Jewellery Industry Terminology - What Is A Diamond Grading Report?

Jewellery Industry Terminology - What Is A Diamond Grading Report?

Searching for diamond engagement or eternity rings the first time leaves some consumers overwhelmed with the seemingly foreign terminology and grading systems which are prominent from the jewelry industry. Intermingled with talk in the four Cs, diamond shape and color grading, shoppers may encounter experience of term "certificate" or "diamond grading report" in terms of diamonds. Although term "certificate" is still widely used by people in the marketplace, "diamond grading report" is becoming the harder preferred terminology. An engagement ring grading report is a document issued by an independent laboratory that describes in greater detail the identifying characteristics of your diamond as analyzed by a diamond grader.

First, the difference between a diamond grading report as well as an appraisal stands to become clarified. An engagement ring grading report is ready by a major gemological institute and represents precise characteristics of your individual diamond, while an appraisal ascribes a financial value towards the diamond. Grading reports describe individual characteristics from the quality of your diamond, but do not assign diamonds something. Electrical systems, an appraisal assigns a price with a diamond but won't authenticate its quality. However, the knowledge contained in a diamond grading report is going to influence the price of an engagement ring reflected in an appraisal. A diamond ring grading report is designed to provide concrete diamond quality information that outlasts diamond selling price fluctuations.

Numerous gemological institutes certify diamonds worldwide. Just what exactly sort of information does a diamond grading report provide us?

First, an individual diamond described within a report is identified by an exceptional number referred to as a certificate or report number. Within the report are specific measurements from the diamond to one hundredth of an millimeter accuracy, in addition to its exact carat. The clarity and color grade of an diamond will also be analyzed determined by widely accepted metrics, and values are contained in the diamond grading report.

Another critical metric in the report is a description with the diamond finish, which encompasses the polish quality as well as the diamond's symmetry. A diamond's fluorescence as noted through the diamond grader is another included feature. A graphical representation with the diamond depicts the existence and placement of imperfections which help find out the stone and affect its value. Besides the concrete values determined to be associated with the individual diamond, a comments section is protected to pay other identifying characteristics that further define a diamond's quality.

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