Joey Wasn't Just a Nice Guy...

Joey Wasn't Just a Nice Guy...


Joey Wasnt Just a Nice Guy....

by Larry Malone

In the old neighborhood, years ago, the word gay was never used. and disparagingly, they were

called queer or fags and werent accepted at all. So, in those days, they didnt exist ...except for Joey.

Joey wasnt gay, he was just... a friendly nice guy.Not the sharpest tool in the shed and he barely got out of the eight grade in education but everyone liked him. Joey was the kind of guy who always had a smile for every body and would do anything for you to belong, to please you, or to make you happy, including as it turned out, giving you a blow job. If you left it to him when you asked for one, he would just smile, drop to his knees, fish out your cock and start sucking. You were the one who usually guided both of you to someplace that wasnt too public. I dont know when or where he learned how but he was excellent at giving oral sex, he made love to a cock, not just sucked it. He enjoyed it, licked it, caressed it, rubbed it all over his face and inside the cheeks of his mouth. Guys very seldom lasted very long mainly

because if they asked for a blow job they were horny and also because he was that good. He always swallowed every drop. To him it was just a favor for you with no guilt or thought given to the act itself. Although he was a full grown adult he kept a childlike attitude of life. He had the same attitude in happily running an errand for you for a pack of cigarettes, or a beer.

It was rumored that he was well hung and some of the favors he performed for the neighborhood included some special favors for the older widowed and divorce ladies . But since Joey could also be trusted to keep a secret, no one really knew for sure if the rumors were true. Everyone in the neighborhood knew and liked Joey. He was an only child who lost his dad in a work related accident when he was in grade school. With the union insurance money and the accident settlement, Joeys Mom never had to worry about working and neither did Joey. He was everybodys little brother and everyone looked out for him and in return he gladly did odd jobs for any one who asked him and was honest and trustworthy.

One evening, as the two of us sat on a stoop watching a stick ball game in front of us in the street, smoking, and just talking in general, Joey looked at me and asked if we were good friends. I smiled and said, Sure, Joey why do you ask? He said he wanted to ask me a favor and I said, go ahead. To my surprise he said, Could I fuck you? I shouted WHAT! Why would you ask me something like that? He cowered, ducked and covered his head with his hands and said Dont hit me. I told him I wasnt going to hit him but why would he ask me something like that. His answer surprised me. He said a couple of the guys liked to fuck him (this was news to me) and although he enjoyed it he was wondering how it would feel if he did it to someone else. I said I understood but why ask me. He said he was asking all his good

friends but so far everyone he asked got mad or hit him and he didnt understand why if they could do it to him why he couldnt do it back.

It dawned on me it was going to be tricky attempting to explain to Joey the double standard men in the neighborhood had, especially in those days. That it was OK to be the fucker in anal intercourse, thats considered masculine but it was not OK to be the fuckee and let some one do that to you, thats considered feminine. So I just said, most guys dont like to do that and never do it. That seemed to make sense to him and he said What about you?

Thats when I flashed back to my younger days when I was at a boys camp one summer and where guys did everything to each other all summer long without any one thinking anything about it. We just considered it kids stuff but something we all really enjoyed. It was only after growing up that the guilt and stigma started to get attached to any thing but male/female sex.

I looked at Joey and lied and said I never thought about it. Innocently he looked at me and said, Could you think about it as a favor to me? Ill let you do it to me first if you want. That got my attention and my cock twitched inside my pants. I did start to think about it and remembered how much I enjoyed being both the bottom and the top when I was younger at that camp but then all the guys were a lot smaller, in the sex equipment size, and I wonder how it would feel with a fully developed cock, especially if Joey was as hung as people said he was.

I looked at Joey and explained the neighborhood wouldnt understand me doing a favor like that for him. He beamed and said, But you didnt say No. I swear no one would ever find out. I wasnt sure of that and asked him how he could be so sure. He said he had been giving it a lot of thought and since his Mom went to church Bingo every Monday night, he always had their place alone from just before 7 pm to just after 10 pm.He was right, no one would ever see me go to his place and I knew Joey would never say a word of what we did. I smiled and said he had a good plan and we should try the plan that coming Monday. You would think I just told Joey he won the lottery he was so happy he jumped for joy and kept a smile on his face the rest of the day.

When Monday came, Joey made sure I would remember what we were going to do that evening and said his Mom again reminded him she was going to Bingo and would be home late. I told him I would be there at 7 and for him to make sure he showered and was clean inside and outlike I was going to be. He said he understood. At 7 I was at his door and he greeted me wrapped in a wet towel and we headed for his bedroom. His room was neat and his bed had fresh sheets on it with strategically placed towels on top. He asked me if I wanted to go first and do him which I did. Joey took off his towel revealing how hung indeed he was, the rumors were true, he had to be 8, uncut and that was only semi-hard. He lay face down on the bed and reached for a tube of lube, I told him to hold off, I would use it when I was ready. I took off my clothes and climbed on the bed and decided I was going to make this nice guy feel really nice. I was sure the others had Joey suck them hard and they just entered, pounded his ass, got themselves off and left him used and unsatisfied.

I lay between his legs and spread his pale, full, ass cheeks that revealed an almost pink hairless hole. As I got closer I smelled the soap and it was evident he really was clean so I started to give him a rim job, something I hadnt done since those summer camp days. I licked his hole and enjoyed the pleasing moans of pleasure Joey was purring and ran my tongue up and down his crack as I slowly reached under him and pulled his cock from under him so I could suck it when I wasnt tonguing his hole. I eventually stiffened my tongue and started to enter his tight little hole and felt him relax as I continued to probe him with my rigid tongue. Soon I was fully tongue fucking his hole and he was raising his mid section off the bed to get more of my tongue into him. I felt his cock was rock hard and starting to ooze pre-cum so I reached for the lube. I coated my 7-1/2 uncut cock liberally with it then packed some more into and around his hole. I shifted position and aimed my cock head at his gaping hole and started to slowly eased in.

Joey was moaning and wiggling and saying things like how good it felt and how different it was from what the other guys did and he never felt anything like what I was doing to him. When I was completely into him all the pleasant memories came back of what it felt like that summer and how much I enjoyed it but now it was even better. I started to fuck him deep long strokes and he in return fucked me back by raising his ass to meet my thrusts. It had been a long time since I had been in an ass and had forgotten how hot and tight that hole was. It was a better sensual experience now that I was fully grown than when I was at camp and a lot younger and a lot smaller. I enjoyed the full tightness along the my entire rigid shaft. Before I knew it I was reaching the point of no return and quickened my pace and shot my load deep into Joeys ass. It was the most satisfying climax I ever had in a long time and collapsed on his back trying to catch my breath.

When my breath came back to normal, I eased out of Joeys hole and rolled over onto my back. Joey asked hurriedly if he could do me now? In answer, I rolled over onto my stomach and spread my legs. Joey immediately got between them and started to lick my hole as I had done for him. I guess he knew if he enjoyed it so much, I would too. He learned fast and I was able to relax and let his tongue enter fully a lot sooner than he had let me do it to him. It felt great. I raised my ass up to meet his face thrusts and get as much of his rigid tongue into me as I could. It felt fantastic I was afraid I was going to shoot another load so I told Joey, To get into me and start fucking me. He got on his knees and reached for the lube and coated my anal canal and his now rock hard cock that looked like it was at least 9. I felt the tip at my pucker and tensed not knowing what I was going to feel but I hadnt realized all the tongue fucking and my exciting anticipation had my hole gaping open enough so that when Joey eased in I felt only the slightest of discomfort with a lot of fullness and satisfaction. Joey paused instinctively to enjoy the hot new sensation and to let me get use to the invasion. Feeling no real pain I pushed back and my ass sucked his cock a little deeper into me. Joey got the hint and started to slowly feed the rest of his cock deep into me. When he was fully sheathed he paused again for me to get use to the full feeling and Im sure he was enjoying the unique tight fit and the heat from the anal channel as I did. I could feel his cock throbbing deep inside me and wanted to feel what it was like to actually get fucked and flooded with cum so I started to push back and pull forward, Joey got the hint and started to fuck me full deep strokes. Joey was able to hold off cumming for at least twenty minutes and both of us enjoyed the many types of thrust and rotations both of us were able to accomplish during that time. Finally, I told Joey I was going to shoot another load and for him to join me. He quickened his pace and quickly I could feel him flooding my insides with his load which triggered my second load to shoot under me onto the towel on the bed. Joey collapsed onto my back and I felt his labored breathing as his chest heaved as he sucked in huge quantities of air. I was able to mumble and ask if it was what you thought it was going to feel like. His answer was Better! He stayed inside me semi-hard and when his breathing was normal, he started to fuck me again in slow strokes, he wanted seconds and who was I to deny him that pleasure since I was enjoying it as much as he was.

We barely got the cum soaked towels off the bed and everything cleaned up in time for me to leave just before his mother got back. After that night, Joey and I were really good friends and had a number of similar mutual pleasure meetings on a regular basis and no one ever ound out.

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