Just got home

Just got home


Jake, arrived home from his trip, meeting his step mom and his dad at the front door, he smiled and walked into the house.

Did you have a great time? Jakes step mom, Jody asked as he flashed past her.

Jake stared at Jody, he saw her through different eyes following the experience of the previous few days.

He noticed her big boobs for the first time in his life. The contour of her body was very appealing to his new eye for the ladies, so appealing that he felt his cock start to stiffen.

His dad placed a hand on his shoulder, Welcome home bro, go have a shower

He did as he was told, and while in the shower his mind wondered from thoughts of his last few days to his step mom, as he thought of his Jody his cock started to react, he wrapped his had around his stiff cock and he started to pull his cock, thinking of fucking his step mom, the more he pictured her naked body the faster he pulled his cock.

He started to moan as he shot his cum load all over the glass shower door

Jake watched his cum as it slid down the glass, he wished his cum was sliding down his step moms mouth.

He closed the bathroom door and he heard his dad and mom have a huge fight, Jake stood at the top of the stairs when he heard his dad call his step mom a dirty fucken slut and he slammed the door as he left the house.

Jake went into the kitchen where Jody was sitting crying, Jake went over handed her a tissue and started to hold her hand, Jody looked up at him and as he wiped her eyes she smiled back at him.

His hand started to stroke her arm, then her hair and to the side of her face, she pressed her face against his warm hand, he them pressed his hand against her left boob, squeezing it for a quick second before she pushed him away

Fuck Jake, what was that? what are you doing? She yelled

I was just comforting you he replied as he stared at her body

Im your fucken mom Jake, you cant do that

Well, your my step mom, so its not the same as being my actual mom and in any way, I seen loads of step moms and sons fucking online

I am your fathers wife and there will be no fucking like that here, so you can take your teenage fantasy and shove it up your ass kiddo, get out of my sight, fucken father and son jeeeeesssssss give me strength

Jake stormed off, embarrassed and horny and a little nervous that she might say something to his dad.

As he headed up the stairs he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.

He pulled his phone out as he walked into his room.

Jake looked at his phone screen

-A message from an unknown number, it could be spam, open with care-

Jake unlocked the phone and went to his messages

Hi its me, its Sarah

Did you get home ok?

Been thinking of U ever since we did what we did, did u tnk of me?

He looked at his phone, three messages from Sarah, who the fuck is Sarah? was the thought that ran through Jakes head?

Hi, I dont have your number on my fone, who is tis? He asked

Its me, Sarah, remember from the bus! I was the one sucking your cock and swallowing your cum, how many others were sucking your cock over the last few days? She asked with a hint of annoyance

He read her answer, ah ok so her name was Sarah, cool, wow Sarah you have no idea how many people sucked my cock over the last few days, he said to himself as he laughed.

Jake jumped on his bed and began to answer her message

I knew it was you Sarah, I was only joking with you, how are you? He added a few smiling faces to claim her down

He looked at his phone, be could see she had read his message

Then she went off line, FUCK he thought to himself, she cant take a fucken joke, what a pain in the ass,he put his phone down beside him.

Beep beep

He grabbed his phone. New Message from Sarah.

Jake quickly opened the message and flash a picture of naked Sarah Poped up on his phone, with a message, Thought this would make you smile....he he

Wow what a body, he said to himself.

Send me a picture of your cock sweetheartshe asked

He looked at the message and he quickly opened his jeans, he pulled his cock for a few minutes and then snap, snap snap and then he cropped the photo and then he sent them to Sarah

Dont share my pic baby she said

Wow I swallowed your cum and I dont even know your name, what is your name baby?

Jake..... Jake is my name Sarah he messaged back.

Wow, love your fresh cock Jakie, I am.staring at your picture, I would love to be eating your hot hard big cock

Love your body Sarah, its really really hot Jake replied

When do you want to fuck me then? Your answer better be NOW he he said Sarah

I am in Dundrum, where are you? Jake asked

I am in Miltown, do you have a free house?, Cause I am mega fucken horny Sarah messaged back

I dont have a free house, I have my step mom here, but she doesnt give a fuck really

A step mom......is she hot?

She is my mom Jake messaged

Can I come over? I am really horny, I will suck your cock.. and you can touch me anywhere and do whatever you want to do to me

Jakes hands nervously typed his address and waited a few seconds as he struggled to press send but he did and the message went

A few seconds later Jake received a picture of a love heart and a kiss.

He jumped from his bed, panic started to set in, he quickly gave the room a quick clean and then sniffed under his t-shirt and decided he was fine, but just in case, he sprayed himself with his deodorant and a quick spray from his dads collection of after-shave.

Jake......... JAAAKKKEEEEE his step mom shouted come down son, there is a beautiful visitor here for you

Jake ran downstairs, Sarah was standing beside his step mom.

Look Jake its one of your pals from school, and she looks hot, ...... are you wearing aftershave? Did you shave, I didnt think you were old enough she said trying to embarrass him

Sarah stood there laughing under her innocent smile, she had a short blue skirt, a white top and pumps, a real girl from next door look.

Jake took her hand and as he went to pull her up the stairs, Jody grabbed hold of her other arm Where do you think you are going?

Jody could still remember him squeezing her tit a few hours ago.

Jake looked at her, his mind scrambling for words to say but nothing seemed to come out

We have a project to do Mrs Murphy, and it will take about two hours, then I have to be home, as my mom doesnt let me stay out long, we need to go through loads and loads of school stuff relating to our trip and my mom would kill me if she knew I was under your feet causing you problems Mrs Murphy Sarah said with that same innocent smile.

Jody paused and looked at the two of them, Ok, no problems, but I will come up to check on you

No problems Mrs Murphy Sarah replied with confidence

Yes mommmmmmm Jake said, not so convincing.

The door closed behind them and Sarah turned around to face Jake, she kiss him straight away, her hand went hunting for his cock as her tongue licked his lips

She opened his belt then his buttons, as she whispered in his ear, dont wear jeans next time, just shorts or tracksuit bottoms, I can get at your cock quicker

Jake put his hand up her top and as he did she pulled the top off, wow she was naked, no bra, her boobs exposed, he clung on to here boob, her erect nipple piercing the palm of his hand, Sarah was loving his cold hand on her hot skin.

He was nervously exploring her boob, not really knowing what to do with it.

She pulled his cock hard, Oh I missed your fresh big cock Jakie baby

She knelt down and looked at his cock as she pulled him, she looked up at Jake and she could see his body was as stiff as his cock and his eyes were closed.

She put her tongue on the head of his cock, here warm wet tongue sent shivers down his spine and into his legs, fuck he said as she moved his hard cock into her mouth, her red lips clutching his head as she sucked him in to her mouth.

Dont be so loud Jakie baby, we dont want mom to hear us, I like to be watched but I dont know your mom yet were her last words before his cock disappeared down her throat.

Her hand playing with his balls, his heart pumping like crazy, the excitement, the feeling of his cock in her mouth, made him cum so quickly that she was surprised when she felt his hot cum spray into her mouth

She looked up at him as she swirled her tongue over his cock, pulling him to drain his cock of all his cum.

He could see her swallow and gulp his sticky hot cum.

When she pulled off of him he fell back on the bed, his body exhausted and wanting to sleep, however, semi naked Sarah had different ideas

Dont go asleep Jake, its my turn now she said as he lay on the bed with his cock out and his jeans around his ankles.

She undressed him totally, then she took off her skirt, no panties, but Jake was to young to understand the significance of this

Open your mouth Jake she said as she opened her legs and sat in his face

He was shocked when he felt her wet hot soft pussy sink over his mouth, she hovered over his mouth, her wet lips touching his

Lick me Jake, up and down Jakie baby

He put out his tongue, and nervously started to explore her wet pussy, it was his first taste of pussy and he was in two minds if he liked it or not

Sarah pressed down harder to get Jake deeper into her pussy.

Lick me baby, eat my pussy, suck my clit, suck me, FUCK.... suck my clit

Jake tried and tried as he licked and opened her pussy more as he licked andlicked her.

She pulled his hair as she pressed hard down on to his mouth, oh fuck I am going to cum Jakie, fuck suck me babbbbbbbbyyyyy

She pushed down hard fuck man I am coming, wow you are the first boy to me me cummmmmm

She rolled off his face, Jake struggled to breathe as his nose was full of her cum, he blew his nose and his tissue was full of pussy cum.

Sarah sat up and kissed Jake on the lips, her tongue entered his mouth, mixing her cum and his, as they kissed she grabbed his cock and to her delight his cock stiffened in her hand, she pushed him on to his back and threw her leg over his waist and sat down on his hard cock and his cock burst straight through her wet pussy, it was his first real pussy fuck.

She placed her hands on his chest and then pushed down hard on his cock, he placed his hands on her boobs and started to squeeze her boobs, she pushed his hand away and put her tit in his mouth.

He tried to fuck her with some sort of rythm as he sucked her nipple not sure if he should bite it or such it hard.

She could feel his cock starting to get pressure Dont cum I side me baby, I am not on then pill, you can cum in my mouth, just tell me when

Jake fucked her for a little longer then he pushed her off, his cock was throbbing, Sarah grabbed him, pulled his cock straight down her opened mouth and started to fuck his cock with her mouth, it took as few sucks and then he exploded into her mouth, she swallowed it all, staying down on his cock as he pumped and pumped cum into her mouth.

What time is it baby Sarah asked, I think i have to go home babbbbbbbbyyyyy

Jake reached for his phone, its about 6 ish he said, not really able to focus on his phone.

Can I have a quick shower baby? You can watch She asked

Yes yes of course he said half excited

They both got up and she went into the shower, Jake sat on the edge of the toilet and watched as she showered.

A few minutes later she was fully dressed and walking down the stairs, they had a quick kiss and she said Thanks Jake, you were amazing, can we see each other tomorrow

Jody was at the bottom of the stairs, as the loved up couple reached the end of the stairs.

Are you leaving already? Jody asked

Sorry Mrs Murphy, I have to be home or my mom will kill me. She reached up and kissed Jody on her big red lips.

Bye bye everyone and thanks Jake for a wonderful afternoon, see you tomorrow

Jake watched her as she headed up the street and left the road.

He closed the door and rushed up the stairs. He was panicking so much about what had happened, he brushed his teeth and then jumped into the shower.

When he got out of the shower his step mother was sitting on his bed

So what did you too get up today? She asked as she looked at him

Nothing!. He replied sheepishly

You showered...... Boys only shower after they fuck

Jake turned away

Was she any good? I could taste pussy cum and cock cum on her lips when she kissed me

Again Jake turned away and as he did, his Jody reached out and pulled him closer by his towel, as she tugged at him his towel fell down exposing his cock

She looked at his cock and pointed Did you wash this?

He looked down at her and he watched as she took his cock into her mouth, she was slower than Sarah, her tongue rolled around his cock, her mouth was wetter and hotter than Sarahs mouth, she was much more experienced than Sarah.

He placed his hand on her head as she put her hands on his bare ass, pushing him deeper into her mouth.

She then pulled out suddenly, she pulled down her panties and got on to the bed, Fuck me from behind big boy she demanded.

He came up behind her and he tried to guide his cock into her pussy, he banged off her tight ass wrong hole love Jody said,

He pushed a little lower and found her wet open pussy, he pushed his head through the tight pussy lips as his cock disappeared into her hot wet tight bald pussy.

He put his hands on her ass as he began to pump her deeper and deeper

Oh fuck, cum baby cum inside me before your dad comes home

He fucked her harder and harder, faster and faster and then suddenly he stopped as he shot All his cum into her dripping wet pussy.

She pulled herself off of him, turned around and put his cock in her mouth and sucked him clean, drinking the last of his cum.

She got up, got dressed and walked out of the room as Jake fell on to the bed.

His phone stated to ring, it was a video call, it was Sarah

He answered Hi Sarah

Hey baby, dont call me Sarah, I like to be called baby or honey, you choose, but not Sarah

How about sweetheart? He asked

Na, fuck that, tats what me granny calls me, just call me babe or baby

How about dear? My step mom always calls me dear

Your step mom is seriously hot, I have never been with a woman, but if I was going to be a lesbo, your step mom would be my type

She is ok I suppose Jake replied

Did you fuck her? Sarah asked

Nooooooooo he replied

Really? I know loads of boys who have fucked their moms, or their aunties or the friends moms, even fucken sisters

Never fucked my mom, have no sisters, did you ever fuck your dad? He asked Trying to be cheeky

No, not me da, but I have fucked some of his friends, I sucked off his brother, my uncle and I fucked some of my dads friends sons, does that count?

Wow you are crazy Jake said feeling horny thinking of Sarah How did you fuck your dads friend

Well one time my da came home drunk, he was with a friend, me da let him stay on the Sofa, during the night I went into the kitchen for a glass of water, I was too hot, couldnt sleep. When I was in the kitchen, I noticed the light in thelounge was still on, so when I went in to turn it off, I saw this guy asleep on the sofa, and to my amazement, his cock was on full show, it was bald and even though it was side, it was huge, really long and fat. I just stood there, staring at it in amazement, but the temptation got the better of me, I turned off the light and knelt down beside the sofa, I picked his limp cock up with my hand and placed his huge pink head into my mouth

I could feel his meat growing in my mouth, it was too big even with it was limp, but when it was erect,it was like sucking a fire extinguisher. I wrapped my mouth around his cock, a few minutes later he woke up, he was confused, he thought I was his wife

He pushed me to the floor and opened my legs, he pushed and pushed his meat into me, wow it was mega sore, his cock went in my cunt and I swear I could taste him in my mouth at the same time.

His amazing cock ripped my tight wet cunt open, the pain was FUCK, but then the pleasure and enjoyment kicked in, he pinned me to the floor and fucked me like crazy until he filled my cunt with his cum, he was great amazing and lasted for a good while, my pussy killed me to to about two days

What a cunt Jake said

No baby, he was a fucken sex god, he was my best fuck until I met you baby

He fucked me a few times a week, it was great being fucked by my dads friend, something wild and kinky about it, any way, it was me who started it that first night, he loved my pussy so much he wanted me every day, and I was horny every day so I was happy to fuck him everyday

Anyway, I have to now, text me a time when you want me to come over and empty your balls of all your sweet cum?


Jake put his phone down, his mind wandered to fucking crazy horny Sarah in his bed, then fucking his step mom Jody on his bed, he then started thinking about his trip to the hotel and being fucked by two guys

As he lay on his bed he was torn between being fucked by two men, or fucking Sarah and Jody, fucking the two guys was really painful at the start, his ass was still sore, but once he got use to their cocks in his ass he began to enjoy it, he ate Sarahs cunt, it was good, but he struggled with the thought which was nicer, sucking cock or eating pussy??

What he didnt realize was all this talk was making his cock harder and harder, he started to think of Sarah but cock keep creating into his mind, he tried to focus on Sarah, but he could only think of a boy laying beside him as he stroked his hard cock.

In his fantasy the boy had a small 6inch 7 inch slim cock, Jake obviously preferred smaller cocks to big long fat cock.

Jake kissed this fantasy boys neck as he pulled his fantasy cock

Moving his mouth across his nipples and then to his stomach and on to the top of his fantasy boys cock, he went down on the boy sucking him, as his fantasy ragged he pulled his cock harder and harder, until it sprayed all over him, his stomach and chest.

He rubbed his finger in his pool of cum and put it in his mouth, tasting his own cum was interesting, and probably something he needed to get use to.

I grabbed his phone again, more messages from Sarah and one from Jody, which was unusual, he ignored them and went straight to play store.

He searched for hook up apps for men, found one he liked and downloaded it.

It requested for him to verify that he was over 18, he wasnt but said he was anyway.

He quickly put in his email, then verified it, then a question, what are you looking for, he picked option men

Age range, he went from 18 to 99

Are you bisexual or straight ask me later was his choice

Loads of questions about his sexual preferences, he just picked them all, not know what half of them meant.


You and experienced, new to this

About you

New to this, want to be a used slut

More questions about drinking piercings and that stuff, he clicked ask later.

Upload a picture from your phone, so he took a picture of the back of his head, then one of the left side of his ass.

As he drew close to the end of the questions his heart began to beat

Photos approved your profile is approved happy hunting was the message received from the site.

A few seconds later a knock on the door and Jody put her head in, me and your dad are going out for a few hours, no one over and definitely no Sarah when I am not here

Ok mom Jake answered as he flicked through different pictures of available me close by, Jake looked up when he heard the door click shut, oh fuck I have a free house, I can get someone over now, fuck fuck fuck,what willl I do???

He went into the app menu, and clicked whos online?

A quick scroll and bamb he found a guy, 5:10, athletic build, some piercings some tattoos, drinks

He clicked - send a direct message

Hi I am Jake

Jake waited for what felt like hours

Hi Jake, nice to meet you, I like your profile, I am Sam

Jake looked at Sams profile again, went to his sexual preferences, he likes giving and receiving, loves sucking cock, loves swallowing cum, can be dom or sub, - Jake scratched his head, what are dom sub?

He likes group sex, parties, doging, - what the fuck is doging? Must be fucking a dog or something, who would fuck a dog, whats fucking a cat then??? Chatting?? He thought to himself

Like to be tied up, like to be spanked, like to do everything at least once, were all the highlights of his profile, plus a tasty picture

I love your profile too Jake responded

Thanks Jake but to be honest, not interested in text chat, I am here to fuck and be fucked, so if you want that, I am mega horny, so are you free now, oh plus you need to be able to accommodate as I married and my wife is home

Jake read his message,wow he is married to a woman and wants cock too, he is like me, I like girls and boys

Again trapped by nerves, he wrote - yes I am free, plus I am horny too, he wrote his address and sent the message

Send me your mobile too, so I can message you when I get there babe

He sent it while asking himself why everyone calls each other babe and baby, jeeeeesssssss

An hour passed and Jake had given up on Sam and started to read the message from Jody

-He baby, cant believe we fucked but I am so glad we did, you are so fucking good, much better than your dad, I am getting him drunk so I can put him to bed and then come down to you and you can do all those things you dream about doing to me kiss kiss-

Oh jessssssssssss he said as his phone rang

He nervously answered hello?

hi baby, its Sam, this is my number, I am at your front, let me in

Jake leaped off his bed for about the fifth time today and ran down the stairs.

He opened the door and there was Sam, who barges straight in, he obviously didnt want to be left at the door for the world to see

Are you Jake? You look a lot younger than I expected Sam said

Jake grabbed his hand and guided him up the stairs, Ye ye everyone says that to me, I get it from my mom

He pulled Sam into his room, unzipped his jacket and threw it to the floor, unbuttoned Sams shirt and then starts to kiss his bearded lips, the beard was not a feature in his picture or profile.

He kissed his chest and he knelt down and started to unbuttoned Sams jeans, however, he was not quick enough for Sam, so Sam took over and within seconds this 6 inch piece of raw hard meat fell out, at the same time Jake felt Sams big hand at the back of his head as he pushed Jake on to his hard cock

Sam swallowed it all without gagging this time, it made Sam believe that Jake was a bit of a pro, Sam was rough, fucking and pounding the boys mouth, Jake pulled off and stood up and kiss Sam as he took off his own jeans and shirt

Sam pushed him to the bed and turned him over, Sam was in a hurry. Need to be quick, I told the wife I was just going out to buy cigarettes, do you have any cream or gel?

No, I dont

Do you have a condom then? Sam asked.

No sorry

Sam filled his mouth with soil and opened Jakes tight ass lips and spat on to his tight closed hole, he then put his finger in his mouth and pushed it onto Jakes ass

Jakes knees squeezed together from the pain of the finger in his ass, it was a sharp pain as his ass lips parted.

Sam finger fucked Jake for a while, pulling his own cock to keep himself hard, he spat into Jakes ass and spat onto his cock, then he went to the front of Jake and put his hard cock in Jakes mouth

He fucked his mouth for a bit then went back to his ass

Sam pushed the head straight in, he was rough as fuck, Jake grabbed the sheets tightly to try and get rid of the pain.

One inch in and already his ass was bursting and Jake was regretting this meeting, Sam pushed and pushed to try and get all his cock into Jakes ass.

He put his hand between Jakes legs and grabbed his cock to use as leverage as he pushed harder into Jake.

Stop stop its way too sore, stop Jake shouted

Sam slapped his ass and said Shut up whinning bitch as he sunk his cock all the way into Jakes ass, pumping and pumping his ass

Pull your cock Sam demanded

He tried to grad his own cock and pull it but the feeling of his ass being ripped apart made pulling his cock more difficult

Sam pumped Jakes ass harder and harder, until Jake felt Sams hands grabbed the cheeks of his ass and then he felt Sams hot cum fill his ass.

Sam pulled out really quickly, he turned Jakes head to allow Jake suck his cock, Jake was happy to suck Sams cock as it gave his ass a break

When Jake was finished sucking Sams cock, Sam grabbed his clothes, I have to head home baby, he said as Jake looked on disapointed with a feeling of being used.

Sam got dressed and left before Jake could even get out of bed

He lay on his bed, he felt used, he felt happy, but he felt unsatisfied when all of a sudden Jake started to pull his cock, and then there was a knock on the door and a voice and that voice was his stepmother Jody, I will be up to you soon, make sure you are ready












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