JokaRoom Casino - maybe the most popular online gambling platform in Australia

JokaRoom Casino - maybe the most popular online gambling platform in Australia


JokaRoom Casino - short breakdown

Sorry, dear readers, we couldn't miss this pun. Honestly, we're now reporting on a new trend that affects both casinos and all cruise enthusiasts: more and more ships have full-fledged casinos aboard, and some have even made offshore gaming a proper thing, like JokaRoom Casino

JokaRoom Casino - Floating Luxury Resort

Cruise ship vacations have become more and more popular over the years. What used to be a luxury has now become a product for the masses, and Australians seem particularly interested in it. An estimated 2.5 million Australians booked a JokaRoom Casino cruise ship vacation last year alone. It's also just plain convenient: You can travel to different countries and cities without changing hotels or giving up luxury - and always with fresh sea air in your nose.

Now the cliché is that jokaroom casino cruise ship passengers are mostly short-sighted retirees. That's not entirely true: although most passengers have arrived in the Middle Ages (that is, 40 years and older ), most of them are not pensioners. The fact is that the offerings are becoming more and more specialized. Many cruises have their own motto and are aimed at a special target group: families with children, single people, partygoers and, of course, retirees. And now we come to the point: cruises specifically designed for casino players!

JokaRoom - all balanced

"Stuck" in a luxury floating hotel resort with JokaRoom Casino? To many punters, this sounds like the purest land of milk and honey. Large and well-known shipping companies like JokaRoom Casino offer cruises where you get free access to a fully equipped casino with a classy atmosphere. There are slot machines from well-known manufacturers such as Merkur and Novoline, as well as blackjack, roulette and the like with trained dealer staff. The real casino atmosphere is out at sea. The floating Norwegian Escape even has about 2,800 slot machines. Other casino ships are specifically designed for high rollers or Asian tourists who are into baccarat.

JokaRoom Casino - All in Butter on the Cutter

The peculiarity of casinos is the legal situation. As experienced players know, gambling with real money is not legal all over the world. In many countries it is only allowed under the strictest regulations, and the issue of online gambling is still in a gray area in many places. But what about the law of the ship that is on the high seas?

If JokaRoom Casino Bank is more than 24 nautical miles from the nearest shore, international maritime laws apply. This means that the national law of the country whose flag the ship flies then applies. For this reason, it is quite possible that a German cruise ship full of Germans would be sailing under the Maltese flag, because, as is well known, the Malta Gambling Authority is a well-known regulatory authority in the gambling industry. However, if the boat is moored in a port in a country where gambling is illegal, it cannot be gambled on until the boat has moved at least 24 nautical miles off the coast again.

JokaRoom - I'm in the boat!

A fully equipped JokaRoom Casino on a luxury liner is, yes, a great thing. But, of course, online casinos have long appeared on cruise liners, because wherever there is Internet, you can also play at the online casino of your choice. Some cruise ships have also taken advantage of the Internet: the casino has its own app on the ship , and as long as you're connected to the wifi on the cruise ship, you can play games in the on-board casino from anywhere. ship.

And just like in Vegas or Macau, you can relax in the spa before you visit the casino and eat at the fine restaurant afterwards. Depending on the cruise ship, you don't even have to dress up to visit the casino. Theme nights are a great way to make new acquaintances with like-minded people and spend the weekend with new friends in a series of poker tournaments. If you live like this, you'll never want to go ashore again!