Joint Statement from the Hong Kong Journalists Association and the Hong Kong Press Photographers Association

Joint Statement from the Hong Kong Journalists Association and the Hong Kong Press Photographers Association

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Condemning the violent attacks against journalists by people gathered in North Point

On August 11, the Hong Kong Journalists Association and the Hong Kong Press Photographers Association received reports of attacks on journalists.

A crowd assaulted a man wearing black clothes in North Point. A Ming Pao journalist who approached to investigate the situation was pushed away by several men and punched in his left cheek when he tried to reason with them. 

A Stand News reporter and an RTHK reporter were harassed by the crowds congregating in North Point while assuming their usual interviewing duties. The Stand News reporter was threatened with a rod and his tripod was snatched. The RTHK reporter was attacked by this group of men. At the time, there were police officers nearby but they did not intervene or arrest anyone. 

Earlier at about 17:45, several middle-aged men who were standing by Metropole Building punched a reporter who was conducting an interview. The police rushed to the site and separated the reporters from the assailants and other citizens. Even though the reporter repeatedly identified the attackers to the police, the police did not make any arrest.

We condemn any sort of violence against journalists and urge related individuals to refrain from using violence. We express strong indignation against police officers at the scene for failing to stop and arrest those perpetrators. We also sternly demand the HKPF to provide an explanation and conduct a thorough investigation, in order to send a clear message to society that no violence shall be tolerated and attacks towards journalists are a serious infringement of freedom of the press. We firmly believe that every frontline journalist is committed to carrying out his/her duty. The fourth estate shall not be trampled. 

Hong Kong Journalists Association 

Hong Kong Press Photographers Association

11 Aug 2019


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