KNL platform tasks

KNL platform tasks

Here are the KNL platform tasks:

🔹 Solving the problem of financing farmers by attracting direct investments from investors at a lower interest rate than offered by financial institutions. 

Two types of loans on the platform include:

  • Collateral-based loan with a low interest. It has a high rate of repayment and minimal risks for investors. Advantage: the percentage is lower. Disadvantage: the need for crop volume or real estate as a collateral.
  • With a collateral for the future harvest and the KNL insurance system. This is the most requested type of replenishment of farmers’ floating funds but also the riskiest one for the investor. Advantage: accessibility in procuration. Disadvantage: high percentage rate and insurance compensation.

🔹 Digitisation of bureaucratic processes based on our own blockchain that is adapted to the specific features of transactions in the agricultural industry. It will allow to fix the conditions of each transaction between farmers and investors fast and reliably.

🔹 Tokenisation of raw material assets is implemented through the integration of our own digitised elevator network with a partner network. For example, a farmer's crops may be kept in KNL elevators and act as a transaction security. At the same time, a tokenised asset (crop) can be engaged in transactions on our own Kernel-Trade exchange.

🔹 Logistic processes support, starting from the crop yield transportation from the field to the elevator, ending with direct delivery of crops to the buyer when using deliverable contracts on the Kernel-Trade exchange.

🔹 The development of our own cross-border payment network will be performed with the help of tokenised assets. This will allow to carry out financial coverage of export operations, deliverable and nondeliverable contracts on the Kernel-Trade exchange online, with a transaction speed of 1-3 seconds, instead of 3-10 banking days. The KNL transaction token will be equivalent to securities supported by raw materials that are stored in our own elevators and elevators of accredited partners.

🔹 Our own mechanism of insurance of investments in future harvests or constructions excluding the loss of investor’s funds.

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