KNL Solutions

KNL Solutions

The main sectors of KNL tokenizations are agriculture and real estate. So, let’s clarify what problems the KNL platform solves, what solutions and opportunities creates, and financial models it offers.

 🔹 Agriculture:

Problem solving

  • Collateral for a loan with real estate, land or agricultural machinery
  • The need for immediate sale of grain at unprofitable prices immediately after harvest to receive finances in the spring and autumn periods

New opportunities

  • Use of grain stocks as collateral for assets received
  • Conclusion of a transaction for the tokenization of assets without the need to provide reporting documentation on the annual profitability of the enterprise

Conditions of receipt

  • Standard financial model: repayment of the loan amount and interest on the loan
  • Grain reserves or other crops are accepted as a pledge to attract investments from the agricultural producer

🔹 Real estate:

Problem solving

  • Failure to complete construction due to interruptions in funding
  • The need to conclude loan contracts with high interest rates to obtain financing

New opportunities

  • Receiving investments for the implementation of innovative projects in the construction industry
  • Attracting investments for the construction of the project with favorable conditions for the return of loan funds

Conditions of receipt

  • Application for the investment platform KNL
  • The pledged projects are implemented projects from the developer/current project for which investments are requested

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