Kathy Wants a Baby

Kathy Wants a Baby

Please excuse my errors. 

This is a work of fiction. 

The names have been changes to protect the innocent.

It is sort of based on a story someone told me once.

Everyone was over 18.

There were no animals hurt in the writing of this story. 


Let me start out with a little history. I was in the service and was discharged in 1970. While I was at my last duty station the wife worked at a company and became friendly with some of her fellow workers. As a result of that we were invited to several parties they had, and we became quite close with another couple, Kathy and Mike. They would visit our apartment and we would visit theirs. When I got out of the service we moved to my home town in the mid-west. 

Because Kathy was originally from the same state they decided that they wanted to move back and be close to us. As a result of that, not long after we had moved back to Indiana they moved in with us until they could find an apartment or house. They moved in with us the day I brought my wife and brand-new baby home from the hospital., 

We only had one bedroom in our place, so they slept in the couch. And we only had one bathroom. Kathy and Mike had both transferred with their company so once they arrived they only spent one or two days before they had to start work. 

One evening, after they had been there a while, we were drinking and playing games. We had been playing cards and before we knew it we were all playing strip poker. It didn't take long before we were all sitting in our living room naked. 

As an idea of descriptions, I should say I am about 6' and just getting out of the service was built pretty well. Mike was a little on the skinny side about 6'2" My wife is 5'5" and a flaming redhead. Kathy was about the same height and had brown hair. Both women were C cups, and both looked pretty good.

After our game we all decided it was time to call it a night and we went to our bedroom and they went on the couch. It was pretty obvious that seeing each other naked was pretty stimulating because it wasn't long, and we could hear them getting it on in the living room and we were rocking the bed.

The next morning, I went out in the living room and they were on the sofa bed still naked, so I just went to the kitchen and made coffee and I guess the smell woke them up. As the four of us sat and talked about the night before we all admitted we had a good time although we weren't going to do much more than what we did.

We did play strip poker several times after that, and Kathy one evening stripped naked and started screwing Mike while we sat there and watched. I guess that started something because we didn't think it was a big deal to have same room sex a lot. There was a little mutual touching but nothing big.

Because we only had one bathroom and I had to be at work early I would get up and head for the bath. We didn't have a shower so I would get in the bathtub. More than a few times Kathy would walk into the bathroom naked as I was bathing to pee. I would have a hard time driving to work with a hard on sometime.

It took about three months before they found an apartment of their own, but they would sometimes come over in the weekend and end up staying with us. On the occasional weekend night, we would drink and play strip poker. Mike and I would be walking around with a hard on and the girls would have those diamond cutter nipples. 

One evening we were all sitting around watching tv and Kathy looked at Mike and said "I am horny get over here and fuck me" as she stripped on my living room.

Mike stood up stripped off all his clothes and fucked her on my living room floor as my wife Nancy, and I sat watching them until they both came, after they went home that night I think we had sex all night long.

From that time on when they came over and we played "cards" or "truth or dare" we would end up having sex with our partners before it was all over. Of course, we would watch each other. 

As I said we had progressed to where we were touching each other but there was no swapping. My wife and Kathy both loved to have both of her nipples sucked at the same time, so Mike and I would oblige them when we could. We played a little game where we would blind fold one person and they would have to figure out who was touching them. When there are two or three hands on your cock you really can't tell and don't really care either. Our little games like this were fund and we all enjoyed them. 

Kathy's lifelong dream was to be a mother. All she could think about was having a baby. So, she was always trying to get Mike to have sex with her. She used to hold our baby and you could tell she was pretending she was the mom. She always complimented me saying that I sure made pretty babies. 

Kathy and Mike tried for the better part of a year to have a baby and finally they both went to the Doctors. It was decided that Kathy was fully capable of having a child, but Mike had some problems. His sperm count was extremely low. They thought maybe after surgery he would be capable of being a dad. Mike went through some painful surgery but eventually they told him he would never be capable of fathering children. 

A few times they would come over and she kept saying what pretty babies I fathered, and she wanted a baby just as pretty. And at the same time rag on Mike for not being able to have any kids.

My wife was from Oklahoma and her family had not yet seen our daughter. Being the great guy I am I bought my wife Nancy a ticket to her home town in Oklahoma about a month. The plan was then for me to drive down by myself and pick them up when I was finally able to get my vacation. 

After I sent them my evenings really sucked. I sat around the house watched TV and masturbated a lot. When you are used to having a wife and baby around the house being alone was horrible.

One evening Kathy and Mike called and invited me over for a home cooked meal at their apartment. After I got off work I got cleaned up and went to their apartment for dinner. Kathy was a fairly good cook and things started out pretty good. The food was good, and the company was pretty good. 

While we were eating Mike stopped and stood up and walked behind Kathy's chair and said "my wife is really turning into a real hippy.:

I asked him "What do you mean?"

He said, "She has stopped wearing a bra" and he bent over grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head. Leaving her sitting there topless. To Kathy's credit she just sat there and finished eating. I often wondered if they had planned that ahead of time, but I just sat there as I had seen her topless many times but I was truly horny.

When we finished eating Kathy got up and went into the kitchen and got us dessert then sat back down still topless. Her titties looked better than ever to this horny guy. 

We finished dessert and I wanted to thank them, so I was clearing the table and Kathy said she wanted to go and use the bathroom. I finished clearing the table and went and sat in the Livingroom with Mike. 

I heard the bathroom door open and out stepped Kathy and she was totally naked. I have to admit this surprised me as when we had played before we had always done it as couples. My wife had now been good three weeks and I have to admit I was horny as a two peckered billy goat. It took me about 3 seconds to go full hard.

Mike had been sitting on one end of the couch and I was sitting on the other. Kathy, still naked, came up and sat between us. She put her arms around both of us. She kissed me on the cheek and then leaned over to her husband and started kissing him. She got up on her knees and as she kissed him her ass was facing me. In fact, it was almost in my face. I could smell that she was aroused. She knew I loved to eat pussy as she had seen me do it many times before.

She kept moving back until her ass was touching me. I could see she was really getting juicy. She finally turned around to me and said "Are you just going to sit there or are you gonna do something about this"

I asked her want she wanted me to do and she said, "for starters you can put your tongue in me." 

With her husband sitting there and because we had never done anything like this before, I looked at him and he just smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

I reached out and stroked her pussy with my hand as she kissed her husband. She just sort of groaned and pushed back against me. She was dripping wet. 

I moved my face to her and took a long lick from back to front finally ending up at her clit. I could taste her juices and they were starting to run down her legs. She was wetter than anything I had run into up to that point.

All at once her body stiffened and I could hear her saying "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck over and over again as she came hard. For a few minutes I thought she had passed out and she was laying on her husband's lap with her ass still in the air. 

She started to move a little and finally seemed to catch her breath. She rolled over so her upper body was in her husband's lap and her lower body was against me. 

She looked at me and said, "get your pants off now."

I asked her if she wanted Mike to get naked also. 

She said "no he is worthless anyway. I want you to knock me up."

Mike looked over and said "Just do it. Maybe it will make her happy."

As I dropped my pants she sat up and took my cock in her mouth and started running her lips up and down. Her head was bobbing, and she was pushing in until she was gagging.

Mike looked at me and said, "She won't suck me, Kathy why are you doing that to him." 

I have to admit she did have some suction I think she could probably suck a tennis ball through a garden hose with a knot tied in it. But by now I had been hard for a while and I was getting pretty close. So, I told her if she didn't stop I was going to fill her mouth.

She told me she only wanted me to cum in her pussy, nowhere else.

She laid back against her husband and when she did she spread her legs wide. She put one leg on the floor and the other one over the back of the couch. 

She looked me in the eyes and said "now just fuck me. Remember I want you to cum in me. Nowhere else."

Mike looked over and said "She has been taking her temperature for the last two months and she is in her fertile period right now. She told you before she thinks you have pretty babies, so she wants you to give her a baby."

I said "How will that work Mike. I am busy enough having one baby right now. I am not sure I want to be a father again this soon."

He said, "Don't worry about it any baby will be our baby and you won't have anything to do with it."

I was still not hot on the idea but what would you do if you were face to face with a hot wet pussy wanting you to make a deposit. So rather than being smart I got back on the couch and shoved my cock into her very wet pussy.

As I was thrusting into her her husband was playing with her tits. Pinching them and twisting her nipple. She was moaning over and over and getting louder with each stroke.CeC

I pushed it all in at once. She gave a little groan as it went in. I started stroking in and out very very slowly. As I did I asked her what she wanted. 

"I want your cum" she screamed out. 

"How bad do you want it" I whispered to her. 

"I want it more than anything, I want your baby."

By now I was so very close I had to go slow or I knew I would come right away. I thought that I had seen her naked many times and had thought about plowing her but as long as this is what she wanted I was going to take full advantage of her, so I was going to hold off as long as I could. 

She almost made me cum when she started to cum herself. She kept cumming over and over again. I still managed to hold off. 

It was almost like she was cumming continuously and it got to a point where I finally felt my balls boiling and knew that it was going to blow. 

I looked at Mike and said, "Are you sure about this?"

He just nodded, and I exploded into her pussy. Pulse after pulse filling her pussy to the brim. As I slowly pushed in my cum was coming out of her pussy. 

I told her to get on the floor with her ass in the air. I said that will let the baby making stuff to run downhill to the eggs. She immediately got on the floor with her ass in the air. 

I looked at Mike and he was sitting there with a major hardon. I told him to get behind her and fuck her hard. He got up and dropped his pants and shoved into her. He was pumping like he had never pumped before. 

Kathy started cumming again. It seemed like each time he stroked into her she would cum. She was sweating, and I swear she was actually drooling. She already looked a mess.

It didn't take Mike long to cum in her. All that watching he was really horny and soon he was cumming into her. When he came he pulled out of her and she started to raise up. I got behind her and pushed her head back to the floor.

Watching them screw had turned me on again and my cock was hard a second time, so I stepped behind her and pushed into her again. She looked like she was going to pass out, but I had Mike hold her head to the floor as I continued to fuck her. This time I was not slow not really concerned about her I just wanted to cum. 

I don't think Kathy had stopped cumming from the first time I screwed her. She was like a blubbering mass of jelly. She was barely whimpering just saying over and over again "fuck, fuck, fuck"

I finally came a second time. I didn't know how much or how little it hadn't been long since my first cum, so I knew it probably wasn't much. But it had been a while for me so I filled her again.

I pulled her head up off the floor by her hair and told her to clean me with her tongue. I have to give her credit. For someone who just moments ago could hardly move she did a good job of sucking all our combined juices off my cock. Her husband tried to put his cock in her mouth, but she wouldn't let him. 

I sat back down on the couch to catch my breath and let my legs stop shaking. Mike was already up and walking around getting us some water to drink. Kathy just laid on the floor shaking. 

I got up and got dressed. I walked over to Mike and shook his hand and told him I was happy to help. I walked over to Kathy and told her to let me know how it all went. I left the house. 

I didn't see them again until after I got back from my vacation. Kathy was all excited and told my wife that she was pregnant and even though Mike's doctor said he could never make her pregnant he had.

After they left that night my wife sat there chuckling and said "So Kathy is pregnant huh. And they said Mike would never be a daddy. Kind of makes you wonder who the daddy really is doesn't it."

I looked at my wife and said, "It sure does make you wonder."