Key features of jammers

Key features of jammers


Each of us can at any time be faced with illegal video filming. This is a direct violation of human boundaries and rights. Therefore, today we will figure out how to avoid this.

 In order to be sure that no one is watching you, it is best to purchase a camera jammer device. This is a reliable device that jams video cameras nearby.

 Jammer devices are electromagnetic wave generators capable of jamming GSM, radio and GPS frequencies by propagating a strong and constant pulse. This makes communication systems unusable as they can no longer transmit or receive signals, for this reason they are also called alarm jammers and are used by thieves to steal homes and commit carjacking. Their origin is associated with the US military, which during the Middle East conflicts used them to prevent the detonation of explosive devices.

​​​​​​  The use of these devices by citizens is where it may be illegal, in fact they can be used to disrupt the GSM communication frequencies of the dialers contained in the alarm centers.  In this way, thieves can compromise the operation of alarm systems by preventing the control units from sending calls and messages warning of infringement of property rights.  In Italy, for example, jammers can only be sold to law enforcement and the military, but they are increasingly being used for theft or kidnapping. In other countries, more simplified rules for the purchase of such devices. Much depends on where you live.

  How does a jammer work

  A jammer is a device capable of emitting radio waves by synchronizing the frequencies emitted by the device based on the signals to be blocked, effectively interrupting communication with another system. An alarm frequency suppressor is characterized by some technical aspects, the distance it can operate, reaching the device to be compromised, the type of frequencies, and the use of the product itself. Some models are very small, about the size of the palm of your hand, while others may be bulkier and require special support.

  Once activated, this tool begins to fill the area it is in with "white noise" with a range of 180 degrees. The distance traveled varies depending on the power measured in watts: the higher it is, the greater the coverage radius of the device, but it also depends on the type of antennas used, which can be omnidirectional or straight. In the same way, the suppressor also affects the place of application, i.e. the closer the alarm suppressor is to the operator's cell, the more power must be used to cover the environment.

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