One of the main problem of surfers lack of funding for beginners to become professional athletes a surfer has to train for at least 8 years, spending more than €3.000 annually. 

Project Description:

LipChain is a decentralized ecosystem providing surfers with sponsors, unofficial competitions and year-round training habitat. 60m+ worldwide surfers will be able to earn tokens by simply practicing their favorite sport, can become champions faster and contribute to cleaner oceans in the process.

What is LipChain

1)Developed the LipChain App for surfers and sailors to post their videos and photo.

2)The broader community votes for the best surfer and may choose champions each month, Athletes earn tokens for their content from sponsors. 

3) LIPS token holders have access to discounted surfing products and services. 

4)Construction of wave pools for year-round training in 2-3 years, closely followed by a dedicated LipChain resort


The name of the token is LIPS.Total tokens: 1,000,000,000. Tokens for sale: 210M. HardCap is $20M. SoftCap is $3M. Bonus Tokens: 125,000,000. Bounty Tokens: 10,000,000.


Partners of LipChain are Value Coders, OneSails Portugal, Priority Token, Surfirng, Sail Fix. Whitepaper is available for download in English. As of October 08, 2018 in telegram-67504 followers, facebook-2416, twitter - 1429, linked in- 29, medium, bitcointalk, gitlab and reddit. There is a YouTube channel called LIPCHAIN (23 subscribers).


In 2016 was dissemination of the concept with several national surfers.Encrypted currency development. In 2018 was launch of LIPCHAIN in the market through ICO, started the sponsoring of sailing activities, developed the sponsorship for regatta and sailing team both adult & junior and launched of the APP Captivation of all outsiders. In 2018 -2019 will be communication, adverting and promotion of LIPCHAIN and end the ICO.


The team consists of 13 people, which of them 1 co-founder, 3 blockchain developers and 3 professional sportmens.

CORE TEAM. PEDRO MARVÃO is C.E.O and co-founder. Marketing Director and Legal Advisor of Quevídeo, CRL. Co-Founder & Senior Partner in a law firm in Lisbon, Portugal. Member of the Board of Directors and shareholder of a Portuguese Commercial Law Society “Ideias Agrupadas S.A.”, from 2012 to the present date. Legal Advisor & Partner of a German company “Angogerman Group Consulting” based in Frankfurt from January 2017 until today.Expert in Africa Business Strategy Development (year of 2017).

JOÃO SCHALLER is C.F.O. He is diretor Financeiro in Globespan - Industria de Cartão, SA. 

VICTOR COSTA is chief project engineer of LipChain and Chief Executive Officer at Sharpminds.

ANTÓNIO RODRIGUES is project manager. He is worked in ERA, Millennium bcp and Tansformational Learning Point. 

JOÃO MONTEIRO is founder and CEO Foreign Exchange Specialist and trader, business consultant. Experienced with setting up financial institutions within Europe and Latin America, as well as coordinating with regulatory bodies such as Cysec, FCA UK, Banco Central de Uruguay, etc. Speaker in Seminars and Financial Events. Writer of some finance articles in Nasdaq, Dow Jones, MarketWatch, WashingtonPost, The Guardian, The Sun, etc. 

FREDERICO FERREIRA is C.T.O. Lipwave pool. He is Technical Director National Skimboard Championship and Technical Director of Surfing Clube de Portugal.

ÉRIC REBIÈRE is manager Top Surfer and World Surf Tour. He is professional surfer PWC extreme water pilot. Surf teacher and coach Owner of Prado surf/ Eric Rebiere surf academy Sabon beach Arteixo and Bastiagueiro beach , Oleiros. Both At Coruña, Galicia.

BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPERS. PARVESH AGGARWAL is blockchain expert. He is entrepreneur, business solution analyst and IT Expert. Specialties: IT Consulting, Blockchain & IoT, eCommerce & Mobile, Product Conceptualisation, Development & Management, Software Engineering, Strategic Planning and Process Optimisation, Business Analysis.

PANKAJ KUMAR is Smart Contracts, DAPPS. He is BlockChain Developer at ValueCoders. Blockchain Developer & Researcher with experience in Smart Contracts, Dapps and Hyperleder, ICO, ERC-20 Token.

ATUL KUMAR SRIVASTAV is blockchain consultant. He help IT and non-IT Companies to increase their revenue by Web and Mobile App Development.

PROFESSIONAL SPORTSMENS. PEDRO DAS NEVES is sailor and water sport enthusiast. MANUEL TAVARES is finance and sailing. JOÃO FERREIRA is national portugal young athletes head coach.






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