Kdv Blue Orchid 2000 Checked

Kdv Blue Orchid 2000 Checked


Kdv - Blue Orchid 2000 - | Checked


Checked Baggage - Southwest Airlines. Baggage Screening and Identification. Checked baggage will be screened and is subject to physical inspection as mandated by the TSA.

If you're bringing checked baggage, you'll need to see a ticket agent before you travel to check your bags and give each one an issued baggage tag .

The Electronic Baggage Screening Program was established by congressional mandate for screening of all passenger checked baggage for concealed explosives.

Use our baggage calculator to determine first and second checked baggage service charges for your itinerary.

Allegiant accepts live animals/pets . Baggage fees apply to carry-on and checked bags and vary depending on route and when the bag is added to your itinerary. 09d271e77f