KNL is to break walls on the financial market

KNL is to break walls on the financial market

Appearance of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency led to solutions of many problems in different industries. We decided to use blockchain on the financial market and such fields like agriculture, real estate, and other kinds of material possessions. 

Producers of agricultural products regularly need additional funding to expand their cultivation area, purchase more efficient equipment, and organize sowing and harvesting. The standard way to raise funds is bank lending, but this method is associated with such serious difficulties like insufficient amount of funds, and to get a loan, a farmer must have land, real estate or transport, which are usually underestimated by banks. Moreover, credits are not enough even to pay for the necessary work what make farmers sell their goods immediately after harvesting in July at the lowest price, which may be even 50-60% lower than the price in December-January. 

Taking into the account all current issues and ways of their solutions, KNL have decided to create a platform to help and support agricultural producers. We have developed a safe and transparent procedure for accreditation, crediting, trading for farmers and storing big amounts of goods and grain at our own and partner’s elevators.

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