Why ?

Why ?

LOL , first image here is count as cover XD
first sight on chrome
the inspection on chrome
and after waiting for some time
Since all of sudden i add image_url: //meta[@property="og:image"]/@content (which i don't think it affect the result at all because ?after block already handle that before this) , but to be fair , i test it again , but this time on firefox (i didn't open the preview on firefox before) so it looks like this . You'll see different site_name because i decide to change that for a suitable one . Which also means that the test is being done at different time . Just an hour difference maybe
No image . but in chrome it does show image after couple of refresh ( i don't count)
you can see the image_url is actually there .

But as you can see , image is already there on chrome . i don't remember how many time i refresh that or how long i wait for that .

I also test on mobile using view in telegram feature provided, so this is the result :

image is doing fine here .

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