Know About Mustache Soul Patch And Chin Beard Combo!

Know About Mustache Soul Patch And Chin Beard Combo!


Probably the coolest of all the laziest beard styles to maintain it the soul patch beard style. Because it’s nothing but a strip from the bottom lip to the chin. These days, the soul patch beard style is frequently balancing with sideburns, goatees, mustache soul patch, and chin beard straps. 

The slight area can be thin or wide, triangular, or square, shaped in a different way each month or permissible to actually grow out as well as become the principal point of your face. You can also combine mustache soul patch and chin beard

Who Can Wear Soul Patch And Chin Beard Combination?

While an inconspicuous style of facial hair, the soul patch has been associated with various countercultural developments through the twentieth century. During the 1950s, it was the maverick. 

A few radicals wore them during the 1960s, however, they all the more frequently wore full whiskers. In late decades, soul patches are frequently associated with the 1990s, where well-known artists and famous people wore them (and other facial hairdos) as a reaction to the corporate conservatism of the 1980s. 

Some tongue in cheek alludes to the soul patch as the flavor saver, given the manner in which nourishment can get trapped in the facial hair. While this style of facial hair is broadly alluded to as a soul patch, the term is regularly used to criticize individuals who wear them.

How to Maintain Mustache Soul Patch And Chin Beard?

Previously there was a time when a soul patch beard style used to be a slight patch of facial hair underneath the lower lip. But now you can grow your soul patch as more of an upright strip in case you are trying to have something different from the usual. 

This will add some visual interest to your face as well as is a great way to maintain a look, particularly in case you combine mustache soul patch and chin beard altogether. However, when you combine your soul patch with mustache and chin beard then you will have to maintain it properly to keep your cool appearance. 


  • Clean and oil your beard daily
  • Keep the mustache soul patch and chin bears clean by trimming them more often
  • Comb your beard on a daily basis
  • Trim your beard at least once a week to maintain your mustache soul patch and chin beard. And in case you have great hair growth then trim your beard more often.