Learn Animation design by top 10 content writing companies in India

Learn Animation design by top 10 content writing companies in India

Introduction Animation design

They just have it right here I have. Railway medium so let's playoff this second type choice that we have in the logo to make it white and let's have some nice wide spacing. But let's also make it all caps. So I'm in the character panel I'm going to click here to this extra options area. This is just a quick way to do an all caps or I can make them small caps or you could do a subscript is kind of where those options are. So I'm going to make this an all cap and disclose the spacing until I feel like it's at a good spacing so let's skip down to for a little bit more spacing. Great. So now we have this list of top 10 content writing companies in India nice clean option and let's actually make it a tighter spacing so I can make the type a little bigger and we go kind of messing around with spacing and size.

Let's do a set my bold to make sure that people can really see this when it's printed and we could even change up this tax instead of it all being the same weight. We can really bring top 10 content writing companies in India emphasis by making one word bolder so have an idea let's build it together. What's the most important word for this particular piece. Have an idea. OK. That's not as important. Let's build it together. So two words that really pop out to me is the word build and together. So both of those are very important. So which one do we highlight and probably get to do build because Parsons dynamics is an industrial manufacturer? So what they do is they build things for you.

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So that's the word we really want to highlight. And so understanding the branding and the kind of the ethos or what the company stands for a digital marketing agency in Delhi really helps to understand as a designer so you know what words to bring out and what words to emphasize. So we're going to make this black which is the boldest weight available to have an idea let's build it together. And I'm also noticing I need to continue to tighten that spacing. OK. So this is just kind of trial and error of doing a layout. And I'm going to make that back to regular medium weight to have a higher contrast between that bold and then the lighter weight and on what I'd like to do instead of expanding and having everything go right to the edge.

I like to have lots of whitespace and breathing room it really adds a sense of professionalism and cleanliness to a design. So notice how this has stretched all top 10 content writing companies in India the way across. I'm using percent of the real estate here. But sometimes it's nice to be able to make this small and have it in the center and have lots of lots of room here. Doesn't it kind of bring clean professionalism? It just kind of helps it just looks better and you don't have people I don't know a lot of people stretched all the way across because they want to make sure that they the viewer sees it. But they'll see it as long as the text is legible when it's printed.

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You can make it in size because I know a lot of designers are like I don't want to make it so small that they can't read it but trust me on this one sometimes and making it a little bit smaller like that is a good tradeoff because it helps to bring out all the other elements and to make it look clean and professional. That's the whole goal of this particular project. So sometimes it's not wise to stretch all the way to the edge but to have that extra padding there an extra margin. And so the same thing with our little contact information. So let's go ahead and bring out we'll take the Eyedropper Tool and sample the railway.

We could bring out our headline font. Let's see what the headline font looks like says choose black for right now. We have to make that a lot smaller OK I really like this boulder type over the railway. We're going to keep with them. As those hands as those hands. So let's get a rule of thirds back out because I just messed up the location of top 10 content writing companies in India that and when it comes to point size this is an eight and a half by eleven flyers and I have this up here if we see up here the character panel or right here at the character panel I can have it as small as eight points and it could still be legible. I don't like to have anything lower than eight points unless it's fine print or like a legal copy or something words. All rights reserved.

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That can be six points but the personal aide is my level where I really don't want to make it smaller than eight points. And that's just because it's a legibility issue. So this is the smallest I would recommend top 10 content writing companies in India having it but it's way too small. But just kind of letting you know that that's kind of the limit I have in terms of size. So I got up this just a little bit and size. This is important information but it's not. They can if they need to get the contact information they'll see it that doesn't need to be like a billboard where you have a number or super duper large it just looks tacky. If you do that on a flyer we're going to have this nice and subtle we could line it on the rule of thirds or we can end up bringing out our grids and finding kind of a nice placement there so let's switch to our brown color.

That seems to be our theme. Let's switch off the rule of thirds for a moment so that doesn't get in our way. OK. So now is where we can kind of mess with the photo. Maybe it blurs a little bit more so let's get that feathering effect back out so let's do feather I'm just going to go ahead and apply a feather. Bring that up a little bit because we don't have so much real estate just for that headline. We really want the photo to be a focus so we can have the left aligned. I have several weights on the railway. That's why the railway is so amazing.

But we do tend to have like a really strong center alignment with this piece, especially at the bottom. So what if we continue to play with that top 10 content writing companies in India and we keep this center aligned as much as I love left alignment but let's have a nice center or committing to a particular alignment. It's going to be center aligned instead of having a left lineman and then you have a center and it seems disorganized. But when you have you commit to a particular type of alignment it looks really good. And we're going to try a couple of different layouts so we can play around with alignment so we're not just going to do this one option.

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