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Крис Аоста

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Крис Аоста

Kris was kind enough to sit down with Ryan Kingslien to share his techniques and the process he used to create his amazing entry. It was totally unexpected, of course, because I already got the big prize on the Machine Flesh Challenge. I thought I had a chance to be among the top 10 but in no way to be the first. I think this was my last participation in challenges like this. Instead of paying for CG classes people can learn from each other for free and this is what these challenges are all about. Prizes are always welcome but are nothing more than an incentive. So, I think this is what is stopping me :. So, next time I hope I can be on the other side, judging works and helping to run the challenge instead of just participating. I work as a 3D animator and CG artist, doing pretty much everything: modeling, texturing, facial rigging, animating and I hope I can learn compositing too. I have this here at CafeFX. Some great challenges for future projects and I like this! So, I was not working in the studio during this period. You created most of the characters from ZSpheres? The mutant Kangaroo, the girl and the hot-dog seller were created entirely from ZSpheres. Also, great part of the vegetation and props were created from ZSpheres, converted to meshes, edited and placed in the layers. What do you see as the advantage of using ZSpheres over box modeling in other applications? I can create the models quickly using ZSpheres and start to add details, textures and posing in the same environment. Several pieces. This way, at any time, I can, for example, decide to change one of the heads. I can easily clean the layer where that head is located, draw another one in the same layer, modify it and re-apply it to the same marker without messing with other elements of the composition. I created several different files that were composed in Photoshop at the end. I have the Kangaroo, the girl and all the props related to these characters in one file, all separated in layers about 12 layers. In another file I have the hot-dog seller, the ground, part of the plants and all the props at the floor, all separated in layers for easy adjustments also. In other files I have things like trees, more plants for the foreground, grass and extension of the ground, separated into layers, as always. I start by creating a sketch that shows the main compositing lines and use it as background image applied in a plane in a different layer, with the same proportion of the final image I want to create. I create my models one by one and drop it in different layers, moving and adjusting their position in the space. I repeat the same steps to create everything, storing all the new objects in different layers, sometimes lots of similar objects in the same layer, sometimes only one object per layer. When I have the comp more or less organized, I just change the resolution to the full res I want and start cleaning layer by layer and re-drawing every single object again over the marker pre-defined, having a final comp with objects at full res also. You have done a lot of work with materials and texturing in ZBrush. ZBrush has a powerful set of materials that can be modified and re-combined to create more complex materials. It is much easier than in other apps and very helpful to pre-visualize complex materials, rendered directly and quickly in ZBrush. You can check www. The plants in your image are extraordinary. In fact, everything in the image is amazingly real. Can you share some of your steps to create that level or realism on such a large scale? The key was to create different comps for the trees and plants at high resolution and use Photoshop to put all of it together at the end. To create the plants I used ZSpheres for some and low-poly models made in other 3D application and modified in ZBrush for others. All the textures were hand-painted and the plants had the center pivot changed to the bottom of the stem, making easier to draw a lot of copies of the same object using just rotation and scale to add some random look to the plants. I created about 6 different plants and these plants were used to create the trees. For the the trees, I created the trunk using ZSpheres three different trunks using the same technique. For the leaves I create a basic object in a different ZBrush layer and created other layer over this one where I positioned the plants, one by one, until to get the right shape for the leaves. Then I just hid the bottom layer with the basic object to define the shape of the leaves and rendered only the top layer, showing just the leaves. Kris, congratulations on such great work and on winning a second CG Challenge! Well, my wife is coming to visit me next week and December was the last time we saw each other. So, now I will rest a little from the competitions, travel a little and have some fun together for the days she will be here :. All cool stuff, this is for sure ;. Thanks a lot to Pixologic for the constant support and friendship, not only for me but also for a lot of talented artists that are growing together with ZBrush. Related Links: www. Well, so you have won again! Is there any stopping you? How are things going with your current job? Where are you working now? Things are going great! How many hours do you think you put into this? Are your models all one piece or made of several separate pieces? Can you go over some of the steps you do to composite your images in ZBrush? What tools do you use most frequently when modeling? All cool stuff, this is for sure ; Thanks a lot to Pixologic for the constant support and friendship, not only for me but also for a lot of talented artists that are growing together with ZBrush. Various patents pending. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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LaRue Chris Costa Edition. Личность весьма известная в оружейных кругах США. В настоящее время он работает ведущим инструктором фирмы Magpul Dynamics. А начинал свою карьеру в береговой охране США, где прослужил 12 лет. При этом Коста не штаны в кабинете протирал, а участвовал в спецоперациях в Европе, на Ближнем Востоке и в Южной Америке. Затем он ушел в частный сектор, а именно в компанию Applied Marine Technologies Inc. Крис Коста — профессионал с большой буквы. Любое оружие он, прежде всего, примеряет на себя, находит в нем недостатки и устраняет их. Он долго искал надежный автомат калибра 5. Не очень понял, в чем кайф этого девайса по сравнению с обычной АР-кой. Вряд ли только за регулируемый газблок и другой триггер такие деньги ломят. А нового ничего придумать не могут, основа одна-м Навесить на м4а1 приблуд, поменять цевьё, пламегас и будет цяця! Пишуть, що вона perfectly balanced. Тож думаю, не bull barrel точно :. Свои руки к этому красавцу приложил никто иной, как Крис Коста. И вот, что у него получилось: Калибр: 5. Комментариев 5. Панас Маслийнык. Разобрался вроде. Вся соль в шурфаеро-магпуловском обвесе, больше ничего такого.

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