Карта яндекс тинькофф

Карта яндекс тинькофф

Карта яндекс тинькофф

Cash-exchanger – это международный обменный сервис, позволяющий совершать обмены электронных валют в любой точке мира, где бы Вы не находились.

Совершать обмены с Cash-exchanger можно с любого устройства, неважно чем Вам удобно пользоваться: мобильным телефоном, планшетом или компьютером.

Подключитесь к интернету и за считанные минуты Вы сможете произвести обмен электронных валют.

Все наши кошельки полностью верифицированы, что гарантирует Вам надежность и уверенность при совершении обмена.

Ознакомиться с отзывами о работе нашего обменного сервиса.

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Отзывы Cash-exchanger

Все обменные операции полностью анонимны, мы не предоставляем Ваши данные третьим лицам

Обменный пункт Cash-exchanger:


Андрей Россия 46.146.38.* (12 августа 2018 | 23:11)

При переводе на карту возникли трудности, банк отвергал платеж. Обратился в поддержку, в течение 15 минут вопрос был решен, перевели на другую мою карту. Оперативная техподдержка, удобный сервис, спасибо за вашу работу!!!

Galina Россия 5.166.149.* (12 августа 2018 | 21:01)

Перевод был произведен супер быстро! А если добавите еще Сбербанк, чтобы комиссия поменьше, лучшего о не пожелаешь! Так держать!

Влад Россия 46.42.42.* (12 августа 2018 | 10:18)

Выводил эксмо рубли на тинькофф - процедура заняла порядка 5 минут, с 25тыс заплатил комиссию 7,5 рублей.

Результатом доволен на все 146%

Егор Нидерланды 192.42.116.* (9 августа 2018 | 18:40)

Очень быстрыы и оперативные, я сам накосячил при вводе но ребята быстро помогли 10 из 10

Андрей Россия 213.87.135.* (8 августа 2018 | 19:27)

Как всегда быстро и качественно, СПС.

Андрей Россия 176.195.75.* (8 августа 2018 | 11:21)

Обменивал с карты ВТБ на эфир, транзакацая заняла меньше минуты, оператор отвечал очень быстро, определенно годный обменник, будем пользоваться

Леха Россия 93.81.174.* (6 августа 2018 | 11:19)

Все супер как и всегда

Good, service, or store Search. Start a Wallet Log in. What do I need a Yandex. Money bank card for? This card lets you pay with Yandex. Money at supermarkets, cafes, cinemas, and other locations where debit cards are accepted. Money is deducted from your account and records about payments are saved in your History. Reviewed and identified users can pay at any stores worldwide. Anonymous users can only pay within Russia. All owners of our card get discounts and bonuses from MasterCard partners. Moscow citizens enjoy unique benefits from Priceless Cities program. Is the card issued with a chip or a magnetic strip? It allows you to pay in one tap anywhere you see the PayPass sign. Money bank card yet, fill out the form on our site. If you already have a card, you can cancel it and issue a new one. Our brand new cards support MasterCard PayPass technology. Issuing and delivery are free. Where do I find out the terms and conditions of using the card? The agreements are posted on our site: Money; — for pre-issued card , issued by Yandex. How much does card servicing cost? A one-time fee is rubles for three years of service. Issuing and delivery are free worldwide. For what validity period and in what currency is the card issued? Where can I use my Yandex. Identified and reviewed users can pay at any store worldwide. Anonymous users can only use their cards within Russia. Only identified users may buy lottery tickets, bet money in totalizers, and gamble. Lotteries and gambling games are marked with the codes and Will I be able to withdraw money from the card at an ATM? How do I receive a Yandex. How do I activate my card? Click your balance on the top of the page. In the drop-menu click the link to activation page. Enter the last 8 digits of the card number, its expiration date, and your payment password in the indicated fields. The card will be activated automatically. How do I find out when the letter containing my card will arrive? You can track your card on the Russian Post Service site. You will see the link under your account Settings as soon as we send the card. Can I still get a card? But keep in mind that anonymous users can only use cards within Russia. In order to pay from the card, complete the identification process. Can several bank cards be issued for the same Yandex. For example, if you want someone else in your family to get their own card, they will need to open their own account at Yandex. If I add money to my Yandex. Money account, will I be able to spend that money using my card? This applies to both deposits and transfers. Yes, but only if the ATM online banking is connected to the MoneySend system, and you are making a transfer in rubles. Money will be credited to your card within a few business days. How do I add money to my card by bank transfer? The transfer usually takes two business days, but may take up to five days. Maximum amounts of adding depend on your Yandex. How do I get a PIN? You create one upon activating the card. After that you can change your PIN at any moment: I forgot my PIN. What should I do? Simply change your PIN on our site: What will happen if I enter the wrong PIN three times in a row? Do you charge commission for operations with the plastic Yandex. We charge commission for the following operations: We do not charge commission for payments. The only exception may be if a store has incorrect MCC code. What are the limits on payments made with a card? View the full list of limits in this table. What are the limits for withdrawing money at an ATM? Anonymous and reviewed users can withdraw up to 5, rubles per day and up to 40, per month. Identified users face no limitations. You will be able to withdraw money at any ATM worldwide in any currency. The store must have the wrong MCC a code designating the category of every trade outlet. When you pay with your bank card, the bank sends us an MCC. If you make a purchase at a supermarket, we receive the code , while stores selling electronic goods return the code But sometimes stores choose the wrong MCC. For example, the one corresponding to cash withdrawals at ATMs or funds transfers between bank cards. Can I pay with the card at international and online stores? Yes, if you are a reviewed or identified user. In some stores, you have to provide a PIN to confirm your payment. If you are going abroad, please let us know. The card could be blocked if the payment comes from an unusual place. A few days after making a payment with the card, I was charged another small sum. The additional charge is the result of exchange rate fluctuations. When you make a payment in a foreign currency, your account is charged the equivalent sum in rubles. Conversion is performed according to the exchange rate at the time you make the purchase. A few days later, when the MasterCard system finishes processing your payment, the exchange rate may have changed. In that case, the difference in the cost of your purchase will be charged from your account or credited to it, if the exchange rate changes in your favor. What is the conversion rate applied to rubles, when I pay with my card at an international store? This process takes several steps: Payment amount in rubles according to current conversion rate is blocked on your card. MasterCard provesses the payment for one-two business days. During this time exchange rated changes. We debit the amount according to the up-to-date rate: Can I withdraw money at an ATM in a currency other than rubles? But since your Wallet is in rubles, the amount will be converted according to Yandex. What do I do? Your billing address is the address where your card was delivered to simply enter it in Latin letters. Other details you may be asked for in a foreign store: Anonymous users are prohibited by law from paying at non-Russian stores. To lift this restriction you need to fill out a form and get reviewed status or complete the identification process. What is MasterCard PayPass? PayPass is a technology that allows you to pay with one tap of your card. Can I link my Yandex. Money bank card to my account at Yandex. Linking a bank card for payments is a way for you to choose where to pay from: Whereas when you pay with your Yandex. Money bank card you are always paying with money from your Yandex. Yes, but to do this, you need to be identified. Be aware that commission will be charged for such transactions just like withdrawing cash: What sum do I need to enter to confirm my request to link my Yandex. During the test link, your account is charged a random amount e. In order to confirm the link, specify the amount, excluding commission 5. You can always check how much the amount was under payment details in your History. Thirty days after the linking process is complete the sum specified will be automatically returned to your account. To have the commission returned, contact Yandex. Are cards protected by 3-D Secure technology? By default, 3-D Secure is activated on each Yandex. If you use the card for online payments, you will get a one-time text message password for confirming the payment to your linked phone number. How do I receive text message notifications about all payments? Enable text message notifications on the Yandex. Text message notifications will help you instantly track all transactions made through your account or from your card. How do I receive email notifications about payments? Specify the email address you want to receive notifications to. The service is free. My SIM-card was issued in Kazakhstan. Most likely, your cell phone operator is KCell. We recommend you buy a SIM-card from another operator and link your new cell phone number to your account. What should I do if I lost my card or it was stolen? But you should still inform us of the incident via this form on our website. After the lost card is canceled, you can issue a new Yandex. Money bank card at any time. How do I cancel a Yandex. An activated card can be canceled under Settings. My card has expired. Simply issue a new one. Taxi, or other services, do not forget to update your details. When will my card expire? The card expires on the last day of the month specified on it. One month before you will get a notification offering you to issue a new card: How to reissue a card? If your card is about to expire, issue a new one right away—you will only need to confirm address for delivery and pay a service fee. What will happen to the previous card after I issue a new one? The previous card will continue to operate until the end of its validity period. But if you activate a new one, the previous card will stop operating immediately. Main Add money Start a Wallet. Accept payments For business Invoicing Fundraising page. Security Developers Legal Information Mobile version. Money bank card has both a chip and a magnetic strip on it. The card is issued in rubles.

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