Launch a digital store and start selling!

Launch a digital store and start selling!


Realize sales without investing in a physical store. Launch your online store and start selling your product. You can create your shop online in just half a minute using the online dukan app. The app can be downloaded from Playstore on any android device. The app has been created on the WordPress platform. It accords user-friendliness—no need to worry if knowledge of coding is poor to create your shop online. The app is available in English, and you can launch your online store by following simple steps in English. 

Launch your online store in a few simple steps

Once you install the online dukan app in your online device, you can create your shop online. You can make product brochures and share them with your customers on various platforms like What’s Ap, Facebook, Email. Follow the simple steps to launch your online store: 

·        Open the installed app

·        Enter business name and address

·        Add products and catalogues 

After completing the above three steps your shop is created online. You can now make brochures and share them across various platforms. You can get the link for your online store on the dashboard. The link can be displayed on e-commerce sites, social media sites and other promotional mediums. 

Manage and update your online store 

Once you create your shop online, you can manage it on a regular basis and keep your digital dukan updated always. The online store creation app has easy manageability features that enable you to trade cost-effectively. 

Manage store display 

The store display editing features allow you to change, add information. You can add or remove products from the display. You can show in-stock or out-of-stock status. Each day after taking stock of sales, the store can be updated to display the latest offer for the next day. 

Manage promotion 

With the help of app creation tools, you can design product catalogues, pamphlets, and promotional messages. You can design business cards and several more promotional materials. The promotion materials can be shared across various digital platforms and can be zapped off within seconds. 

Manage order processing 

The notification feature of the app sends a notification to the store owner whenever an order is placed on the store. Orders placed by customers show on the site. The seller can access the order place details and get the products delivered at the desired location. Order processing can be managed by completed orders, rejected orders, orders in process. The seller can place orders on the archive, delete orders or keep them on the order board display. 

Review store performance 

Store owners can review sales performance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and download or print the reports. 

What does it cost you to create your shop online? 

The app offers free creation of an online store and does not charge any commission on product sales. You just need to have an android based device to download online dukan app through Play store. You can start selling from just anywhere through your own online dukan if you have a product to sell. If you have a physical store, you can have an online version to facilitate online buying and selling. If you don’t have a physical store you can start selling from your home with the help of online dukan and save on shop rent.