Learn: How To Connect Brother Printer To Wifi.

Learn: How To Connect Brother Printer To Wifi.

The Brother printer must be connected to Wi-Fi because you cannot install the printer driver without an Internet connection. You cannot print without a printer driver on your computer. So if you do not understand how to connect your brother printer wifi setup so that you can connect to a Wi-Fi connection between your Brother printer and your computer, just use the Brother printer's help. You will certainly learn all the methods in the simplest form.

By connecting your Brother printer to Wi-Fi, you can print from anywhere, even from a mobile phone. You can also configure the Brother Printer using a USB cable to work in a wireless system so that your computer can be connected to the network. Before establishing a connection, a password and network name are required. So keep these conditions handy so that you can enter them when required.

Steps to connect the Brother MFC-L2700DW printer to a wireless network

Connect the printer to a continuous electrical power source and turn on the printer.
Click Menu on the control panel.
Use the up or down arrow key to select Network and touch OK.
Click the up or down arrow button to select WLAN and touch OK.
Click the up or down arrow button to select the Installation Wizard. and press OK.
Select YES when the printer asks: "WLAN Enable?" To enable the connection to the wireless network.
Enter the credentials to connect to the wireless network.
Install the driver software and try to print from the Brother printer.

The procedure for preparing the wireless network in the Brother MFC-L2700DW printer

  • Before joining the wireless community, check and record your current domain and password. To find the domain name, check the side or base of your wireless access point/router. Check the guides obtained with your own wireless router or access point.
  • When you find the wireless network name and password for the access point or router, connect the printer to an electrical outlet using the power cord.
  • Turn on the Brother printer. Click the Menu button on the printer control panel.
  • Click the up or down arrow button to select Network. Press OK to select Network.
  • Click the up or down arrow button to select WLAN. Enter the WLAN menu by touching OK.
  • Select the Setup Wizard function by pressing the up or down arrow key, then tap OK. In this phase the question "WLAN Enable?" Appears on the display. Select Yes by pressing the OK button to enable the wireless network settings.
  • Click the wireless network wizard and your Brother machine will search for available network names (SSID). Each of the available SSIDs will appear as a record.
  • Select the preferred SSID you mentioned before starting the installation process using the up or down key. Select OK to choose the name of the wireless network. Make sure your system has fast internet access.
  • When the wireless network is password-protected, enter the password you noted earlier. After entering the password, the device tries to connect to the wireless community.
  • Once connected, the LCD will show CONNECTED. If the connection is not created correctly, print a report to resolve the error and try connecting to the community again. After successfully connecting your Brother machine, try to print.

That is why you saw processes here How to connect a Brother printer to Wi-Fi in a detailed format. So don't waste time wandering here and there with help. Just contact the Brother printer support team by dialing the helpline number. You will get useful support in the shortest time because they are talented and have a lot of knowledge.