Java Weekly Newsletter - week 38 - September 22, 2019

Java Weekly Newsletter - week 38 - September 22, 2019

Oleksandr Stefanovskyi

Java & Spring

  1. Definitive Guide to Java 13 - Java 13 was released this week — see what's new or changed in the language itself, plus a few API improvements and new JVM features.
  2. How to map Oracle JSON columns using JPA and Hibernate - A nice addition in release 2.7.0 of the hibernate-types project.
  3. Bean Validation Anti-Patterns - And whether you're new to the Bean Validation standard or a seasoned veteran, you'll surely find at least a couple of takeaways here.
  4. #HOWTO: Bootstrap your first Jakarta EE 8 application


  1. Human Needs vs. Bad Code - And a good write-up proposing that certain kinds of code quality misses could be the result of a developer's motivation to meet their basic needs rather than laziness or lack of skill.
  2. AWS CDK Part 1: How to create a custom VPC
  3. Software Architecture Is Overrated, Clear and Simple Design Is Underrated
  4. 20+ basic Algorithms Problems from Coding Interviews frequently asked search and sort algorithms questions from python and java programmers.


  1. How to Become A Bad Developer


  1. New Query Language for Graph Databases to Become International Standard — GQL is set to be the first new ISO-standardized database language since SQL and Neo4j are, perhaps unsurprisingly, strongly behind it
  2. Database Leaks Data On Most of Ecuador's Citizens — A huge leak of 20.8 million user records came via an insecure Elasticsearch deployment. I suspect some admins forget Elasticsearch is not just a ‘search engine’ but a complete document-based database.

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