Late Bloomer Gets Lucky Ch. 06

Late Bloomer Gets Lucky Ch. 06

The following weekend I wondered if Jann might show up but I was never sure with her. I had seen Shera going by in their car and waved but I still hadn't been able to talk to her. She had waved back so that was good albeit a very small consolation to my anxiety. On Saturday evening I saw her walk up the street and I took off down the path through the field to see if I could catch her. I walked the last bit and breathed deeply so that I wouldn't be panting when I met her and my timing was perfect. I was emerging from the path as she was just getting to it. "Hi Shera." I said in a cheery tone. 

"Hi." she replied almost shyly.

"Where are you headed?" I asked.

She replied "Oh, nowhere really. Just taking a walk."

"I haven't talked to you for a while so I thought that you might be mad at me." I teased but half meant it.

Shera let out a little laugh and smiled. "No. I have been taking some classes and they have kept me kinda busy." she explained. 

"I was thinking about how great it was when I gave you that birthday gift." I meandered "I really loved it and I wondered if you might like another gift." 

Shera blushed a little and another nervous laugh escaped before she stammered, "Yeah...I...I would."

"Oh really?" I said excitedly to compliment her "I would love it." She smiled big and I asked "Do you want to meet me at the cabin later?"

"Sure!" she said quickly.

"How about 9 pm?" I asked.

"Ok." she answered.

"See you then Shera." I said before heading back up the path. I could barely contain myself. The first time we had been together I wasn't sure if she knew what I had in mind but this time was different. This time she knew that she was cominb to fuck. The cabin worked great for Jann so I thought that it would work well for Shera too but since I had some time, I prepared a little. I took two blankets and put them in my gym bag and I put some extra candles in there as well. I also had a camping mat that would be good for taking the sting out of the hard carpeted floor.

I had taken everything down and put it in the cabin after it got dark and by 8:30, I was there laying things out. I had the camping mat and blankets laid out and a two candles lit. My dick was hard as I anticipated Shera's arrival and I peeked out every 5 minutes to see if she was on her way. I could hear my heart beat like it was inside my head and the tip of my erection was just sticking out the top of my jeans. I stepped out again to see if she was on her way and she was just getting to the door. "Oh, you're here" I said surprised.

"Yeah." she said almost whispering. Shera was wearing grey sweat pants and a roomy sweatshirt. 

As she stepped up into the cabin I put my hand on her lower back as if to usher her inside. "I'm so glad you're here." I said.

"Me too." she replied quietly.

I closed the door and latched it. I turned toward her and she was facing me in the glow of the candles. I moved to her slowly and hugged her. She squeezed me tightly and exhaled loudly as I kissed her neck. She smelled amazing and I figured that she just got out of the shower. I pulled back slightly and then moved in to kiss Shera's mouth. She breathed hard against my face as I sucked at her lips, reaching down with both hands to take her ass and gently squeeze her firm cheeks. My erection was throbbing and aching to be released so I pushed my bulge toward her.I slipped one hand up and inside the waistband of Shera's sweatpants and down again inside them and inside her panties to feel her bare cheek.

I was vibrating with excitement as I continued sucking Shera's mouth and moved my other hand inside her sweatpants. She moaned in my mouth and panted as I kneaded her ass and pulled her into my bulge. I moved my hands up under her top and felt her bare breasts. She didn't wear a bra tonight and that made me even more excited. Her nipples were stiff as I ran my fingers over them and she moaned in my mouth as I pushed at her tongue with mine. "Let me lay you down here Shera." I panted as I moved her to the mat and blankets. I pulled the button on my jeans open and unzipped them as I laid her down.

As I laid beside her I pulled one of the blankets over us and put my mouth over hers again. I reached my hand under the front of her sweatpants and as my palm landed on her mound I curled my fingers to her pussy which was very wet. "Oh God!" Shera groaned at the contact. I abruptly got up on my knees and pulled her sweatpants and underwear off and as I pulled my own jeans and underwear off I leaned down placing my tongue right on Shera's hot, wet pussy lips. She moaned and as I looked up, I could see in the candlelight and the flickering shadows that her head was leaned all the way back. I spread her legs wide as I sucked on her hot little slit and placed wet kisses on her clit. Her pussy was so nice and she just moaned as I stuck my tongue in it and licked hird mine and sucked on to her mouth while leaning in and pushing the engorged, throbbing head of my cock into her little pussy. Shera moaned into my mouth as I pushed a couple of inches into her. 

My pulsating erection felt so good with her tight warmth around it and the stimulation was intense as I slowly moved back and forth in her. I needed to calm down or I was going to shoot a load already so I pulled my rod from her tight snatch and moved my face down between her legs again. I licked and kissed at Shera's hot, wet pussy and randomly sucked at her clit. Occasionally I broke contact with her pussy and placed warm kisses against her inner thighs and where her ass cheeks squeezed together. I put my hands behind her knees and pushed her legs up so that her knees were against her breasts. This lifted her ass up and completely exposed her little ass hole which I quickly covered with my tongue. I licked her pussy and ass hole gently as I regained my composure.

I moved up and tongued Shera's mouth again as I sunk my cock into her cunt. Shera continued to gasp as I fucked in and out of her. As I plunged full depth strokes into her tight cunt, my left hand was squeezing her tit and I had worked my right hand underneath her ass. I worked my middle finger to her slippery little ass hole and circled it with my fingertip. I continued to fuck her tight pussy while I pushed my finger into her ass and held it while I stroked in and out of her. 

I felt Shera's muscles flex on my cock and soon her moaning took on an audible urgency and the erratic flexing of her vaginal muscles pulsed on my swollen cock. Her ass was flexing and squeezing my finger too as her breathing was loud and fast. When her spasms stopped, I moved my other hand down and latched onto her ass. With my finger still buried in her ass hole, I started pounding full strokes into her wet cunt pulling out so that the large rim of the head of my cock had to compress each time I pushed back in. 

Shera was breathing in time with my thrusts as I felt my balls tighten up and I felt myself nearing the edge. "I am going to put it in your mouth Shera." I told her and after a few more strokes, I pulled my wet cock from her hot pussy and moved up to her mouth. I pushed the head into her mouth just as my juice shot from my pole and her lips closed around my jerking rod. I shot 5 long streams into her mouth and she just sucked and swallowed straight through to the smaller squirts that were deposited onto her tongue. I didn't soften at all and just stroked back and forth in her mouth a little while I got past the super sensitive time right after an orgasm. "Just a little suction Shera, no tongue right now." and her tongue stopped moving except for when she swallowed. She was so willing and obeyed so well.

A few minutes later I moved down and adjusted Shera onto her front then propped her up on her knees. Her head was down and her arms were under her. I got behind her and pushed my cock into her pussy slowly. I worked my erect cock in and out of her tight box in a steady rhythm with my hands on her hips while she moaned. The candle glow glinted light off of her shiny ass hole and I moved my hand to her tailbone and pressed my thumb againt her anus. The slippery tightness relented and my thumb entered her as I packed my erection into her tight purse. After trying to get into her ass the first time we got together and since tricking her sister into ass fucking, I was really getting fired up watching my thumb push into her tight puckered hole.

I pulled my cock from Shera's tight pussy with a wet pop and I moved her onto her side. I bent and pushed her legs up in front of her and told her "Shera, I am going to fuck your ass." Shera had her head cocked back and just kept moaning. My cock couldn't have been harder and as I moved tight in behind her, on my side, I moved it and poked around with it trying to find her hole. I found it with my finger and moved my slippery cock head in and placed it right at her opening. I pushed firmly and held steady pressure against her hole. Shera's moaning had only intensified a little and I held her close to me, tightly while pushing steadily. I reached down with my hand, moved the head just a little and pushed again. I felt it start to enter and I just kept the steady moderate pressure on my staff. Slowly I felt the hot tightness taking my cock bit by bit.

"Oh! Oh!" Shera groaned as my erection slowly entered her ass hole. I was only in her about 2 inches and I pulled back just a little. I fingered Shera's pussy and it was soaking wet so I spread some of her slippery juice on my cock and her anus before pushing in again. I continued rubbing her pussy as I kept working a little more of my throbbing, veiny rod into her ass. I kept spreading more of her juice onto her ass hole but realized that she was as wet as she could get and I couldn't get any more than 4 inches in her ass. I was incredibly hard and throbbing and began stroking out until just the fat head was in her tiny hole, then pushing in and stopping at the depth that I had worked into her. I didn't try to push past the barrier, I just continued to move back and forth in her ass letting her tight ring milk my engorged cock. 

Shera continued to moan and pant as I kept pushing hard into her ass and pulling out of her tight clench while I rubbed her pussy. I felt her quiver a bit and her rectum pulsed so I stopped moving my cock in her ass as I rubbed her clit side to side. Her ass flexed again and again on my stiff meat as she gasped intensely. Soon her orgasm subsided and the flexing of her muscles stopped. My cock still stuck in Shera's rectum, I lifted her as I slid under her hips, struggling until I was completely beneath her. I put both hands on her hips and began stroking. Losing my control a little, I occasionally thrust a little further than the depth that I had been stoking into her earlier but it was like my knob was hitting a smooth, firm barrier. I could feel my climax building and as much as I loved being in Shera's tiny, tight ass hole, I knew that her tightness would be too much pressure and would cause me pain as I got off.

My orgasm was imminent so I lifted her up and withdrew my pulsing cock. I got up and put my jerking pole to Shera's lips just in time for the first pulse to toss the initial stream onto her tongue. She sucked and swirled her tongue around it as it repeatedly shot streams of sperm in her warm, sucking mouth. The convulsions were going through my entire body as if even my toes and my scalp were getting electric shocks. It may have been the most intense orgasm that I ever had. There were multiple big streams at the start but about ten smaller squirts after that and my living sex doll sucked and swallowed all of them.