Java Weekly Newsletter - week 37 - September 15, 2019

Java Weekly Newsletter - week 37 - September 15, 2019

Oleksandr Stefanovskyi

Java & Spring

  1. Spring Boot Tutorial: Build a Spring Boot App and Deploy Into Tomcat - Simplify deployment of your application in a few, simple steps.
  2. Secrets to Great API Design - Let's find out the secrets to great API design.
  3. How to Prepare for Your DevOps Interview - Here's the interview prep you should conduct to be ready for the DevOps hotseat.
  4. Writing Custom Web Element Actions With TestProject - While web actions can access the entire DOM, which isn't always desired, web element actions allow you to narrow your test scope to a specific root element – like a Kendo UI grid – and its children.
  5. How to write a compact DTO projection query with JPA - And a custom Hibernate Integrator that lets you use simple Java class names rather than fully qualified ones in DTO projections.


  1. The Top Ten Cloud Tools From AWS - Count down the top ten from the number one cloud vendor in the world.
  2. Your Code Review Checklist: 14 Things to Include - Conduct code reviews on more than your gut instinct. Follow this checklist to conduct a great code review.
  3. An introduction to HTTP: everything you need to know


  1. How to Be a Good Senior Developer - It’s not what you do—it’s how you do it
  2. The most important skill a programmer can learn - You probably already read it, but it is still important. Read it if you don’t.


  1. A practical guide to Test Driven Development
  2. Unit Testing: Mocks
  3. Modern Best Practices for Testing in Java 


  1. Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) Now Available — Now in production form across five AWS regions, QLDB is a ‘ledger’ style database for tracking all committed changes to a dataset in a guaranteed and verifiably accurate way.
  2. SQL Concepts: From A to Z — A brief revisiting of twenty-six, unsurprisingly, database concepts spanning the alphabet.
  3. A Technical Introduction to MemSQL — A brief technical introduction to the MemSQL database, a distributed, in-memory, SQL DBMS.
  4. Hot Patching SQL Server Engine in Azure SQL Database — A (very) technical, but interesting(!), explanation of how the Azure team manage to hot patch live, running versions of the SQL Server engine used by Azure SQL Database to keep things up to date without affecting customers. Enjoy this as a geeky story and not because there are any solid takeaways.
  5. Poli: An Easy-to-Use SQL Reporting App Built for SQL Lovers — Java-based and can connect to any database supported via JDBC.