Killruddery House Wedding in Bray is a special place. Tucked away in the Wicklow Mountains, it's a mix of old-world charm and stunning nature. When Karen and James decided to have their wedding here, they knew they were in for something unique.

From the start, the day was filled with simple joys. Karen looked stunning, and James couldn't take his eyes off her. They shared quiet moments, laughing and looking forward to the ceremony. As their photographer, capturing these moments against the backdrop of Killruddery's gardens was a treat.

The Orangery, where they said their vows, was bright and beautiful. Big windows let in natural light, making everything feel warm and welcoming. Their ceremony was personal and touching, with friends and family close by.

Afterwards, everyone relaxed and chatted outside. The mood was light, with lots of laughter. When it was time for dinner and dancing, the Grain Store was the perfect spot. It had a cozy, rustic feel that everyone loved.

In short, Karen and James's wedding at Killruddery House was a day full of love, laughter, and beautiful memories. It's a reminder of how special weddings can be, especially in a place as lovely as Killruddery. 🌳💍❤️📸.

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