Karen and Her Boys Ch. 02

Karen and Her Boys Ch. 02

After the boys left, Karen spent the rest of the day sleeping. Even though they were tired, the three young black men had completely worn out the older white woman. Karen had had her share of cock since posing for the men's magazine 25 years ago, but she had never had three of them on the same day. Nor had she ever had sex with a black man or with men that were so much younger than her. As she lay in her bed, she realized that it had actually been almost a year since she had had sex.

Karen woke up early the next morning, showered and made herself breakfast. She carried her second cup of coffee around her new house and began putting things away. She continuously found herself thinking about the workout she received from the young men the day before. She thought, "How in the hell did they get into her pants so fast? It seemed like they were just finishing up from helping her, when BAM! She was naked and getting drilled by three big black cocks and begging them to use her as their slut."

She decided to take a break around noon. She put on a mid-thigh length skirt and tee shirt and drove to a nearby McDonalds for lunch. She stopped at the liquor store on the way home and picked up a few bottles to begin stocking her bar and then drove home. When she pulled into her driveway, she saw Lester, Trevonne and Frank sitting on her porch smoking. She got out of the car and carried the bottles up the steps and said, "Hey boys. What are you doing here?"

The three looked at each other grinning and then looked back at Karen in much the same way a wolf looks at a lamb. Before Karen could say anything, Trevonne said, "We came back for more of that old white pussy. We thought our slut would be ready for round two."

As Karen walked past them and unlocked the door, she said, "Not today, guys. I have too much to do." She continued into the house and the boys followed her. She put the bag on her bar and turned to them. "You're welcome to stay, but I really do have to get busy unpacking more stuff." As the boys approached, and then surrounded her, she said, "Come on boys. I really do have to work."

Frank moved behind her and put his arms around her waist, and Trevonne and Lester each grabbed one of her arms. She struggled to get free, but was completely outmatched. In a stern voice, she said, "Come on! Stop it!" Frank slid his arms under her shirt and unhooked her bra. He cupped her breasts and squeezed and then twisted her hard nipples.

Frank said, "Your mouth says no, Karen, but your nipples are saying 'Squeeze me.'" All three of the boys laughed at the helpless woman.

Since Frank had pulled her tee shirt up to her breasts, Lester reached down and put his hand on her stomach. When she felt his hand, she reflexively sucked in her stomach and Lester slid his hand down the front of her skirt and inside her panties. "N-no!" She shouted. "No! Not today." As Lester slid a finger into her wet pussy, Frank twisted her nipples. "Unnnggh! N-no! Don . . . Don't, ple . . . Ahhh!" She pleaded.

The three young black men smirked at each other because they knew this older white ex-centerfold was theirs for the afternoon. It didn't take long for them to have her naked and begging them for their big black cocks. "Please," she begged. "Please fuck me."

Frank demanded, "Get on your knees, you old white cunt!" She quickly complied. "Crawl over to me and beg to suck my black cock. Tell me you're my slut!"

She crawled across the floor to the young black man and begged, "Please sir. Let this old white slut suck your cock."

He smiled and evil smile at her and slid his hard cock into her waiting mouth. Karen sucked and licked its length. Shortly, the others surrounded their slut and she moved from one beautiful black cock to another and sucked and slobbered over all of them. Finally, Trevonne reached down and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back and demanding, "Open your mouth, slut." She immediately opened her mouth, and the other two boys looked on in surprise as Trevonne spit into her mouth and she immediately swallowed it. Frank and Lester quickly followed suit and spit into their slut's mouth.

Frank shoved her to the floor and then moved between her legs and rammed his hard cock into her soaking wet pussy and his lips covered hers and his tongue slid into her mouth. "Oh yesss," she moaned. "Yes baby. Ahhhh! Fuck me!"

After Frank had given her a quick orgasm, he kept pumping her cunt and looked up at the other two. He said, "You know, guys, I think we can get more than one cock into this nasty old whore's cunt. Let's give it a try."

As Frank grabbed her and rolled over so he was under her, she said, "N-no! Please don't. I can't."

Trevonne reached down and slapped her face. "Shut the fuck up, cunt. You belong to us. You're nothing but a white trash whore and we'll do whatever we want."

With that, he moved behind her and slid the head of his cock into her pussy.

"Aaahhhh! Owwww!" She screamed. "Please stop! It hurts! Ahh!"

The three boys laughed at her and Trevonne began slapping her big ass with one hand and pulling her hair with the other. He said, "I told you to shut the fuck up," as he rammed his cock further into her pussy.

"Ahhh shit! Please! Nooooo!"

The boys laughed again and Trevonne shoved his cock the rest of the way into her pussy making her scream and thrash all over them. Fortunately, the two boys were holding her, or she might have thrashed enough to get free. Frank and Trevonne began pumping their cocks in and out of her stretched pussy making her scream.

Finally, the pain began to subside, and the friction of two big cocks moving in and out of her pussy was too much for her and she started one long mind-blowing climax. "Aarrrrggggh! Yessss! F-f-fuck me! Fuck your old white whore! Aaaahhhh! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

AS she was in the midst of her climax, Lester stuck his cock into her mouth and quickly shot a big load down her throat. It didn't take Frank and Trevonne too long before they were filling her pussy with their spunk. Trevonne was the first to stand and he walked around and shoved his cum-covered cock into her open mouth. She licked and sucked it clean. She lifted herself off Frank and slid down and lovingly cleaned his cock. Then she lifted herself to her hands and knees.

When Karen finally caught her breath, she said, "You boys are incorrigible. I wanted to get more stuff unpacked this afternoon, but you took advantage of me again."

Lester asked, "Are you complaining, slut?"

She grinned at him. "No, I guess not, but I have to get this stuff put away sooner or later."

"We ain't done with you yet, slut," Trevonne said. "We planning on fucking that slutty pussy of yours some more today."

"Come on fellas. I really need to get . . . "

SLAP! "Oww!" She shouted. "Why did you slap my ass, Frank?"

"Because you're our whore, Karen. You're nothing but a white trash whore. You let three 18-year-old niggers that you never met before fuck your whore-ish body. We own you, cunt. Understand?" Karen looked at him and then slowly looked at the floor and nodded her head. "You're just an old washed-up white whore who is owned by three 18-year-old niggers. The three boys laughed and Karen realized that he was right. "Tell us, slut! Tell us what you are.," he demanded.

Karen lifted up and sat on the floor looking up at her three black masters. She thought, "How did this happen? I was a centerfold in a premier men's magazine. I was in demand at parties and events just as arm candy for important people. Men just want to be seen with me and have their pictures taken with me. I was on top of the world. And for 25 years, I've managed to live off my reputation as a centerfold model. And now . . . And now, I'm nothing but an old white whore craving young black cock. I'm the plaything of three black boys that I just met yesterday."

"Well?" Trevonne demanded. "We're waiting. Tell us what you are."

Slowly, Karen looked up at him. She quietly said, "You boys have done more to me in two days then anyone has ever done to me. I don't know what else you could possibly do to me. But I have to admit that I've enjoyed it. So, I guess I'm your . . . "

"What?" Trevonne yelled. "You don't know what else we can do to you??? Is that what you said, you stupid white cunt?"

"Well, uh. I, uh . . . ," she mumbled.

"I'll fucking show you what else we can do to you, you fucking old whore. Get on your knees." Karen quickly complied. "Now, pay attention, slut. I want you to crawl over here and bury your white face in my black ass. I want to feel your tongue lick around my ass hole and then I want to feel you shove it as deep as you can into my black ass. Understand??"

"Wha . . . But, I . . . I've never . . . ."

Trevonne quickly moved across the room and slapped Karen's face. "I asked if you understood me, cunt?"

She looked up and him and nodded her head. "I can't hear you, slut."

She had tears in her eyes as she quietly murmured, "Yes sir. I understand."

Trevonne moved back across the room and Karen slowly crawled over to him. Frank and Lester looked on in awe as the hot older white woman buried her beautiful face in Trevonne's black ass. They watched as her head slowly began to move, and then watched as it pushed deeper into his ass. Trevonne looked over his shoulder and smiled a condescending smile down on his whore and then looked up and grinned at his friends.

"Reach around and jack my cock while you're eating my ass hole, slut." Karen did as she was told as the other boys watched. "When you finish with me, you're going to eat Lester and Frank's asses too. Understand me, slut?"


Karen ate the teen's ass and jacked his cock until he was ready to blow his load. He quickly stepped away, turned around and rammed his cock into her mouth and blew his load down her throat. After she had licked his cock clean, she heard him ask his friends, who was next.

After Karen had licked and probed the other two boys' asses, she sat on the floor looking up at the boys. She knew this was the lowest thing she had ever done, and couldn't actually understand why she did it. But she also couldn't understand why she wasn't disgusted with what she had done or by the names the boys have been calling her.

As she stared up at them, Trevonne repeated, "Now, you've seen that there are many more things that we can do to you, slut. So, like I said before, tell us what you are."

"I'm your slut. I enjoy it when you all fuck me."

"Nah," Trevonne said. "That ain't good enough. We own you, slut. You just don't seem to get it. You belong to us now. You are our whore to do with what we want. And to prove my point . . . . Boys, pick the slut up and follow me."

As Karen opened her mouth to protest, Lester slapped her. Lester and Frank carried the naked older woman into the bathroom behind Trevonne. "Put her in the bathtub." The two men lowered her into the bathtub and Karen looked up at the three black men. Trevonne grinned evilly at her and stooped down. He slid three fingers into her sopping pussy and began roughly finger-fucking her. Karen started moaning and pumping her pussy back at his hand as Trevonne said, "See the old horny cunt pumping my hand. We own this whore, boys. When I finish fingering her, we're all gonna piss all over her."

Karen was too far gone for anything that Trevonne said to register in her brain. When she began to cum, Trevonne stood up and grabbed his cock. All three boys began pissing on their once proud centerfold model. Karen slid her hand down to finish her orgasm as the urine poured over her naked body. It's warmth felt so good and added to her pleasure. She felt their streams on her legs and on her pussy and on her stomach and breasts.

"Open your mouth, slut," Frank said.

Yes, she thought. She knew she wanted to open her mouth and feel the warmth and wetness of the boys' urine in her mouth. She opened her mouth and Lester aimed his stream and quickly filled her mouth, and without even being told, she swallowed his piss. The boys laughed and continued to desecrate and humiliate their white slut. They covered her with their urine and each of them took a turn pissing into her open mouth that was eager to please her three boys. As she was feeling the warmth of their urine and willingly swallowing their warm piss, she knew that Trevonne was right. She was just an old white whore who would do whatever her three boys told her to do. Her glory days in the limelight were long past, but after experiencing Trevonne, Frank and Lester's wonderful cocks, she was perfectly content right where she was.

As the last drops of urine fell on her, Trevonne said, "Now, tell us what you are."

She looked up at the three black boys smiling down on her white middle-aged body. She smiled a knowing smile at them. She knew she belonged to them. She said, "May I lick my masters' asses again? Please."