It all started about 11 years ago. I was about 26 years old and I was seeing this woman that was 23. We are both Caucasian, but she was living with her parents in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. But shes not who this story is about. Living across the street from the was a Mexican family. The parents were in their late 40s and moved here from Mexico. They had 3 daughters who were all born here in the United States. The oldest was already married and had a child by this time. And absolutely gorgeous too. The middle girl had just finished high school and was going to a local community collage. Then there was the youngest, Joanna. She was only 11 years old at the time but already a looker.

Well, as time went on, I married my girlfriend and divorced her. I moved to a different part of town, and am doing well for myself. One Saturday morning, I went back to the old part of town where I used to live to have breakfast with an old friend. After a few hours of catching up and joking around, we went our own ways. I stopped at the grocery store on my way home. Thats when I ran into Joanna again.

Hi. Hows it going?

I looked and said Hi in return, but I knew I had that look on my face like who the hell are you. Although she was very beautiful.

Its me, Joanna. Remember?

Holy crap, you sure are. How are you?

We chatted for a few minutes and caught up. Shes now 22 years old and in collage. Im 37 and living on my own. Shes working 2 jobs to pay the bills and utilities.

Why dont you let me take you out for dinner some time so we can catch up a little more. Besides, youll have a free meal to help you save a little money. I said sort of jokingly.

How about I come over tonight to your place and make dinner for you?

So I gave her directions and we agreed on 5:00.

When 5:00 came around there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and I thought my jaw was going to bounce off the floor. There was Joanna with her hair and make up all done up. She was wearing some black stiletto heels, a black pinstriped suit jacket and a matching skirt that was so short, it barely showed itself below the jacket.

Come on in, I said as I held the door for her. When she was in the entry way and I closed the door, I asked her, Can I take your jacket for you?

Joanna turned around, unbuttoned the 2 buttons, and slid the suit jacket off to reveal a matching corset without cups. I knew my jaw had to have been gaping wide open by now. Joanna laid her jacket on the half wall that separates the living room from the entry way, then stepped closer. Her perfect, firm, C-cup tits were pressing right up against me as she kissed me. I could feel her hands undoing my pants, and before I knew it, my pants and boxers were on the floor around my ankles and Joanna was on her knees sucking my hard cock. It took me a minute to come back to my senses, and once I did, I reached down and grabbed her by the shoulders and brought her back up to her feet. I bent down to pull up my pants, and when I stood back up, my face brushed up against those perfect, quarter sized, hard little nipples. Then I picked Joanna up over one shoulder with her head hanging over my back and her sweet ass straight up in the air. I carried her back to the bedroom where I set her back down gently. My pants came back off before she stepped in close to kiss me again. My hands were all over her tight little 22 year old body. Then she pulled my shirt off to make me completely naked. She leaned back in for another kiss and my hands got a great feel of those tits before she stepped back and crawled up onto the bed. She crawled away from me, still wearing the heels, corset and skirt. The skirt had ridden up nicely to prove to me she wasnt wearing any panties.

I walked over to the side of the bed where she had settled and leaned in to kiss her. As we kissed, my hands were busy trying to unfasten the skirt, and hers were busy stroking my cock. I worked the tight skirt down her sexy toned legs and over her heels before I folded it nicely and placed it on the night stand. Then I knelt on the bed between her feet and started to lean in. This is when I got my first view of her bald little pussy. If I wasnt hard enough before, I definitely was now. I went in tongue first. Licking her pussy from clit to taint and back. Sucking on her clit and those smooth pussy lips. She was moaning and wiggling and was cumming in no time. I just kept on eating that pussy. It literally tasted so sweet. Before I knew it, she was screaming and cumming again. Then I got up and went for the gold.

I slid my 8 inches into her sopping wet little pussy. She was a bit tight, but I am a bit thick. So it was a perfect match. I leaned in and started kissing her as I stroked my cock in and out of her. I leaned back up on my hands as I fucked her in a missionary position. This gave me a great view of her beautiful rack bouncing up and down.

I have always bee proud of my stamina. I work out a lot and am in great shape, so I usually last quite a while. This time was no exception. I worked her pussy for about a half an hour before she started to moan and scream again. I could feel her young pussy muscles gripping and convulsing around my dick as she came all over me. But I didnt stop. I picked up the pace and withing another minute or two, she was cumming for a forth time. Thats when she sort of tapped out so to speak.

Hold on a minute, she said. Let me get on top.

As much as I didnt want to pull out of her, I got up and she guided me onto my back. She turned around and sat back down, guiding my dick back into her.

Can you untie me? she asked. I untied her corset and she tossed in onto the night stand where her skirt lay. Then she took her shoes off and threw them onto the floor. Standing back up, Joanna turned back around to face me. She laid back down on top of me again guiding me, once again into her sweetness. Although I was moving my hips up and down, she was in charge of the pace. First up and down for a bit, the she was grinding our pelvises together, then a combination. Up, down and grind, up, down and grind. This went on for a while before she started breathing hard again and started screaming once again in orgasm.

Once she caught her breath, Joanna asked me, How long can you go for? Im not sure I can take much more. I just smiled and winked at her and started moving my hips up and down again. Joanna moved her legs to get her feet around so she was in a kneeling position for a longer stroke. Then she leaned back with her hands on my legs and her tits pointing straight up at the ceiling. Between watching her tits and watching my cock going in and out of her young bald pussy, I was in Heaven.

Before I knew it, Joanna was screaming again and cumming on my cock. This time her pussy was gripping my dick just right and I shot my load into her sweet pussy. I came so much, I could feel it running out of her pussy, down my balls, across my ass cheek, and onto the bed.

We just stayed like that for a minute, then she got up and let my still hard cock free as she lay next to me with her head on my shoulder. Whats for desert? I asked jokingly. We laughed a little.

Im not on the pill, she told me.

You dont need the pill. I had the snip a few years ago.

She leaned in and kissed me again before falling asleep on my shoulder.


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