept my eyes on him, on his every single movement. His lips were we curled into a smirk, glancing down to watch me buck my hips.

Oh, you want to work for it? he asked, arching a brow.

I whimpered, resting back onto the stool. I-I dont know, Master… What do you want me to do..?

He laughed, Well, I was just going to fuck you hard. But it seems youre eager to get a work out. So I want to see what you can do. Come on. Fuck me, whore.

A soft sigh escaped from me, but he had given me an order. And I always followed his orders at least to the best of my abilities. I struggled at first, bending my knees in the position my ankles were tied to the wall behind me, using them for leverage to lift my hips entirely off the stool beneath me. Dallas length slid entirely into me. I moaned, slowly lowering myself, then raising my hips back up.

I did this a few times, allowing his length to enter me, then exit up to the tip. Back and forth, back and forth until finally, my thighs were burning. I stopped, steadying myself on the stool and looking to the man expectantly. He didnt seem amused, Did I tell you to stop?

No, Master, but… I shook my head a little, It hurts…

So, what do you want?

I… Please, fuck me, Master, my eyes lowered from him for a split second in shame.

Dallas shook his head, then paused as if to think for a moment. After a short moment, he finally looked at me again. I felt small underneath his gaze, nervous that he would no longer want me as his prospect. He made three ‘tsk sounds of disappointment before speaking sternly, We are going to have to build up your stamina, dear. Because this- this just wont do.

He placed his hands on either thigh and pulled me into him harshly, burying himself deeply within the walls of my pussy. I moaned out loudly, eyes rolling to the back of my head. All day, somewhere in the back of my mind, Id been hoping for this. It felt almost like a dream come true. Oh… Thank you, Master… I moaned out the words between each slow, deep thrust, That feels… so good…

Good girl, he whispered, continuing the steady thrusts and from the look on his face, he was enjoying this just as much as me. You know how wet you are, you little slut? he asked, running his fingers along my slit which was still stuffed full with his cock. He raised his hand up, fingers soaked with a slightly sticky clear liquid.

I bit my lip, feeling my cheeks flushing with embarrassment.

But then, he rose his hand closer to my face, ordering me, Open your mouth. Taste your juices.

The look on my face must have been one of fear. Id never done that before, I had no clue what my own juices, nor anyone elses must have looked like. Either way, though, I knew if I refused the order, I would be punished. And the spots in which Dallas had flogged me stung furiously and reminded me that I did not want or need any more welts upon my pale skin.

Slowly, I parted my lips and Dallas took the opportunity to stick his fingers inside. Thats right, baby… he chuckled under his breath, Lick it all up, use your tongue. I followed his demands, closing my lips around his fingers and swirling my tongue around his two fingers. Surprisingly, the taste of my juices was something sweet, yet slightly salty. Like salt sprinkled over watermelon. And once the taste was gone, I released his fingers to lick my lips. You like that, whore? he asked.

Yes, sir… I blushed again. I couldnt believe Id just done that.

He withdrew his hand completely, placing it back on my thigh and bucking his hips into mine hard. From here, Dallas picked up his pace. He buried himself inside, pulled back, then back inside once again. Harder and harder each time. The sounds coming through my lips were entirely uncontrollable and so loud. I found myself glad that the campus was closed, and thus empty. Because if this had happened during open hours, we would have certainly been caught in the act.

He fucked me so hard that the pipes to which my ankles and ankles were tied rattled. I thought they might come unhinged if he continued on at this rate, and yet I wished for him to continue. Every single thrust he gave to me brought complete ecstasy. My mind was racing, yet I found myself more at peace than ever before.

And he was so deep. Every time he dove into me, I felt myself swimming, floating. I knew this feeling well by now, approaching orgasm ever-so-slowly. My breaths became more ragged and at times, I even held my breath unconsciously.

Then suddenly, I knew it was about to happen. My muscles tightened up, I found it hard to speak. But I knew what Dallas would want in this moment and I could not disappoint him again. Master, can I please cum? Please, please, please! He grinned widely, moving one of his hands over to the crest of my pussy and running his thumb along the small nub that was my clit. He nodded at me, eyes locked on mine.

That was permission enough. I gave in to the urge that had been building up for so long now. My hips bucked, legs struggling against their restraints to no avail as my entire body spasmed with a mind-blowing orgasm. I moaned so loudly I could have sworn it echoed through the small room. And once Id finished, Dallas continued to fiddle with my clit and fuck me hard.

I couldnt keep my eyes open, as hard as I tried. I closed them tightly, biting down on my lip to fight back the vulnerable sounds escaping me at once. While Dallas continued to fuck me, he took his hand away from my clit, bringing the whip down hard over and over on my breasts. The first few times, it stung. It hurt. But after a little while, I barely felt the tassels as they made contact with my reddened skin.

He kept going like a race horse, a finish line in view apparently. And just as I was about to reach the feeling of another orgasm building up within me, he plunged himself deeply inside of me and groaned. His body convulsed slightly. He stopped whipping me at this point, but remained buried in me for a few moments. I felt him emptying his load inside me. And as he pulled out, I felt it leak from me, down my pussy and my ass crack.

My body was aching from the position Id been tied in, but quivering from the pleasure mixed with pain hed given me. My eyelids felt heavy as I looked up at the man, Thank you, Master.

Youre very welcome, beautiful, he winked, leaning over me to lay a soft kiss upon my forehead. And I felt proud. For pleasing him, for following his every order. At some point, it just clicked in my mind that this was what I was made for. Whatever he wanted, whatever he needed – I was his. I would do whatever it took to stay that way.











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