Kernel-Trade functions

Kernel-Trade functions

Kernel-Trade is a platform that aims to activate agricultural assets and assets of non-public SMEs. We want to help agricultural companies and SMEs use the advantages of such systems in fast and profitable financing. Using Kernel-Trade, agricultural companies and SMEs can raise capital that can be used for future development. The main functions of the Kernel-Trade platform are listed below:

1. Development of smart contracts that allow tokens to be placed on a platform with optimal logic for each type of OAT, including all the necessary functionality written in the smart contract in the form of a legal agreement.

2. Software development which creates a convenient way to obtain all the necessary information for decision-making of each party, including an owner of the asset, investor and traders.

3. Defining rules for the legal structures of each OAT:

These rules are designed to protect the interests of investors, traders and minimize any legal risks, ensuring the mandatory completing of any decisions made by holders of tokens.

4. Setting up rules for technical inspection of assets before and after any tokenization to ensure that agricultural companies and SMEs remain transparent and honest.

5. Monitoring the dynamics of tokens, identifying and preventing negative events, as well as illegal actions against tokens holders.

6. Support and help in solving problems and conflicts, including the creation of an arbitration court, which will resolve conflicts in the case of the request and consent of both parties.

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