Linkvertise makes it possible for us to continue to get access to new content daily, but we also understand that it can be a bit confusing for some. Here is a guide on how to use Linkvertise to get access to all of our daily leaked OnlyFans packs!

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Step 1: Click “Free Access with Ads”!

Step 1: Click "Free Access with Ads!".

Step 2: Do the Tasks it asks of you!

Do the tasks that the site asks of you. This can be either “Discover Interestin Articles, Install browser extension, or Download an App”. For each of the tasks, you can do the following:

Step 3 (A) Discover Interesting Articles

Step 3 (A) Discover Interesting Articles. For this step you don’t have to actually do anything. Simply wait 10 seconds and a “X” button will appear in the top right corner, simply click on it and this step is complete.

Step 3 (B) Activate Browser Notifications

If the site asks you to activate broswer notifications, you can do this be clickon on the lock symbol on the URL bar at the top of your screen, and changing it so that it says “Allow” under “Notifications”, as seen in the image above.



Go to Settings -> Site Settings -> Notifications (Under the “Permissions” Category. Find the website that has the word “” in it, and click on the three dots as shown in the image below


It may ask you to install a browser extension, if it does simply add it to your browser and remove it once you have reached the file. If you want to avoid this step, use a browser other than chrome!


It may ask you to download an app. You don’t normally have to follow through with the full download, simply click “Download” and it will bring you to the play store to download, but don’t download the app/game and simply go back to the previous page you were on, wait 60 seconds (refresh page) and it should allow you access. If this method doesn’t work, it is usually faster to download the app/game (is very small file) and uninstall once you have reached the OnlyFans pack you were trying to access. This method is quicker then fucking around trying to not download the app.😊

Step 4: You Should Now Have Access to the OnlyFans Pack!

You should now be on the text based page that contains the link to the Onlyfans pack. Simply click on the link that has in it and it will take you to the full OnlyFans pack of the creator you were interested in.


The PC Downloader is the easiest and fastest method to get to the OnlyFans Pack we provide. Simply download the Linkvertise downloader (don’t worry it is safe, Linkvertise is a legit site based in Germany, not a scam) and follow the prompts as such:

  1. Download the lightweight program (couple of Megabytes)
  2. Install Downloader
  3. Make sure to hit “Decline” on any of the offers it gives you otherwise it will install programs you are not needing.
  4. It will download a Text file to your computer. This text file will appear in your downloads folder (wherever your downloads go)
  5. Inside that text document you will find to the MEGA.NZ folder full of the OnlyFans content you were after.
  6. DONE!

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