Kelly's Awakening - Part 2

Kelly's Awakening - Part 2


Kellys Awakening – Part Two

A quick recap, but I really recommend reading the first story as it may seem confusing....In the first story we I told you about Kelly and Jennifer, they split up after Jennifer purposely hurt her by fucking her brother, breaking her heart....Now, flashback to the first time they met eachother at Kellys front door. Im in the process of telling you how Kelly and Jennifer behaved as a couple and, eventually, Ill tell you why Jennifer was so mean....enjoy the second part.

[This story directly continues from the first, picking up from about seven months before the split up, shortly after Kelly and Jennifer became lovers,]

In a very short time Kelly had realized exactly what Jennifer was like; she was highly sexual and very possessive. She took Kelly to meet her two sisters once, Amy and Bianca, and shed asked her new girlfriend what she thought of them. Kelly had said they seemed nice and they were cute, that turned out to be the wrong answer and Jennifer became certain that Kelly desired her sisters! Bianca was only 18 and Amy was 19, the thought had never (well…maybe a couple of times) occurred to her. It had taken a long time to convince her and, unsurprisingly, Kelly wasnt taken to see the sisters anymore. It was a shame because Kelly got on really well with them and it wouldve been nice to have a couple of new friends. But Jennifer said no and, Kelly learned, what Jennifer decided was final.

Kelly also discovered that Jennifer was quite the exhibitionist; she always wore tight fitting clothes and had her legs on display. Sometimes that wasnt enough and once, about 3 months into their relationship, she lured Kelly to a restaurant, Jennifer told her to dress sexy and, as usual, Kelly obeyed. She had worn a tight top with a bra that shoved her breasts up, and a flimsy white skirt that came to her knees. She thought she looked sexy enough but Jennifer wasnt impressed.

Jennifer herself was wearing a tight blue top with no bra, her breasts were barely contained and threatened to pop out at any moment. Her midriff was bare from just below her breasts to the top or her skirt that hung low on her hips. Her mini skirt was so short; the hemline was around her thighs, barely covering her rear! Kelly wondered how shed managed to get here without being molested, but then she noticed the long overcoat hanging over the back of her chair, the kind that goes right down to your feet, obviously shed worn it to the meeting place. At least she had some sense!

Jennifer had stood up to greet her but she was clearly disappointed, she slumped down in her chair and crossed her legs, showing off her long legs, when she sat down her skirt rode up further so she was almost sat on her bare behind! All the men had noticed her, and she loved the attention.

Oh my god, Jennifer what are you wearing?! Kelly was gob smacked by her lovers behaviour.

Well at least I made an effort, she replied sarcastically. Kelly was astonished.

I did try, I know you said to dress sexy, but I didnt realize you meant it like…like that, said Kelly, glaring at the hemline of Jennifers micro skirt. As she sat down, her foot nudged a bag under the table, I thought I looked nice.

You do look nice, but I wanted to have some fun with you today, I actually guessed this might happen so I bought you some clothes on my way here, she gestured towards the bag at Kellys feet.

Oh…right, what kind? Kelly asked, suddenly very nervous.

My kind, Jennifer said with a wink. Go to the bathroom and get changed.

But…but all these people will see, Kelly stammered.

They wont see you when you sit here, were right at the back and the tablecloth will cover you, Jennifer knew shed get what she wanted and her playful grin never left her lips. Go to the bathroom with the bag and get changed, but, you can only wear whats in the bag.

Im really not sure, Kelly said, her shyness coming back to haunt her.

Look, I thought you loved me, you said youd do anything for me, so why cant you do this? Jennifer looked hurt but, even though Kelly knew it was fake emotion, she didnt want to lose her first real girlfriend. So Kelly stood up and picked up the bag, dreading what might, or might not, be in there.

Remember, only wear whats in the bag, put your clothes in the bag when youre done, Jennifer instructed, her hurt feelings seemed to be miraculously subsiding. Kelly nodded and walked to the bathroom, she briefly looked back to see Jennifer smiling at her as she went.

Kelly entered one of the small cubicles to get changed, her hands shook as she removed her top and bra, then she pushed the skirt down to her ankles leaving her wearing only her panties. She opened the bag and saw two pieces of material; they were purple with specks of glitter on them. Kelly pulled the ‘clothing out to examine it closer. The top was little more than a bikini top; it wrapped around her breasts and fastened at the back with a loop at the top which went around her neck. It took a while to arrange it so her breasts didnt fall out, it didnt offer much cleavage at the top but the hem line of it stopped right below her breasts, she had to be careful because it was clearly too small for her and if she tossed her head back the loop around her neck would pull the loose fabric up and her breasts could easily pop out of the bottom. She finally got it to a point where the bottoms of her breasts were just out of sight, the strap that went around the back held it fairly steady.

Next, Kelly pulled out the glittering skirt, she couldnt bring herself to remove her panties, she hoped that maybe Jennifer wouldnt notice, and then she pulled the skirt up her smooth legs, over her shins, calves, knees, mid-thigh and upper thigh. It was just as short as Jennifers skirt and just barely covered her rear. She had to pull it down so it sat low on her hips, just above the crack of her arse, in order to cover herself. Kelly was in no doubt that she looked like a slut, no question about it, she wanted to put her own clothes on but she knew how disappointed her girlfriend would be.

Kelly and Jennifer had only been seeing each other for about three months and she didnt want to lose whatever it was they had, even if it meant dressing up for her. So, she took a deep breath, which was a mistake because that made her right tit fall out of the top! She tried to tell herself to stop being so childish, after all she was a grown up, why shouldnt she wear sexy clothes and have a bit of fun? That mini surge of confidence evaporated when she opened the cubicle door and saw herself in the long mirror. Kelly didnt dare look at herself for long though, or she wouldve backed out, instead she just opened the bathroom door and strode out into the restaurant, when she looked towards their table she could see Jennifer smiling wider than Kelly had ever seen!

As Kelly walked towards their table at back she noticed some men would look at her then look away quickly, but it wasnt just men with girlfriends that looked away sharply, men on their own would refuse to look a second time. Of course, the problem was that Kelly looked still looked pretty young and, she figured, if they thought she was underage or something they would do their best to avoid looking, probably in case she screamed or something like some girls do. Of course, the more likely reason was that no one wanted to be caught staring by anybody else and be branded as a pervert!

Kelly arrived at the table and put the bag of clothes on the floor again. She sat down trying to stop the mini skirt riding up but it was a useless battle, she felt the cushion on the lower part of her buttocks and crossed her legs, now it was her turn to show off, whether she wanted to or not!

As she attempted to get comfy without showing off too much a waiter approached them, he offered them a menu while clearly leering at both women, Jennifer was loving the attention she was getting, even if it was from a man, Kelly just felt embarrassed and dearly wanted to get out of this place.

Jennifer, can we go? Please, Kelly asked, mildly panicking.

I thought you might enjoy it, youre always saying youre not confident in your body, but just look around. Every man, and probably most of the women here are just dying to fuck you, she said with a wicked grin, as if this was something shed done for her girlfriend and not herself. I dressed this way so you wouldnt feel like youre on your own when we go back home.

You want me to wear this outside!? Kelly stammered. Well be attacked!

Dont be silly, the bus stop is a 5 minute walk away and it stops at the end of my road, I want you to realize how beautiful you are and the best way to prove it is for you to see how people react around you. She did her best to sound sincere. So how about it? A quick drink here, well be able to see the bus pull in from this window, when it does well just get straight on.

Cant I at least put my skirt back on? She asked, hoping to compromise.

Is it in the bag? Jennifer asked, reaching for it under the table.

Yeah, there was nowhere else to put it, why? Kelly asked. Jennifer retrieved the bag and looked inside, then Kelly heard a sound that made her heart sink, Jennifer was ripping something in the bag.

Oh Jennifer no, please dont, Kelly whined.

Listen Kelly, Ill take good care of you, I swear! Just trust me; Im trying to help you. I love you, let me do this for you baby, Jennifer was almost crying. Maybe, Kelly thought, just maybe she was genuinely trying to help and suddenly felt incredibly guilty.

Im sorry, I didnt realize, Kelly said softly although she wasnt actually sure why she was apologising, a feeling shed gotten used to over the last few months.

When Jennifer wanted something from her, shed take it, the more it happened, the more Kelly felt like some kind of sex toy. An object to be used by this woman, but Kelly loved her; she had been her first…her only lover. Jennifer had introduced her to so many new things. When she thought about these things later she realized that, once again, the new experiences had mainly been for Jennifers benefit, not hers. Jennifer had been the one to break her hymen too, shed worn a strap on dildo and gently fucked her and, while squeezing her hand to brace for the pain, she pushed through the little barrier. Kelly had cried out as it bled but, at last, shed got it over with.

At the time Kelly thought Jennifer had done something very kind for her, but as time went by it became more obvious that she wanted to use dildos and vibrators on her pussy. Despite all these things, that may have sent a stronger person leaving the relationship, she stayed. Her loyalty was shaken at times but Jennifer would always win her over again.

Kelly budged up on her seat so she sat right next to Jennifer; she stroked her long hair while the older woman ‘gathered herself. Soon though, after another miraculous emotional recovery, the two women started talking to each other and for a little while Kelly forgot about her appearance. That, however, worked against her because when she reached up to stroke her lovers hair one her breasts began to poke out beneath the tiny top she wore.

Jennifer giggled and pulled her top down to cover it, when Kelly realized what had happened she tried to see the funny side and forced a giggle.

See, its not so bad, were just two gorgeous women having a laugh, dressing up and giggling, its what girls are meant to do, Jennifer said. When she smiled Kelly couldnt resist smiling back.

Ok, said Kelly. I wish you hadnt ripped my skirt though.

Im sorry sweetheart, really I am, I wasnt thinking straight. Forgive me? Jennifers apology seemed genuine.

Yeah, but you owe me a pretty skirt, Kelly said playfully.

Deal, said Jennifer as she leant forward towards Kelly. She wanted a kiss, but Kelly shyly backed off, Jennifer looked so disappointed that, guilt ridden again, Kelly leant back towards her and their lips gently touched. While they were kissing, Kelly felt Jennifers hand running up her bare thigh. It made her jump and she quickly pulled her lips away from Jennifers so she could look around to see if anyone was watching.

Shhh its ok baby, Jennifer whispered with her lips right next to Kellys ear. She gently rubbed her soft thigh, No one can see what were doing, the table is in the way after all and…wait… are those panties? Jennifers hand had gone up Kellys skirt and felt the silky fabric that covered her pussy lips.

Umm, sorry, Kelly said sheepishly. I ran out of confidence. Jennifer wasnt upset, in fact she giggled a little.

Ah I see, well theyll have to come off, my panties are in a bin somewhere, and if I can do it Im sure you can, for me, to prove her point, Jennifer took hold of Kellys hand and guided it beneath her own little skirt. Kelly could feel the bare skin and soft lips of her girlfriends pussy on her fingertips, heightening her arousal as much as Jennifers.

Ok, Kelly didnt want to see Jennifer get emotional again, real or fake, so she started to stand up.

Where are you going? Jennifer asked.

To the bathroom, you want me to take them off right?

You can do it here, I told you; the table is in the way. They were sat behind a wooden table but the cloth didnt reach to the bottom so if anyone looked closely enough theyd get quite an eyeful!

Reluctantly, Kelly slowly uncrossed her legs and raised herself off the seat; she ran her hands up and underneath her skirt and hooked her thumbs around the waistband of her panties. She looked up before pulling them down and was mortified to see two men staring at her from the other side of the restaurant, there was no way that they could see much from there but, Kelly thought, theyd probably guess what she was doing.

Worse than the two ogling men though, was that a couple of tables away an old couple were sat with their meal, she could only see the back of the woman but on the chair opposite the man could see almost everything! She was about to sit back down and forget the whole thing but Jennifer, impatient as always, decided to ‘help her. Her hand ran right underneath the young womans skirt and yanked the panties down! When they slid down to her knees she quickly sat back down, after pulling them off her ankles she crossed her legs to hide her bare pussy from everyones invasive eyes.

Both of the girls were laughing, Kellys laughter was forced out but eventually she did see the funny side and joined in with her girlfriends giggles.

Well? Do you feel sexy yet? Jennifer asked.

I guess, I dont know, I feel…I feel so exposed! Ive never worn anything like this, not outdoors anyway, Kelly admitted. She felt like a slut, she looked like a prostitute and she was aware that if a group of men raped them people would say ‘well, going around in tiny skirts and no underwear, what do they expect?!

She was scared, the two men still stared at them and she was frightened to look at them too much, in case they took it as an invitation to come and speak to them. Jennifer, however, seemed totally oblivious to the potential dangers and was perfectly happy to be looked at; her attention was focused on Kelly for now though.

I going to be honest with you Kelly, last night I had a fantasy. We were in a public place like this and wearing these kinds of clothes and, well, I ate your pussy under the table. Jennifer said with no anxiety in her voice at all!

So this, all of this was about fulfilling a fantasy? You should have told me, I would have been prepared! Kelly wasnt surprised, she was just angry at being kept in the dark.

You wouldve said ‘no and, I really wanted to share my fantasy with you, said Jennifer.

So what happens now? Kelly asked.

Now, she said while casually stroking Kellys thigh, now Im going to make love to you. Her wicked grin came back to her soft lips. Despite her fear, Kelly couldnt deny that she was turned on! Her pussy was moistening as the air touched her bare lips. In that moment Kelly wanted it to happen; she uncrossed her legs and slightly parted her thighs, allowing easier access for Jennifers probing fingers.

Delighted by her girlfriends willingness, Jennifer moved even closer to Kelly and slid her hand further up the sweet blondes leg. With no silky barrier to halt her progress this time, her fingertips found their way up to Kellys moist centre. Jennifer didnt care if anyone saw her; she only cared about one thing: satisfaction.

Kelly leant back and closed her eyes, as she did she felt her top pull up; the curves of her breasts were visible beneath the thin and flimsy material. She didnt dare open her eyes in case there was an audience! She felt Jennifers lips close to hers and opened her mouth, and then she felt Jennifers soft tongue slide between her lips. The women kissed slowly; there was a soft passion as their lips met each other which sent shivers through Kellys body.

Jennifer ran her fingertips along her moist lips; it took a great effort for Kelly to resist vocalising her pleasure, she knew that they had to be quiet if they were to have any chance of remaining undetected. She gently moaned but it was muffled my Jennifers tender kiss. Jennifer pulled away from Kellys lips and ran her hands over her exposed midriff.

Kellys eyes were still closed, she allowed Jennifer to do whatever she wished, determined to enjoy the experience. Jennifer had taken her hand away from her aching pussy and now she felt soft hands on her stomach. Kelly almost cried out when she felt Jennifers lips on the exposed flesh of her breast. The bottom half of her breast was visible but, thankfully, her nipple was covered. Jennifer didnt expose her girlfriends tits; she just kissed the soft mounds until she saw the nipple poking through the fabric.

Kelly felt her nipples harden, the sensitive flesh rubbed against the thin material and, once again, she had to suppress her pleasure. Jennifer leant further down and kissed her stomach, her tongue danced around her navel.

Are you ready for this? Jennifer asked as she gently eased Kellys knees apart.

Mmmm I…I dont know…, Kelly felt like she was floating above the table, looking down on herself, she allowed Jennifer to open her legs further.

I want to lick your pussy baby, just like in my fantasy, please let me live my fantasy, Jennifer pleaded. Kelly finally opened her eyes and scanned the room, no one seemed to have noticed, the old guy had his head bowed which mad Kelly wonder if his wife, assuming the elderly woman was his wife, had found out what he was looking at over her shoulder and gave him a telling off!

Then she looked down at Jennifer and nodded, giving her permission to do whatever it was she wanted to. Kelly leant back again with her eyes closed, not daring to look around again in case the scene had changed. When she leant back her top slid up again but, this time, it rose over her nipples and exposed her breasts to anyone who cared to look. Kelly didnt notice until she felt Jennifers mouth close around her left breast.

Jennifer sucked on Kellys tit briefly but then pulled the material back over them; she had other things to do. She moved in front of Kelly and knelt on the floor between the girls knees. She put her hands on her thighs and pushed the little skirt up; Kelly lifted her rear off the seat so Jennifer could push it right up around her waist. Kelly wasnt too concerned about her pussy being exposed because Jennifers body would be blocking out the view.

Jennifer looked at the inviting and moist pussy in front of her, this 20 year old girl had ‘given herself to her, just like her dream last night. She was in a squatting position now instead kneeling, if made her own little skirt bunch up around her hips but she didnt care if anyone saw her naked arse. Jennifer was using one hand to stroke Kellys inner thigh, and she used her other hand to rub her own wet lips.

Kelly felt Jennifers warm breath on her bald pussy and braced herself; Jennifer parted her girlfriends beautiful and moist lips with her fingers and softly kissed the little pink clitoris that was proudly standing erect, again Kelly had to try to control herself and not do anything to draw attention, like screaming out loud. Meanwhile, Jennifers other hand was busy rubbing her own pussy, not wanting to waste time, she plunged two fingers inside herself, rhythmically entering her pussy. She felt like she was in heaven! Her tongue danced around Kellys clitoris, and then she eased a finger inside her hole, hoping the girl wouldnt cry out.

Kelly really wanted to scream now as Jennifers finger penetrated her body, she was going to have an orgasm in a restaurant! She fought to contain herself as she squirmed on the seat; her top had totally ridden up over her breasts and rather than pulling the fabric back down she brought her hands down and cupped and massaged them, her arousal grew as she closed in on her climax. Jennifer was close to breaking point too, she fiercely pounded her dripping wet pussy with her fingers, leaving little droplets on the posh carpet beneath the table. Today, in the restaurant, Jennifer was only interested in eating pussy. Then she added a second finger inside Kellys little cunt, fucking her as hard as she was fucking herself.

It was that second finger that pushed Kelly over the edge, her desperate attempts to lessen the size of her orgasm failed, and her body started to tingle and spasm. The wave of warm energy hadnt been this intense since the very first time theyd had sex. As Kelly was reaching her apex, Jennifer was also at the point of no return, her body needed release its energy, she needed something more, more than her pounding fingers, more than having her tongue inside a womans dripping pussy. As Kelly rode the huge orgasmic wave that pulsed out, Jennifer suddenly got off the floor and straddled Kellys left leg! She rubbed her pussy up and down, humping the young womans leg like a horny dog, and finally she leant over Kellys body and grabbed her right breast and covered the girls mouth with her own and, while passionately kissing, the had their mind numbing orgasms together.

Jennifers pussy released its fluids on to Kellys thigh, and, in turn, Kellys own wetness dripped from the seat. They both fought for breath and muffled each others cries with their mouths. Eventually both women settled down, as Jennifer removed herself from Kellys leg, the younger woman dreaded opening her eyes, who could be watching? Was the elderly couple there? Were the two men that eyed them up waiting for their turn?

She slowly opened her eyes and…nothing, the elderly couple had left and the men who were looking at them before were nowhere to be seen, scanning the room it seemed none of the patrons had noticed their antics. She caught sight of a group of men outside and her heart sank, five men, all between 20 and 30 were watching them through a window, she hadnt even noticed the window before! If shed seen it she would have insisted they go somewhere else! Kelly and Jennifer sorted their clothes out so they were no longer flashing their pussy and tits. They both looked out the window again and saw the men, they were clapping! The men had watched them all the way through and now they were applauding them. It was so unexpected that Kelly and Jennifer burst out laughing, Jennifer even waved at them!

A few moments later a man in a suit was walking towards them, and he didnt look happy at all.

Excuse me ladies, Im here to ask you to leave. Youve disturbed some of our guests with your…inappropriate behaviour.

They didnt argue, however Kelly did manage to convince Jennifer to call a taxi to take them home, the men outside were still there and she didnt feel like being molested! The manager allowed them to wait until the taxi arrived and then escorted them to the car. He was about 6 feet and 6 inches tall so the men who had waited for them outside were left disappointed. They each kissed each other goodnight in the taxi and went to their separate homes; Kelly had never actually spent a full night with Jennifer, in fact, Kelly had never even seen her bed, all their ‘encounters were either at Kelly and Ariels place or, like this time, outdoors.

After the first seven months of their relationship it was obvious to Kelly, and Ariel, that she had become something of a plaything, something to be toyed with or simply used for Jennifers sexual needs. Unfortunately, Kelly still loved her, she was still her first and only love and the thought of being without her was terrifying! Shed be alone again. It wasnt the sex that kept her from ending it, she was happiest when they just talked or watched a movie together, although that happened quite rarely by now. It was that she knew, without Jennifer, shed have no one to love her. Of course there was Ariel, but that was a different kind of love.

The so-called adventures that Kelly and Jennifer ‘shared over the remaining weeks of their relationship were always more about Jennifer than Kelly. It would always be Kelly who was knelt on the floor pleasuring Jennifer, and it became something of a novelty when Kelly did get some attention or gratification. Despite the treatment she was given, Kelly had become confident in herself and her body, she knew she was desirable to other people, especially men unfortunately, but she wasnt really interested in showing off or becoming a ‘prick tease. The only person she wanted to impress was Jennifer.

Maybe it was female intuition, or a premonition, either way Kelly began to have a strong feeling that their relationship was close to an end.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

[Present day]

After the phone call from Jennifer that day, 9 months after they got together, Kellys feelings were justified and, according to Jennifer, it was all Kellys fault!

The strange thing was that it was all coincidental. Kelly had been walking around town with Ariel a few days ago, hoping that getting her out the house might perk her up. It worked perfectly and, in the sunshine, they looked in different shops, tried things on that they couldnt afford, just the normal things that best friends do. Ariel had suggested going to get a coffee, there was a nice place on the second floor of the market hall that they used to visit a lot in the past, before Ariels emotional problems began just under a year ago, around the time she split up with her boyfriend.

On the way there theyd walked past a clothes shop as two girls came through the door onto the street, much to Kellys surprise, it was Bianca and Amy, Jennifers two younger sisters. Bianca would soon be 19 and Amys 21st birthday had been about a week ago. Kelly had wanted to say hello on her birthday but, as usual, Jennifer had said ‘no, afraid she might be more attracted to her sisters than she was to Jennifer herself! In the brief time they had all met each other, a couple of months into their relationship, Kelly had got the impression that Jennifer was as possessive with her sisters as she was with Kelly herself.

Jennifer seemed to see herself as more of a mother to the two younger girls than a sister. Their mother had died around 3 years ago and, even though the girls were old enough to understand and, after a long time, cope with the loss, Jennifer immediately jumped into the role as mother. The loss was, of course, hugely difficult to move on from, especially as there was no father, but with Jennifer and Amy being over 18, they were allowed to be responsible for 16 year old Bianca. It was 18 year old Amy who had taken the loss hardest, although their mother had given birth to all three of them; Amy had a different father from the others, the result of a one night stand. So with their mother gone, Amy felt like the odd one out, shed felt like this before but her mother, and Bianca, had tried very hard to make her feel part of the family. Bianca always referred to Amy as her sister, unlike Jennifer, who would introduce her as a half-sister.

About three weeks ago Jennifer had mentioned to Kelly that her sister, and half-sister, had finally decided to move away. Theyd found a small one bedroom rental apartment and moved in within a week of finding it. It seemed to Kelly, although she never mentioned it to Jennifer that they couldnt wait to get away from her! Kelly had no idea, and no way to ask the sisters, what their lives were actually like after their mother died and Jennifer took over.

It was plainly obvious to see how close the two sisters were as they walked arm in arm out of the shop, they looked like total opposites which was to be expected with different fathers. Although, Kelly thought, they probably shared a few traits. Amy was around 5 feet 7 inches tall and very slim, almost skinny, but she didnt look unhealthy or anorexic or anything. She had gorgeous dark red hair which reached down to just above the middle of her back; she was wearing a black pleated short skirt which showed off her long legs as it was quite warm that day, and a baggy grey t-shirt that had some kind of picture on it, like a skull with snakes crawling out of it.

Kelly would describe her as a rock chick; Jennifer had mentioned that Amy had been through a ‘phase of wearing black lacy clothes, a ‘gothic look according to her half-sister. The only times Jennifer ever mentioned her sisters, which was very rare, was to mock them.

Amy did had some dark eye shadow on but she looked much brighter than Jennifer described, her pale skin was a stark contrast to the dark skirt and grey t-shirt but, whatever her half-sister might think, she was beautiful and, with her red hair, dark clothes, blood red lips and dagger shaped earrings, she looked quite naughty!

Bianca, however, who had her arm looped through Amys arm, was so different you would never guess they were related. At around 5 feet and 2 inches, Bianca looked tiny in comparison to her Amy. Although she was smaller, Bianca looked shapelier; through the tight jeans she was wearing it was easy to see the shape of her legs, curves in all the right places. The gentle curves from her thighs and rear came together giving her a gorgeous figure. It was easy to see that Bianca and Jennifer were related, much like her big sister she had long blonde hair that easily reached her bottom, today it was in a long pony tail that dangled behind her.Kelly had never met their mother but she was certain that she had to have been some kind of supermodel. Jennifer and Bianca were, obviously, more alike than Amy, but all of them were blessed with great beauty and, when describing them to Ariel one day, Kelly had assured her that she didnt, not for one single moment, feel any pang of jealousy. Not much anyway.

Kelly? Is that you? Bianca called.

Bianca! Amy! Heya guys, how are you? I heard you moved out? Kelly responded, genuinely happy to see some friends, even if they were forbidden

Yeah we did, Amy confirmed. We had to get away from…her.

You mean Jennifer? Kelly asked, already knowing that was exactly who she was talking about.

Yeah, she…well, she wasnt very nice, said Bianca.

Thats putting it mildly, added Amy.

Oh right, well this is Ariel, said Kelly putting her arm around her best friend. And Ariel these are Jennifers sisters, Amy and Bianca.

Hi, said Ariel nervously, briefly squeezing Kellys hand.

Hi, said Bianca.

Hi, said Amy.

Hi, said Kelly, all the girls giggled for a moment.

Are we done with the hellos? Kelly asked still giggling.

I think so, said Ariel, feeling a little more at ease after the laughter.

What are you two doing today? Kelly asked.

Just looking around, sister stuff, said Amy, looking at Bianca and smiling. There was something else in that smile, a warm loving kind of smile rarely seen between sisters. How about you? she asked.

We were just gonna get some coffee, do you want to come with us? Kelly offered.

Sure, that would be cool, we have some catching up to do anyway, said Amy. Bianca smiled and nodded to confirm she would like that too. It seems like ages since we last saw each other, thanks to our lovely sister.

Kelly raised her eyebrows, surprised that Amy and Bianca knew Jennifer didnt want them being friendly, or even civil, with each other.

She never told us why, Bianca explained. Just that she didnt want us seeing you at all, and what Jennifer decides is final, or shed shout and scream at us. So she wasnt just manipulative with me, Kelly thought.

Sorry, I know you two are…seeing each other, said Amy. Its just hard to be nice after so long yknow?

Yeah, I know, she can be a handful but… Kelly was interrupted

She can be a real bitch! Ariel spoke up with venom in her voice. Kelly had seen Ariel depressed, happy, tearful and jovial but hardly ever this upset and irritated. Ariel quickly composed herself and put her arm around Kellys waist.

Im sorry, Ariel said meekly. It kinda slipped out.

Its ok babe, I know youre looking out for me, said Kelly. Well, lets get some coffee!

They made their way to the second floor of the building and sat down around a table, Bianca and Amy on one side, and Kelly with Ariel on the other side. They talked about a lot of things and, surprisingly, no one mentioned Jennifer throughout their conversations. Bianca informed them that her 19th birthday would soon be coming around and, despite what anyone said; Kelly and Ariel were welcome to come to the little party, which would be a few friends at a local bar.

Will there be cake? Kelly asked in a serious voice.

Yes, yes there will be cake, Bianca replied. She tried to copy Kellys serious tone but instead she burst out laughing, a wide and pretty smile played on her lips. Amy promised to make me one, she explained.

Ive never baked in my life, said Amy, eager to lower everyones expectations.

Itll be fine, said Bianca, still with her pretty smile on her sweet looking face.

And, what if I mess it up? Amy asked, wondering if there was a way to get out of it without upsetting her sister.

Then Ill eat it anyway, said Bianca. As long as its made by you, I dont care.

Both sisters smiled and, for a moment, Kelly thought they were going to kiss each other!

Youre both really sweet, said Ariel. I wish I had a pretty sister to bake things for me!

Their banter continued for a couple of hours and many cups of coffee, Kelly and Ariel enjoyed the company of their new friends, or old friends in Kellys case. They eventually said goodbye and everyone hugged each other; even Ariel hugged the two sisters, much to Kellys surprise after seeing Ariel so depressed and withdrawn for such a long time. It made her smile, Ariel was so beautiful, such a lovely smile and figure, from her dark brown hair to her tight little arse, but she was so much more than just a cute 5 foot 5 inch woman. She was clever, funny and caring, all the things youd associate with a perfect girlfriend! She found it really hard to meet men, the internet was her only means of meeting people as she hardly ever went out, she reminded Kelly of the way she herself had been for a long time back when she still lived with her family.

They exchanged numbers and went off on their way, Kelly and Ariel caught the bus home and the sisters made their way to Amys car. They offered the girls a lift but they politely declined, they only lived a few bus stops away and no longer had the energy to walk across town to get to the car park.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was three days later when Kelly received the phone call. Jennifer told her that she had seen all four of them hugging and kissing in the middle of town, she was going to the bank when she spotted them. Jennifer had already called Amy and Bianca to tell them to stay away, or shed do something to spoil their ‘fancy new life. Then she had gone to Kellys parents house and according to Jennifer, Josh, Kellys brother, was there on his own. Within 20 minutes, she boasted, she was swallowing his cum! Josh must have known he was being used, but getting one over on his sister was too good of an opportunity to turn down, so it seemed.

Kelly was disgusted at her behaviour but also heartbroken because she had loved her, she was the only woman shed been intimate with, the only woman shed even kissed! After standing with the phone in her hand for what seemed like hours, she gently placed the receiver down and sank to her knees.

Kelly quietly sobbed at first but soon her tears became floods and her head was spinning as she crumpled down on the floor and cried.

At that time, Ariel walked slowly through town, uninterested in the world around her; she walked directly towards the bus stop. She felt a little depressed today, although her emotions were often unpredictable these days. She had spent the last hour speaking to a professional psychologist about her depression as well as her lack of self-confidence. Every Friday at 4pm, Ariel came into the town centre to go to the mental health clinic at the hospital to talk about her problems and about ways to combat her issues. Ariel knew what the main causes of her problems were, in fact, shed known for a long time, but simply knowing the cause didnt make treating the symptoms any better.

She noticed men looking at her sometimes but, although she had been assured by Kelly and her other friends that she was a really attractive person, she assumed they were secretly mocking her or she became convinced that as soon as she passed them on the street they would burst into laughter! She never turned around to see if they really were laughing, just in case she was right. As Ariel walked past the crowds of people outside shops and restaurants she couldnt help feeling inferior. She was wearing a simple white t-shirt with a floral pattern and a pair of jeans, an outfit she liked, but it felt stupid and out of touch out here, amongst people. At 5 feet and 5 inches tall, Ariel wasnt ultra-tiny, she had a petite frame, average breasts and a lovely figure, her bottom was pert and her legs were in good proportion to her torso. Sometimes, if she caught sight of herself in a mirror at home shed think, ‘hey I dont look that bad, but, every time she saw a leggy blonde in a mini skirt or a ‘fiery redhead, Ariel Calver felt tiny and, most of all, plain and insignificant..

As Ariel opened the door to her house she heard someone crying loudly, she knew it could only be Kelly and rushed inside, slamming the door behind her.

Kelly?! Ariel called, Kelly, where are you?

Ariel? Kellys reply came from her bedroom, her voice quivering. Ariel rushed upstairs and wrenched the bedroom door open.

Oh…Kelly, was all Ariel managed to say. The sweet blonde girl was lying on her bed, curled up into a ball with her knees squeezed to her chin. Her beautiful long hair was ragged, like it had been pulled and rubbed. It was her face that caused Ariel to stutter, her cheeks were red and looked very sore, her eyes were tired, puffy and also very red, no doubt they had been rubbed a lot with the back of her hand. Ariel didnt say anything else; she asked no questions yet because this wasnt a time for talking. Instead, she rushed to the bed and entered Kellys waiting arms, the two best friends embraced for what seemed like hours.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

After a while, Kelly wiped her tears away and suggested the sit in the living room with a glass of wine or two, (or three.) Ariel got the drinks and set them on the coffee table and the two friends sat together and talked.

What an absolute fucking bitch, said Ariel. Shed just heard everything that had been said on the phone and, beyond that, Kelly had admitted things about their relationship that Ariel never knew, including what happened at the restaurant. Kelly had explained that she kept certain parts of the relationship a secret from her best friend. Sometimes it was out of shame; Kelly simply didnt want Ariel to think of her as a whore! Also, Kelly had continued, with Ariels problems, she hadnt wanted to burden her. Most of all, Kelly realized, she didnt want to tell Ariel about the more extreme things in case Ariel made her realize the truth; she was simply being used!

Everything was out in the open now and Kelly promised there would be no more secrets after Ariel assured her that shed never think less of her. Kelly even admitted that it was Jennifer who ripped her white top nine months ago and had not, as Kelly had suggested at the time, been thrown away accidentally! Kelly had stopped feeling sad, thanks mostly to her friend, now she felt nothing but anger towards the woman who had…had spoiled her, made her into an object; to be used whenever she pleased. Kelly didnt feel anything about her brother; truthfully, shed stopped caring about him the day she got away from him and his childish taunting.

They were so right, Ariel continued. Bianca and Amy, no wonder they got out as fast as they could! I wonder what they think about being told to stay away.

Kelly was still numb, but all of the sadness and despair had left her to be replaced by anger. She had never felt this angry towards anyone before, sure shed been frustrated at her family and at times with the world in general, but this, was a much more focused feeling. She wanted to get back at her, to show her that she wasnt some plaything to be toyed with and then discarded. But how could she? What could she do? It wasnt until Ariel mentioned the two sisters that an idea formed in her head. Biancas 19th birthday would take place tomorrow and she was invited. Logic told her that Jennifer wouldnt show up if she had a problem with her siblings, considering the kind of person Kelly knew her to be, she probably wouldnt have gone anyway, after all, the attention would be on someone else and not on her.

The way Jennifer reacted when she and Kelly spoke about her two sisters made it obvious that the one thing shed hate most would be someone overlooking her and going for one of them. Thats most likely why Jennifer kept them hidden away, to make sure no one ever got the chance. If Kelly really wanted to get back at her, then doing exactly what Jennifer had tried to prevent would surely be the way to go. But could she do it? If she wanted to try to seduce one of the sisters in would have to be Bianca, Amy was very beautiful but she was only Jennifers half-sister, so being with Bianca would likely piss her off more.

Kelly? Are you ok? Ariel asked.

Yeah, sorry, I was miles away, said Kelly. She decided not to tell Ariel her plan, if she did Ariel might try to talk her out of it and, despite what Ariel had assured her of a few minutes ago, she didnt want Ariel to think she was some kind of whore.

How do you feel now? Ariel persisted.

Im ok, she lied, I just feel angry at her and upset thats all. Ill be ok, promise.

It was about 6pm now and they continued their chatting and drinking until Kelly finally got rid of the numbness and felt more like herself, they laughed together as the alcohol had the desired effect. After an hour or so she decided to call Bianca and Amy, to see if they were ok and, critically for Kellys ideas, if they were still invited to her birthday get-together. After the fifth ring it was Amy who answered the phone.

Hello, she said brightly.

Amy? Its Kelly, She said, trying not to sound drunk. Are you ok?

Oh hiya! Im ok, how are you? Jennifer called earlier to tell us what happened…and why, we wondered if you would be upset with us. Sorry but we had no idea shed even seen us, Amys words were rushed, like a naughty child whose mother had caught her stealing a sweetie.

No, of course not, Kelly assured her. Theres only one person I blame and its her, not you.

Good, said Amy audibly relieved. Kelly smiled when she heard Amy explaining that she wasnt upset with them to Bianca in the background. She faintly heard Bianca saying something to her sister before Amy came back on the phone. Are you still going to come out with us tomorrow?

Yeah, sure, said Kelly. I actually wondered if we were still invited.

Of course, we were going to call tomorrow anyway because we decided not to go to the pub we mentioned, theres a club in town that opened last month called Rapture. Do you know it? Amy asked.

Yeah I know it, how many people will be there? Kelly asked.

Four or five others, well meet up at about 7pm, we could swing by and pick you up if you like? She offered.

That would be great, thank you, said Kelly. She told her the full address then, after chatting for a few minutes, she hung up and returned to Ariel and filled her in on the details of the conversation. They spent the evening talking and watched a couple of DVDs, for once Ariel enjoyed a nice night in with her best friend. That night, while tucked up in bed, Kelly ran through all the possibilities that could happen tomorrow evening.

The next morning she awoke with quite a few doubts, unsure of whether to go through with it or not, after all, Bianca had done nothing to her. Besides, she didnt even know if Bianca was gay or straight! Then she thought of Jennifer, she had said on the phone that within 20 minutes of her brother answering the door, she was swallowing his cum! Then she thought about her brothers voice in the background of the phone call, laughing faintly. Finally, it was the mental image she had in her mind of the two of them fucking each other and laughing at her that convinced her to go through with it, this anger motivated her onward through the entire day. Besides, she would only test the water to begin with; if it turned out that Bianca wasnt interested then she wouldnt push it any further, and Kelly hoped that Bianca and Amy wouldnt shun her away if that did happen.

Because the venue had changed from a quiet pub to a noisy club, Kelly would be able to dress up in a more revealing way, as a lot of girls do in hot clubs, and she had the perfect outfit for it. Ironically, Kelly thought with a smile, Jennifer had bought it for her but, for once, Kelly had refused to wear it and it ended up in the wardrobe and forgotten, until now. It was a slinky white and silver mini dress with long cut out sleeves. The glittery silver part made up the main part of the dress so it sparkled in the light. The cuffs of the sleeves were also silver and the sleeves themselves were white. The sleeves were actually thin pieces of material that made it look like they had been torn open so her bare arms would actually be mostly visible.

The neck line sat across her breasts, showing a small bit of cleavage but it wasnt a plunging neck line by any means. It wasnt the upper part of the dress that got her attention when she tried it on in front of the mirror however, the dress was short…really short, at first she didnt think it would cover her arse but after straightening it out a bit it just sat below her buttocks. The hemline was a few centimetres below the curves of her rear, originally she was going to go out with no underwear on, so she could show off to the birthday girl, but if she did that shed end up either getting raped or arrested! Instead she found a nice silver thong and decided to wear a long coat to keep her from freezing to death.

Ariel walked into the room as Kelly admired her long curvy legs in the mirror.

Wow, youre going to wear that? Ariel said in amazement.

Dont you like it? Kelly asked as she brushed her hair from her face.

Its nice but, are you going to wear trousers or something with it?

No, Kelly replied. Just a coat to cover up from the cold, what are you going to wear?

I dont know, honestly, Im not sure if I want to go, said Ariel.

Oh? Why not? I thought it would be fun for us to get out, said Kelly.

I know, its just, I dont think Ill cope well around all those people and if I start panicking Ill spoil it for everyone, youll be fine though. Youll have Bianca and Amy taking you there right? It wasnt the real reason Ariel didnt want to go but it was a good enough excuse.

Well theyll be in a taxi, theyre going to get it to stop here on the way to the club, are you sure you dont want to come? She asked.

Im sure, sorry. Ariel said with her eyes lowered.

Its ok honey, said Kelly. She walked over to her friend and they hugged for a while, then Ariel went downstairs and Kelly continued to get ready. As bad as it sounded, Ariel staying at home would make things a little easier, before shed hoped that Ariel wouldnt notice her attempts to attract Bianca during the night but now she wouldnt have to worry. Still, she did want some proper time together with her best friend.

She found some nice heeled shoes to go with her outfit, she thought about wearing some high heels instead but she didnt like how uncomfortable they could be, especially while dancing. She found some earrings with fake diamonds in them, despite not being the real thing they still looked nice and sparkled in the light.

Kelly took another look at herself in the mirror and briefly thought about how all those months ago she had stood here an examined herself; she had worn a little denim skirt and a thin white top. Before that day shed never dressed so provocatively before, how she had changed since that fateful day. Now she was much more confident in her body and, hopefully, that would help her seduce a very beautiful girl tonight…

To be continued…

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