Leaderless Resistance and People's Power

Leaderless Resistance and People's Power


The world has a lot to learn and will have to learn it fast. For generations the masses have been by-standers as power was continually removed from us. Now we have woken up and found that we have no power.

Freedom has been taken away slowly, and now we have no freedom. State forces remove us from our homes and streets by force, not for justice but to enforce irrational decisions of the dictatorship under which we have long lived.

The issues is that people have long been misled by governments and censored news and information, sucked into social media sites that suck up all our data and information, know what we think and who we associate with.

We gave up power to politicians to represent us and yet representation is fraud. No one is capable of representing another, and we cast votes into ballot boxes as if casting trash into trash cans. Those we vote for have no obligation to keep their promises.

We have thus become bystanders outside of all power, and now when we realize our passports belong to the government, our borders are not ours, and we have no rights that we can enforce, and are being turned into cattle.

Even in our demonstrations against injustice, we are mere by-standers: yes we hold placards and cheer and clap various speakers echoing rhetoric, but who chooses the speakers? Who are they? We could read what they say online.

So let us learn from those before us where they have succeeded to over-turn systems, how it is done: it requires participation, not standing like sheep listening to the shepherd who may have political ambitions, surrounded by their dogs the police.

In this article, we will show how to actually participate in protests, and have our slogans, our demands, not just our wishes, voiced in unison and with the unity of all within the leaderless protest marches, until eventually we march on power to seize it.

Firstly, marches and protests. We don't want to be surrounded by the minority state police, we want to be highly mobile small groups dispersed, until we have the numbers to surround the state mercenaries. But we need a uniting slogan, principle.

That principle is FREEDOM because without it, we are censored from learning the TRUTH, and without truth we won't be able to take care of our HEALTH. What differentiates us from all other life on the planet is our FREEDOM.

Freedom to think, freedom to act. With freedom, comes responsibility. Instead of having speakers at demonstrations who drone on and on while we stand in silence holding our placards that the lame-stream tell-lie-vision ignores, let us participate.

This is done by giving a list of short slogans to the ones holding the loudspeakers. Instead of them giving long speeches, they will shout out these slogans one by one and between each slogan we, the masses on the march, shout FREEDOM!

The power of thousands shouting the word FREEDOM in unison, between each slogan on the loudspeaker microphone is powerful beyond measure. It makes the crowd actively participating, in addition to holding their slogans, which are called out.

It makes those in power shake with fear and is infectious to those who pass us by, they will join in the slogan FREEDOM! Here is an example of how this works:

Microphone: End Lockdown!

Masses (marching protestors): FREEDOM!

Microphone: People's Power!

Masses: FREEDOM!

Microphone: Leave Facebook!

Masses: FREEDOM!

Microphone: Join Telegram!

Masses: FREEDOM!

Microphone: End forced vaccinations!

Masses: FREEDOM!

Microphone: People's Revolution!

Masses: FREEDOM!

And so on. The one(s) with the microphone have the list of slogans and pass the microphone after some time to the next with another popular list of slogans. These slogans aren't individual slogans, but popular mass demands.

The March participants in turn don't tire from shouting between each slogan: FREEDOM! It reverberates, energizes, and defines the upcoming Freedom Revolution.

This is what all relates to changing the manner of observers instead of participation at protest marches, and rhetorical speeches by self-imposed leaders, who can be targeted and removed if they are sincere, or bought off and mislead the masses later.

As to power itself, this is something mankind should not be afraid of, but POSESS. Power belongs to the masses. How do we seize power? One way is to simply bypass the existing power structures. Make them dispensable.

Form small Revolutionary Committees or Revolutionary Cells with trusted friends. Meet in secret or in Telegram groups or other secure channels, and evaluate the consciousness in the local area.

Plan actions together, such as organizing flash mobs, attending marches, educating those around us, including the techniques mentioned in this article, and how leaderless resistance works. But also, how People's Power looks and works.

People's power is direct participatory democracy. It has but one face and one method. It is not single nor multi party democracies. It is suited to any nation whether a Kingdom or a Republic, in order to do away with career politicians.

That face is PEOPLE'S ASSEMBLIES (or Conferences or Congresses, the exact name is not important) which are the decision-making legislative arm of grass roots democracy.

Each local People's Assembly elects the delegates who carry those resolutions and recommendations up to the next level where they attend and again to the higher levels.

All policies are decided from the bottom up via local People's Assemblies and those decisions that reach consensus become RESOLUTIONS if they affect only the local area.

If they affect a wider area, they are also added to the agenda of the People's Assemblies in other areas, and also to the Municipality, State or National People's Congress which is where ALL secretaries and assistant secretaries attend.

Then, at each level, local, municipal, state and national, there are People's Committees that replace all administration: e.g. Local People's Committee for Sanitation, Municipal People's Committee for Transport, National General People's Committee for Education, etc. Each field of administration has a People's Committee.

The masses at the People's Assemblies, after passing their resolutions, and meeting several times per year to exercise direct democracy, also vote for the various People's Committees to which those with expertise can volunteer to be elected into.

However, the People's Committees, although running day to day executive processes to carry out the popular decisions and consensus, do not make up their own policies. They must carry out the wishes of the Congresses, and under their supervision.

The Secretariat of each Assembly (Congress) attends and supervises the People's Committees and reports back on progress along with the People's Committees reports, and at the next sessions of Popular Assemblies, they are held to account.

Organize yourselves into Revolutionary Committees, in open if you are permitted, or in secret if you are banned. You have no leadership currently, you are leaderless resistance. Plan your programs for your area. No one knows who is in which Revolutionary Committee other than its own members, if it is a secret one.

Your duties are to educate and incite the masses to action. To organise the masses into the new system of people's power the People's Authority as described above. To mobilize marches and protests as described above. To protect and defend the Freedom Revolution, to be the ideal example of the new man or woman, your nation, your faith.


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