Learn Programming from Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore

Learn Programming from Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore

Jason John

Covered the basics of array destructuring next we'll get into another of my favourites which is objects. Destructuring and object destructuring works pretty similarly to array destructuring. It has kind of a similar syntax. The difference being, of course, that is for objects not for arrays. And a quick refresher on objects. Let's create Konst my object equals and it's accessed via a key-value pair. And to find the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore we have to first collect some more information.

So if your first name is Chris and last name is Jones, for example, the way we can access this our object literal syntax is one way to create objects. We could also do new object but that's kind of a more roundabout way. So this is the way that it's commonly done I would say more commonly done and then if you want to access any of these key-value associations you can do so in a couple of different ways.

You know you could do a lot of this. We can do my ARBs and give it square brackets in a string basically to search through the first name. But as far as the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore is concerned we can be sure of one thing that This will give us the value associated with this key if we run it we will see. We got the value also common to see dot notation which will give us the same thing which means if we want to grab these out and assign them to other variables or constants or what have you bought.

That's pretty straightforward. Great. So we can do conc. Let's see the first name equals my first name Conte's last name equals my Obst last name. Now if we verify the log first name call my last name. Let's take a quick peek. Clear run. And play didn't quite get the last name yet. Try again. There we go.

So as you can imagine this can get pretty tedious especially if you have some kind of complicated object with you know a whole bunch of fields that maybe we have age feet for example. To learn to programme from the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore an individual has to be aware of the best of the best agency. So are objects getting a bit more complex for getting more entries in? And if we want to assign each of these to a constant or a variable of some sort starts to get pretty annoying rates of course age equals my orbs Stuart age and we can add that in here as well. It so there you go.

And fortunately, we can structure this to make it a bit easier to do that. So let's see what that syntax looks like and it's going to be familiar to us after seeing what arrays look like. So let's say Conte's and instead of square brackets like we use for arrays we use object style notation. So one thing you do want to make sure is that whatever key you're trying to assign to your constant should match whatever is in the object here. Which means I'm going to want the first name last name at the age of the height.

I think that's all we have. Yeah right equals my AABs. So saves us a lot of work a lot of lines of code because you can just extract these out into these constants or variables or let statements or whatever you need. That's an Afrikan to lock those out. First Name Last Name age height will be able to see that it has been assigned to these constants. It's clear it will run it again and looks like it is correct.

And of course, to get to know more about the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore and to learn to code and to learn to programme, if the need to be let and this goes for arrays appears well if needs to be left it would still work the exact same way. The difference being, of course, that can be reassigned at a later time whereas Konst cannot. Eventually, you do want to have the same key value as in your object because if you don't for example for the here let's see what happens. Clear run. So that's undefined because essentially what it's doing behind the scenes is it's going through it saying OK Konst first Nahm is equal to my object at first. And there is no such entry.

So that's why you want to make sure that it's the same because it's just kind of cycling through the object looking for this key. So you want to make sure they are the same. They don't have to be there is a different way that we will look at shortly to assign a different variable name. But if you're getting undefined issues chances are you're trying to match something with a key that maybe doesn't quite match exactly.

And you know as we've already seen we don't have to Grabow all the keys and objects are not quite as dependent as arrays on indexes. It's just a key-value association. So to be more informative about the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore some things have to be aligned first with the purpose of learning and programming. Right so it doesn't really matter what you do things in here we can still grab the first class name height we run that doesn't really affect anything if we skip over the age you know by the same token order doesn't really matter so much because it's just an object's fed last name height. And then over here we dropped out the first name doesn't really matter. Still works. Hey, we can rearrange it here to kind of reflect that as well. Here Ron. Pretty cool stuff.

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