Lady Trucker Needs Help

Lady Trucker Needs Help


True Story...

Another Friday night on the road, only 400 miles to go to deliver my load Monday morning. Nothing to do but cruise the radio. Plenty of time to look for some good, hot man sex. Sitting in my Volvo/White at the 76 In Texarkana. Freshly showered, powdered, and perfumed. 59-185 lbs of Daddy Bear Trucker. I had jerked myself off in the shower but was still more than horny enough to take on any load that my come my way.

After closing the front curtains on my rig, I stripped out of my shorts and shirt, layed a towel on my drivers seat and cranked up my 148GTL, 300 watt linear, with a 50 watt modulator. Immediately, I heard the usual truck stop chatter going on, lot lizards and big radios dueling to see who could out-shout the other. I reached for my lube, dug in for 3 fingers worth and grabbed my 7 looking to keep my motor warm just in case someone decided to offer me a load.

My idling engine was sure a sweet vibrator through my air ride seat, my prostate was loving it. It wasnt very long before I heard a radio that was weaker than most in the lot. It was a LTD (Lady Truck Driver) asking for help! I keyed my mic and told her to go to Channel 24 so we could talk. She replied Gone!

I quickly wiped as much lube off of my finger tips as I could and reached up to change the channel on my radio. It must have been only 10 seconds but it seemed like hours, I heard Fishlady here. You out there? I keyed my mic and told her 10-4, they call me Flavor Savor, I got a bodacious Hairy Lip, and I use it to savor the flavor! What kind of help are you looking for?

She says Well, you might find this hard to believe, Im looking for someone to suck off while they suck my husband. Now that was something that a bi-bottom trucker can only dream of most of the time! I had never considered it in my wildest dreams to possibly come real, but here it was. Years of Pickle Park man sex and this was the first time I would have a chance at a couple. Faster than you can snap your fingers I was keying back! I can tell you arent at the 76. Whats your 20? She answered The rest area East Bound 30 on the Arkansas side. Between all the GoodBuddy sneers and jeers I keyed my big radio and told her not to move an inch, be there in less than 5!

How good is this? I thought as I threw on my shorts and shirt, opened my curtains, and kicked it into gear as fast as I could. I pulled out of my spot and got on State Line Road in less than a minute. My 350 Cummins was straining to keep up with my need for speed. I somehow missed all the lights and made the right turn onto the Intersate in 5th gear. Two minutes later I was Jake Brakin into the pickle park. Fishlady told me that her hubby would be standing outside their truck and looking for me. Sure enough as I slowed down I saw a driver climb out of his cabover. At first I thought I might have made a mistake!

He was so big he rocked the cab as he climbed out. 6-3 or 4 and all of 250lbs if an ounce. I wondered just how in hell he fit in that cabover, not to mention he was running team. He had a full head of salt and pepper hair, heavy beard and tattoos up and down the two columns he had for arms. I just about fainted when he waved at me. This was my dream man for dream sex.

I rolled up next to him and rolled my window down. Fishman? He nodded and pointed to an open parking spot and in a voice that told me he was going to be in command (which almost made me wet my pants right then and there) Put it over there. Well be there in a couple of minutes. He didnt have to tell me twice. I parked it and threw on the brakes and started the process of closing the curtains again.

I had enough adrenaline flowing with excitement that my hands were shaking. I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard him pounding on my drivers-side door. I opened it as fast as my trembling hands would allow. He rocked his way up into the cab and barked at me to open the other door and let Fishlady in. I stretched across from my sleeper and grabbed the door handle. Fishlady sidled up into the passenger seat.

They both appeared to be in their late 30s. She was a medium build, a nice medium sized pair of breasts, reddish hair, and a very nice smile.

Wearing blue jeans and a maroon knit top that really matched her hair, she grinned at me and said I hope youre not disappointed, but i just got my period and cant really participate with you two.

I frowned in a playful way and told her I was a little, but I was thinking the whole time about what I could do with this big bear of a driver sitting in my seat. I could smell him, he was musky, deep, and rich. He hadnt had a chance to shower that day, to my pleasure.

My whole body was alert, straining, anticipating what was happening. My dick was hardening just looking at him. She started to tell me that he had confessed to her that he was bi and loved to get it on with other men. He smiled and said that he had always told his first wife that he was going on a weekend fishing trip in order to get away for man to man sex. He didnt want to have to do that with his new wife and co-driver. She just nodded and grinned as he told me this. I want to see you with another man for myself, I think it will be hot, she said.

Almost immediately he barked, Strip!

You dont have to tell me twice. I stood up in front of my bunk, tore off my T and shorts with as much speed as I could manage.

He twisted his way out of the drivers seat and stood between my legs as he took off his shirt. It wasnt easy for him, as tall as he was, he couldnt stand erect in the sleeper. His barrell chest covered with thick, coarse hair. He picked up his right foot and set it on the bunk right between my legs. I knew what he wanted without his asking. Pull off his black utility boot. Size 13 printed on the bottom. Did this mean what I thought it meant. Could it be? I tore off his sock and then the other boot and sock as well.

As I dropped the last sock, I noticed that it was darker in the sleeper than when I had started. I looked up and all I could see was a heavy brass buckle with a 2 1/2 black belt holding up thick, worn blue jeans. What took my breath away was the size of the package! I could tell that his dick was already half hard, but extended down his left pant leg to his mid-thigh. It had to be three fingers wide already with plenty of room for growth. (My hands are shaking just remembering)

He grabbed me by the head with both hands and brought it to his crotch so I could smell his manhood. I reached up and popped his buckle loose, unbuttoned his 6 button fly. Just what i thought, a forest of thick pubic hair with no underwear to hide it from me. The aroma sent my head into a fog. Is this a dream? No! Its really happening! Snap out of it... I reached behind him and pulled down with both hands. It took some effort, but I was able to get his jeans down to his knees. As they passed the end of his manhood, it slapped me on the cheek. I couldnt believe the weight of it.

Fishman bent over and finished pulling his pants off. As he did I looked at Fishlady. She was flushed with excitement herself with one of her hands buried in her still-coverd crotch.

I laid back across my bunk as he turned and laid back next to me. My breath was ragged as he reached over and grabbed my hard-on with his massive paw. It alost engulfed my entire prick. He smiled to let me know that he liked the feeling of my shank in his hand. I let out a sigh and reached out with my left hand and tried to wrap my fingers around his pole. They didnt quite make it.. I swallowed hard. Can I handle this monster?

We stared stoking each other as our breathing started to get heavier and to my surprise, he rolled over and wrapped his mouth around the head of my joint. The strength this man bear had was incredible. His weight on mine. I was melting under him. He took all of me down his throat. He knew what he was doing alright. I was so close to an orgasm and he had just started. I put my hand on the back of his head, but he didnt need any prompting. He was pistoning from tip to root on my hard dick. My groans must have alerted him because he slowed down and let me slip from his lips. Not so fast, I want this to last a while. Now get down there and suck my dick.

He laid back across my bunk again, spread his legs, and indicated that he wanted me to kneel between them. As I moved off of the bunk Fishlady reached out and caressed my ass. I smiled at her and got down on my knees. He wasnt completely hard after spending time on me, but it didnt take long for him to become completely engorged again. Now I have sucked many a cock in my day, I love to take them deep down my throat. I have a special trick I like to do. While I have it down to the root, I swallow. The movement of the muscles in my throat drives men wild. There was one problem though, I didnt think I could even fit this massive dong into my throat.

Fishman was having none of that. As soon as I wrapped my lips around the head of his prick, he took control. With his hands on the back of my head, he began to force more and more of his pole into my mouth. I tried as hard as I could to relax and settle in to his rythym but that cock was just sooo big!! I got up from my knees and put my hands on either side of him so that I had a better angle. I dont know what I did, but somehow I felt the head slip past my mouth and into my throat. He slowed down and let me adjust to my new environment, his fuck toy. After a few seconds he began to put pressure on the back of my head. I gave in and as my eyes began to water, I took as much of him as I could. He had to be 11x4. I gagged with about 2 left to go. I couldnt handle any more. He held it there for a few seconds, allowing me time to adjust again. I whimpered with pleasure, as he kept me there, to let him know that I was okay. Okay? I was in heaven!

He let me up and allowed his cockhead to reach my lips. I did my best to catch my breath before I felt him force me back down again. It was easier going this time but by no means was it going to be like all the others I have had. For the the next five minutes I was doing all I could to catch a breath between having his pole lodged in my throat and my lips. My own dick was dripping precum so heavy that Fishlady reached over and swiped some for herself.

I cant describe, well enough, where my mind was. I had dreamed of something like this for years, but now it was really happening.

He finally pulled my head off of his raging hard-on and told me to rest for a minute, because I am going to have me some of THAT!, pointing at my ass. YES! I thought. A true man fucking like I have never had.

After catching my breath, he asked me if I had any lube in my sleeper. I reached for the elbow grease and handed it to him. He opened it and got a finger full then told me On your stomach for the fucking of your life. I turned over faster than a pig on a spit and spread my cheeks. He was rough with it. No waiting, He jammed two fingers up my ass. I relaxed my sphincter as he shoved his sausage thick fingers in and out of my asshole, every time scraping across my prostate, making me leak even more. When he felt I had loosened up enough he added a third finger. I was rocking my butt to match his moves. The pain, the pain had left, the pleasure had arrived. I wanted that monster cock, I needed that monster cock.

I had buried my head in my pillow as I felt his big man weight shift behind me. He kept those three fingers impaling me as he pulled my hips up with his free hand. I was at his mercy and thats just how I wanted it. He placed the head of his 11s below his fingers, lining it up for a quick insertion. He pulled his fingers away and placed that wide head against my hole. He leaned forward with his weight, the pressure was unbearable. With a slight nudge forward, he planted the head of his cock in my ass...UUmmmmph!!!!! I had never been so stretched! Pain like fire!!! Burning!!!! My breath was gone. My mind was exploding. Could I really take this?

Fishman waited for a moment, he could see the intensity of the moment that I was going through. He waited almost long enough. His own sense of urgency was taking over. He wrapped his hand around my hips and brought his entire weight down on me as he pulled me back to him. I could feel his meat impale me as he forced it inside. I had never been so full, I had never been so delirious. I was stretched to the breaking point an I finally gave in to the overwhelming sensations that rocked my body. This is what i had always wanted. This is what I had always dreamed of.

As he reached bottom, I could feel his pubic hair against my butt and his rock hard balls against my thighs. He groaned and stayed there keeping me captive to his wanton will. He slapped my ass and asked Well, what do you want? I could barely get it out, Fuck me, fuck me, fuckk mmee...

He pulled himself out of me. I felt a rush of air fill my anus. He chuckled and drove himself back into me, no waiting this time. He took me in one motion, all the way to his root. I closed my eyes and thrust back as he came forward. He started a rythym, pulling himself about halfway out and stroking himself back in again. He pounded me time after time after time, taking rest every few minutes. Slow stroking, rocking, catching his wind, only to start with his pounding again. Im yours now.... Take me.... unh...unh...unh...... These were my thoughts. I could only make the noises a man being man-fucked can make.

He went on this way for twenty minutes. I could feel his sweat mingle with mine. I thrust back to him with each thrust he came at me. I was able to finally gather up the strength to begin to pressure him as he pulled back. Slowly at first. He began to groan as he withdrew. I knew I was having an effect on him. Relax and let him in. Try to keep him in as he pulls out. Again, again, again. Thats it! I was going to force him to unload in my ass. Thats what I wanted. Thats what I dreamed of.

He began to lift me off of the bunk by the hips. I knew he was close. He finally pulled me to him and held on. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHH.

I could feel his pole as it pulsated against my insides. He slipped back for a split second and drove into me again. His juices were filling my belly. I was given over. I was where I had always wanted to be. Being filled, dominated, consumed by my dream bear man.

We collapsed into my bunk, he rolled off of me. I felt him as my body released him. I was empty , but satiated. I turned and placed my head in his lap. As I knew I should, I began to clean him with my tongue, tasting the bitter saltiness of our combined juices. I turned back to him. He took my head in his hand and kissed me. A rough kiss. A kiss that made me know that we had finished.

I lay there in my sweat and juices, eyes closed. I heard her voice, I didnt know, I didnt have any idea.

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