Keys to Transcreation Success

Keys to Transcreation Success

When tailoring a content to reach the global audience, sometimes the translation is not sufficient. Language is filled with nuances, idioms and understood meanings which direct translations may not pick up. Thus, Transcreation or hiring a marketing translation service can be the best option for customizing your content to reach the target audience.

Transcreation is developing or adapting a message for a targeted audience rather than just merely translating the existing materials. It enhances your local brand while tailoring it to a specific local market. The service focuses on fluid readability rather than an accurate word-to-word translation. Here are the points to consider while choosing a marketing translation service:

Transcreation Should Be In Native Language Only

All of us know that communicating in a second language never have the same natural flow as communicating in our native language. Being bilingual is not enough. Thus to maximize success, transcreation should be performed in the native language, i.e. by people who were born in and think in the target language.

The Provider Must Be a Content Expert

It is very tough for a language service provider to adapt content which they do not comprehend. Transcreation provider must be an expert in the information which is being localized. It doesn’t matter how well the language service provider knows the target language; if they don’t understand the content, the transcreation won’t be a success.

The Provider Must Have Extensive Copywriting Expertise

Good transcreation comes with good writing. Look for an experienced communicator to craft your message in the target language. To protect your brand, choose a transcreation provider who uses only professionals with extensive marketing and writing expertise. You need a professional who can understand your global campaign while tailoring your message to connect with local customers.

The Provider Must Have Good Knowledge and Understanding of The Target Market

Apart from language, culture, content expertise and writing skills, a good transcreation should be able to speak to the heart of the target audience. A good transcreation service provider researches and understands the target audience and know the best way to reach them. With their knowledge and expertise, they can avoid embarrassing mistakes and enhance your message efficiently. A professional who understands the target market also know the local advertising regulations, media, and commercial codes.

Hence, a marketing translation service helps you take your global brand and modify your message to create intimate experiences and relationships with your target audience.